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How fleeting, this feeling One moment you’re important

The next, you’re neglected
How quaint, this emotion

In a blink you’re loved

On another, you’re hated… 15 more words

Flight Of Ideas


Good to hear that the new WA Health Minister Roger Cook is saying that we need to have a community discussion about voluntary euthanasia in Western Australia. 97 more words

Western Australia

Recognising Love Away From Home

The sun rays peeked through the blinds as a tinge of illumination; the sky first a rosy pink and then a fiery red, as if the sun was negotiating firmly for its turn to dominate. 705 more words

Food For Thought

The Trial: A Brief Dialogue

A group of highly intelligent alien beings are congregated in an alien courtroom. A human is seated across from the judge’s bench with another alien beside him. 1,465 more words

the evil of promiscuity

is there something wrong about casual sex? having sex just for fun or among friends is very common today, as well as having sex prior to marriage. 483 more words

Life In Faith And Faith In Life