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Imagine Birds

I watched the birds eat from the feeders hanging from the clothesline outside the kitchen window. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a wild orange cat lurking in the bushes. 123 more words

A Dream Unfolds - Palestine

Eight months ago I began a journey… I answered a very personal call upon my heart and conscience, upon my mind and soul. It is a call to a connection that is not easy to explain, a connection to a land and people who I deeply, personally identify with and feel very much a part of – Palestine and her people. 403 more words


Zoos are wrong execution of right idea

A western lowland gorilla was killed yesterday to save a 4 year old boy who fell into his area…. Per Wikipedia: They are foragers but favor locations based on time/season over an 18 mi sq area. 92 more words

"... [un]hurt ..."

They’d found it complex.  She was a fairly straightforward soul – generally told the truth; easier that way they guessed (or maybe the result of some kind of trauma once?   512 more words


No Nations

Not enough’ is a fear based illusion.

On reflection, perhaps it has some truth at times –

Not enough care, or space on those boats… 80 more words

The Rise and Fall

Ever since the beginning of time the earth has been marred

by our presence, as if we had no common sense

we rise and fall, civilizations come and go… 49 more words


Tripping from a

Saturday night

into a Sunday morning;

I had fallen,

woken to the voice

of a salesman


“I’m here to sell

windows and doors”. 63 more words