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The Heroes that never returned­čĺé

Today I sit back thinking of all the good times. Now that you’ve gone I have nothing but just our memories to think of.
I look back at our photos and read all the letters that you have written. 681 more words


Solitude vs loneliness

Solitude is different
Solo quiet is positive
Mindful soliloquy
Rising on wings

Seeps slowly
Bog pooled emotions
Occasional flutter
Of life… 9 more words


Chariot of the Gods

“Merkabah, also spelled Merkaba, is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. 614 more words


Small Magic and The Law of Relativity

I’m not rich. I don’t have $1 million in my bank account waiting for me to spend on something extravagant. Hell, I don’t have $1,000 in my bank account waiting for me to spend on something I need. 317 more words

Open For Business

John McCain...Eternal Hero

As I sat in a cafe reading in the New York Times that Arizona Senator, John McCain, is suffering from aggressive brain cancer, I began to cry. 270 more words


When will SC/ST in India get social freedom?

Original question –┬áWhen will SC/ST in India get social freedom?

Education is the answer to the social freedom for SC/STs.

I had stated some facts on state of Schedule caste in Uttar Pradesh –┬á 389 more words


Powers to Pardon

Dear Donald,

Some of us are wondering
Do your infinite powers to pardon
whomsoever thou shalt so desire,
include yourself?

Are you not only infallible, 22 more words