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Some Gospel Artistes?

​I think when you have seen enough bull sh*t that’s made you cry, laugh and walk away; all you can do is, hold your own and not loose your own.

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Pericles - A king without a crown

Pericles (ca. 495-429 BCE) was an Athenian general and statesman born in the wealthy and powerful Alcmaeonid family during Athens‘ so-called Golden Age.

He had an unusually large head and legend has it that before his birth, his mother dreamed she bore a lion. 432 more words

History Of Ideas

Favorite Poems: Langston Hughes - "Wisdom and War"

We do not care-
That much is clear.
Not enough
Of us care
We are not wise-
For that reason,
Mankind dies.
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Arts And Entertainment

The KKK: Ignorance

​If you think people who are right look right all the time you would miss the point #looking right all the time ..’

– Anthony Everest…

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Session Ten: Richard Bulliet on the History of the World

Here, in the tenth lecture of his course, The History of the World, Richard Bulliet discusses the Age of the Empires of Rome and Han China.


The New Yuppies

By J.C. Pan : newrepublic – excerpt

How the aspirational class expresses its status in an age of inequality.

The term “yuppie” now feels so dated that it occasionally seems an entire social class has vanished. 117 more words