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A-Z Challenge:Luminous L

Light of my life

A coiled refraction

Cast over by half shadow

Awaiting full potential

Dust laying thick on membrane

Protection from eyeballs

Knotted together like a comet… 28 more words


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accepting our imperfections with nothing to fear nobody's s perfect not even near but let's not ignore the fact that people | have become so morally ugly in the end | humans will kill.... and kill leaving a smoky earth very few standing in time | the planet will heal... and heal those left behind finally appreciating life getting to know the humble extending our hand reaching out. . . no matter the color and united we'll go in search for others saturated in self love lighting up the skies nothing to lose only gains like the look of innocence in a child's eyes lighting up the way shining star bright with every step we take spreading kindness and wisdom walking a long distance our feet will bleed, tears will be shed, and knees will be weak then, I finally understand you can't truly feel happiness til you experience enough sadness then you'll know... you;ll know the difference I am compelled to share this massage you are there and I am here we're going around the world no time to spare using only the very tips of our fingers shutting the door to every dark room let this thought soak let it process and linger let there be no interference we are in fact beams of light if we stand together and become ONE like the little squares of the blogs you like.


yours truly, Eva

                                                          Poem inspired by: Luminous L

Seeking culturally responsive teaching

Today, I spent the day re-learning about SLIFE: Students with limited or interrupted formal education.

From the beginning the presenters were quite clear that we should be working from the opposite of a… 235 more words


Humans in Zombie Outbreak: Losing and Finding Humanity in 28 Weeks Later (2007)

Zombie movies are really interesting especially because it gives you the thrill and excitement on how the characters in the movie will survive such outbreak. Ever since I was a child, zombies have always caught my attention on discovering their origin and finding a cure from can run like humans just like in the movie,  1,141 more words

Tent city , May 4, 2016

On May 4th, 2016 I went to Tent City in Victoria British Columbia. I noticed that one person from the tent city was cleaning up needles around the main garbage container between tent city and the provincial court house. 142 more words


Heavenly Hell IV

The tribe lived by Jainism, to perfect the human existence through the layers of time, to not hurt the living, to remove the ego. Their doctrine was an infliction point on the ruling political fabric. 74 more words

By Ori Aander

To Aleppo, with love.

I was up early this morning, and read the news. The thoughts below seemed to flow and I quickly jotted this down :

Aleppo is burning… 202 more words


The Happiness of Wisdom Ch.15 (Listen and Learn)

A soft reply will calm anger: but harsh words stir anger.

The tongue of a wise man uses knowledge well: but the mouth of a fool pours forth rubbish. 545 more words

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