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You are not alone

Working on my book and thought I should share a few thoughts…If you are feeling lost, betrayed, abandoned or alone, I have been there and I can tell you, you are never alone. 120 more words


Suffering and Sacrament: On Finding Connection as a Grocery Store Cashier

Borrowed from: Stephen – S. Bradford Long Blog – Daily Reflection.

Every day, I go to work as a grocery store cashier at a family-owned business in a prosperous region of the more generally depressed Appalachian mountains. 702 more words

New Beginnings

The Ultimate Tourist Trap

I think all of us who travel have done this at some point during our adventures. It’s a 21st century thing, really, and with so much of our generation traveling, it’s an easy thing to fall into. 420 more words

The Rude Coworkers & Peacock Coffee Clique

I have been telling people, from day one, that the co-workers I work with are RUDE. I have blogged a few things about the cliquey workplace nature of my workplace… I hate cliques. 1,026 more words


Ancient Love

As the Pharaoh unfolded the carpet
The Emperor fell,
In love with the woman
Who ruled the land, beyond
The bloodshedding sea,
Seeking for protection… 192 more words

Aurora Kastanias

(Busy Bee.)

My lappy is like an eight-ball. But the decision still lies with my first click and my gut. For the last few weeks, I’ve just been overlooking writing and anything related to it, but today, at this moment, I want to write. 911 more words

Mornings And Mondays

Witchcraft and Satanism - Hoax or truth ?

So, a few days ago, as I was looking up for information on interesting topics for a project, I came across the term “WITCHCRAFT AND SATANISM”. 1,560 more words