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Let's Promote Humanism 💫

Hi! Hope you are doing well. Today’s blog is about a question that passed my mind and the question is, Why can’t we support humanism rather than just supporting a particular gender’s empowerment? 280 more words

Homer's Humanistic Revolution

“Hey hey, ho ho, Western Civ has got to go!” That famous protest chant at Stanford University was the manifestation of, admittedly, a long deconstructive project aiming at eliminating the Western humanities from our civic and civilizational consciousness. 4,389 more words


Conversation with Sigurður Rúnarsson on Norwegian and Icelandic Humanism: Humanist Officiant, Siðmennt/The Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association & The Norwegian Humanist Association

Interviewer: Scott Douglas Jacobsen

Numbering: Issue 25.A, Idea: Land of Fire and Ice: Islandia, Snelandia, and Insula Gardari (1)

Place of Publication: Langley, British Columbia, Canada… 4,007 more words


Mubarak Bala and Trial of Islam in Nigeria

Author: Dr. Leo Igwe

Numbering: Issue 1.B, Idea: African Freethinking

Place of Publication: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Title: African Freethinker

Web Domain: http://www.in-sightjournal.com

Individual Publication Date: September 21, 2020… 974 more words


Cuties, An Honest Look

The advertising campaign for ‘Cuties’ in America appears to be working. I doubt I would have watched it if not for the calls to boycott by right-wing extremists. 485 more words


2020-09-20 - Heroes and Zeroes

don’t be the hero
you read

he’s past and

i’d rather be the zero
than numbers
before it,

why stand up for
something when… 31 more words