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Racial Hierarchy in the United States

The notion of empires has created division among people all over the world, but how was this division created? How did inequality rise above all and become an important aspect in the lives of minority groups such as the African American community? 896 more words

Happy fourth anniversary, Cartographers!

Dearest Cartographers,

It wasn’t very long ago when two aspiring doctors – our beloved founders, Dr. Wajeeha Mahmood Hasan (M.B.B.S., Batch XVII) and Shahzéb Najam… 391 more words


"Time travels in divers paces with divers persons"

The LP inventory is coming along! I’m at a little over 150 titles catalogued so far. Most of the LPs are kept in protective casings, so taking them out to find the information I need for the spreadsheet is a lot slower than if they all just sat on the shelf. 379 more words

Favorite Quotes: Jack Kerouac - Desolation Angels (2)

Desolation in Solitude

“The void is not disturbed by any kind of ups and downs, my God look at Hozomeen …”

“My Beechnut gum, my tobacco pouch, dusts, pitiful pulp magazines I have to read, view south to all those snowy majesties – The waiting is long.” 1,473 more words


Scientific temper and education: a framework for discussion

Natarajan Panchapakesan writes:

Scientific temper is the use of scientific methods in areas other than natural science, like sociological and ethical issues. Acquiring scientific temper is a change in human behaviour and hence not a part of natural science. 43 more words


Languages, Translation, and Philosophy

Oftentimes, I go on book-purchasing sprees.  Sometimes this is due to visiting used bookstores in great academic cities.  Others, its due to an influx of cash and dropped prices from my extensive book wishlist on Amazon.   477 more words