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Atheism doesn’t have the answers.

Perhaps the reason for this is atheism involves just one, single, sole, individual, solitary thing. It’s the opposite reaction to theism.

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Why The South Fought The Civil War? Hint: It's Slavery

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What was the actual reason that the civil war was fought? Many people will bring up things like industry vs agriculture, states rights, etc, but Faithless Southerner is here with the real reason that the civil war was fought. 6 more words


Happy Birthday Missus Snarky!

via IFTTT Today Is Missus Snarky’s Birthday! So we are going to have a fun birthday stream for her tonight, here on my channel!

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Transhumanism and Posthumanism: Humanities future?

I’m sure when everyone watched Thomas Anderson become Neo and enter The Matrix 20 years ago, they never imagined that existing inside a virtual reality world could be possible, but is it closer to being a reality than we think? 708 more words



I feel a little guilty.

Yesterday, mid-morning, as I exited the home of one of my patients I was grinning.

Yes, happy.

The encounter had been fun, I had laughed through the consultation with him, his wife and their tortoise and I moved-on feeling that I had accomplished something. 348 more words


DEMOPOCALPSE 2020: Delving Into The 2020 Democratic Primary

via IFTTT Join me an my friends as we go through the 2020 Democratic Primary Candidates. There are a bunch of them so we’ll be starting a bit earlier than our normal Tuesday time. 36 more words


Human manifesto

March 13, 2017 (Nairobi):

The question has come up recently as to whether I am still a Christian or not. Well, if being a ‘Christian’ means that I believe that:

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