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It's Not A Mental Health Issue, It's A Gun Issue!

via IFTTT The Trump Administration wants to blame everything from violent videos games to mental health for our nations gun violence epidemic, while at the same time claiming it has nothing to do with the guns. 51 more words


Rewriting Liberty: Trump Administration Cool With Immigration If Rich and White?

via IFTTT Ken Cuccinelli recently spoke about the quote written on the statue of liberty, long the torchbearer of immigration into the country, the Trump administration is bust Rewriting Liberty only for those who are rich and white of european descent. 40 more words


Manor Field Blog 13 – Bowel Cancer and Screening

Ten years ago the NHS launched a Nationwide Bowel Cancer Screening Programme.

The rationale for such a programme is to detect people who are at risk of bowel cancer – (the third most common form of cancer in the UK after breast and prostate) who might have the early stages of the disease and initiate treatment either before cancer has developed or before it has grown or spread. 375 more words


The Human Within the Architect

Photo Credit: Makenna Entrikin at Unsplash

On 16 August 2019, I delivered the opening note of Frame Conclave 2019 on the theme of “Modern Heritage” 5,997 more words

Southern California Atheist Group is Raising Funds to End Alzheimer's Disease

Over at The Friendly Atheist today it was learned that an atheist group in Southern California that is walking to raise funds to end Alzheimer’s disease. 279 more words

Wondering Eagle

Brief Brain Snacks: A New Science Channel to Binge! Talking With Maddie

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Neurology is awesome and so is my guest tonight! Today on Talking With Maddie, we go back to my interview with Amanda from Brief Brain Snacks. 71 more words