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On an often asked question "If you have to choose between being kind and being right, what would you 'choose'?"

Not a long time ago, I was asked this question. And it hit me hard.

What would you choose, being right… or being kind?

Since then, I have asked this question to a number of people, read about it from different sources.

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Through the Kaleidoscope

A patchwork of diversity.
A picture book of skin shades, they blend.
Chalky, charcoal, chocolate, latte.
Flamboyant attire and flavours,
they set a trend.

Divided, a diverse race of people cannot stand. 82 more words


Chicoine: a sore loser

It seems like the so-called great godman, the presumed immortal, the millionaire, the man with great powers, the man that can’t seem to lose weight… is a sore loser. 218 more words


I’ve been jostling around for days with the notion of writing a poem about life. Because life is kind of like poetry. There is an imbalance about it that always makes it imperfect. 260 more words


Gen Z Charades

October 20, 2016, Prescott-

A little boy and his sister greeted me, when I sat down behind their table, this evening, in a local pizza shop. 204 more words