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Growing Older (Spoken Word)

Growing older,
I tear
off the skin
my education
gave me.

Plato won’t teach
me how to
deal with my

Pythagoras theorem
won’t help me… 161 more words


Because you can

Why say no?

We have too much rugged individualism in America, too much self-made man myth. When we see someone in need, we divert our eyes. 309 more words


The Problem With Being Human

When you’re born into the world, you’re only the latest in the long line of people to have ever lived. Millenniums of history stretch out behind you, and the present is so full of people currently living that you, despite how wonderful and full of potential you are, currently only stand out as the tiniest blip on the seven-billion large scale of humans. 581 more words


Chrestotes: the quality of kindness.

Someone once told me a cancer diagnosis is the fastest way to find out who your friends are.  True friends will shine day and night while fakes become increasingly conspicuous by their absence. 405 more words

The Journey

Daily Triumph

Triumph - noun
1. the act, fact, or condition of being 
   victorious or triumphant; victory; conquest.
2. a significant success or noteworthy achievement; 
   instance or occasion of victory. 70 more words

finding a home in London

diary entry on an early Sunday morning from the belly button of the old country

everyone here drinks too much and smokes too much and once again… 113 more words


the hats I once wore

see the people, watch them
wearing the hats and suits and jewelry that you wore once
and wish you could don again even if only for a night… 89 more words