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Developing pictures 2016: my pick of some great 'international development' photos this year

From the end of Ebola at the start of the year, to the fall of Aleppo at the end of it, here’s my alternative pick of some of the most striking and (mostly) positive international development photos of 2016. 1,353 more words


Crisis Humanitaria en Venezuela

El pasado Lunes 24 de Octubre Human Rights Watch publicó un informe sobre la crisis humanitaria en Venezuela. En él documentan la escasez de medicamentos, insumos médicos y de alimentos que viven millones de venezolanos en la actualidad como resultado de años de políticas ecónomicas y sociales ineficientes por parte de los gobiernos de Nicolás Maduro y su predecesor Hugo Chávez. 908 more words


Blurred Lines in Humanitarian Assistance

As conflict changes to become more protracted and less compliant with international humanitarian law (IHL), relief organizations are often forced to balance security needs and uphold the… 749 more words

From Bekaa to Brighton: Syrian stories, UK aid

Since 2013, I’ve made a number of visits to both Jordan and Lebanon, which between them are now hosting well in excess of 2 million Syrian refugees – documenting how UK aid is helping people who are living in formal refugee camps as well those living in informal camps and urban areas. 270 more words


Left Behind: The State Neglect of Persons with Disabilities in Venezuela

San Cristobal, Venezuela. The start of the rainy season has many Venezuelans excited about the cold weather, especially after a long dry season as result of the natural phenomenon of El Niño, which has caused daily power outages and water supply shortages. 1,528 more words


Lluvias, Vulnerabilidad y Abandono

San Cristóbal, Venezuela. La llegada de la temporada de lluvias ha hecho que muchos tachirenses estén entusiasmados por el clima frío, especialmente después de atravesar una de las temporadas de sequía más severas, producto del fenómeno del Niño. 2,024 more words


Aid diversion to terrorists: 3 things NGOs need to know

This week I’ve been in Nairobi, Kenya, delivering workshops for local NGOs on minimising the risk of money-laundering and terrorist financing. Preparing the material led me to reflect on some of the conversations I’ve had with NGO managers about reducing the risk that physical assets, funds and stock might fall into the hands of those designated as terrorists, or subject to financial sanctions. 1,144 more words