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How to stay sane when it comes to relationships

When you like a person, so much of your mental energy goes into them. That in itself can be absolutely beautiful because you can uncover and learn the depths of what it means to love a person. 938 more words


Healing or Strength...for which should we Diligently Pray?

I listen to the scriptures everyday as I do other daily tasks. I read the scriptures as well but I have found that I can listen to scripture for eight hours a day plus when I do other activities so the time is well used. 1,764 more words

Imagined Battle

The modern battlefield is located within the collective imagination of mankind. Its soldiers are the influencers that impart particular narratives within the minds of followers. Whoever tells the most persuasive tale wins. 196 more words


Night Walking Power

Love an Laughter

a storming waltz of the thee

does it willfully matter, 123 more words

Too High to Care

ashes and carbon monoxides in the microscope 
micro orbs
planetary dust
a dusty terrain of microscopic incense remnant grey
patchouli ash
(good riddance Cleopatra
the earth in your dusty ass) 272 more words

Revealing old to the new.

So, It is time to create some activity.. In my mind .. the minds of you all.. and my blog Of course! 😉

“Old is Gold” Perhaps it is not just a saying but has a legit meaning to it.

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Human Rights Day

On this day in 1948, the United Nations adopted a universal set of human rights that apply to all of us. As of this day in 2016, none of these rights have come to full — or in some cases, even partial — acceptance and observance. 1,798 more words