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Let us be a little quiet
For the night is quiet
And still are our thoughts
That hurry on ahead of us

And in the quietness, let us… 87 more words


Et Tu?

“I, too, am America,” said the president. The President of the United States of America, that is.

He didn’t just say it once. He said it twice, but it seemed like I heard it at least four times. 244 more words


Smile But Not Fake..

Don’t be FAKE.
smile but not FAKE
make promises but not FAKE

Empathy & Acceptance

As a potential dad, I want my child to know the concept of empathy. Not just know it, but to practice it daily. One of the things I was exposed to as a child was a diverse group of people from multiple cultures. 1,182 more words


The Back Way

The subject of the poem below is one of the most unfortunate tragedies affecting the world today, in particular middle eastern and African countries. It’s a tragedy borne of poverty – poverty borne of numerous factors, not least among them, corruption, tyranny, politics and war. 604 more words


The Serenade of Falling Leaves

Cool air in my lungs again.

A numbness over the stain

On a heart soaking in the rain,

Lacking any way to explain.


Look beneath the dying leaves and check… 78 more words


Children of the Earth, heed thine brethren's call..

The world has come to a crossroad in history where each one of us needs to make a choice. With all that has been going on in Syria and the misery and tragedy that it has been churning out of the war mills, the question we all face is simple, what are you doing about it ? 572 more words