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The Struggle is REAL

Dramatic? Always. But let’s give you some visuals so that you can truly understand why today I wear the heavy crown of drama Queen, okay? 918 more words

The Golden Ratio

Archimedes spiral, it’s everywhere
In the breath of the bees and in the fall of the leaves
It’s natural, it’s mathematical
The ants know it, and so do the stars… 30 more words


A Candid Thought

The World today : So many topics to fight among each other forgetting Humanity.

Think with a free mind, You will find humanity choked!!



Surprised by (b)oy

Confession: I’m way too impatient a person to have been able to do the typical gender reveal where the parents find out the baby’s sex on the day of the reveal. 701 more words

Accepting your humanity


Of or characteristic of people as opposed to God or animals or machines, especially in being susceptible to weaknesses.

We all know that we’re human but we don’t all accept that.

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