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Happy Co-dependance Day

Another beautiful day of choosing sides based on a propaganda and belief. Seems Americans (the whole world) just can’t get enough of each other, but in the realms of endless polarity, should we expect anything different? 219 more words


Psalm 28:8

What is faith? Do you have faith? If so, faith in what? If you believe what the world tells us these days, Christians are the most foolish of people. 841 more words

Whether or not

Wyoming winters stretch deep into spring’s sweet lullaby;
softly, snow-covered flowers seek sun’s radiant respite
from long deep freezes delving into marrow, leaving souls
shuddering… 38 more words



Rising waves crash
upon brittle shores;
in swirling surf
a man stands-
lifting up hands,
bailing buckets,
trying to
empty, the


Recommended Read: Jon Steingard Tells Esquire Magazine Why He No Longer Believes in God

From Christian rock artist Jon Steingard who de-converted from Christianity gave an interesting interview with Esquire magazine. In the interview he discusses his de-conversion and the problems with faith and the Christian music industry.  175 more words


Donald Trump Can't Read...Or Listen...Or Do Much of Anything: On Our Last Nerve!

via IFTTT Can the President read? Many people say no…but what’s the truth? What is the Mainstream Media and why does everyone hate it? What is up with America’s gun culture and why do so many people seem to belong to this cult? 95 more words



If we knew that ants thought of themselves as the telos of creation, we would scoff and tell each other how wrong they are.

If ants knew that we humans thought of ourselves as the telos of creation, they too would scoff and tell each other how wrong they are.