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Hello Friends welcome to my online home!

This blog is about life.

Basically I want to connect to people out there and talk about whatever I feel like, questions that life keeps throwing on us, likes/dislikes, experiences, debates, interests in general about LIFE. 50 more words



A girl came out from retail stores with two bags full of household items. One auto rickshaw came close to her and she told the driver that she didn’t require one and started walking towards her home. 341 more words

Not so Invincible, but not worth it.

I’m glad that my stalker decided to post about me on the reddit site.  Haha, it thinks I’m the stupid one without realizing anything it posts on the Web is now EVIDENCE to back up my side of things. 307 more words



Just as I was thinking how my next blog would be about humanity…how only famous people get more famous, only beautiful or very ugly people get TV shows, and no one has a voice without a trust fund.   196 more words



I’m 3/4 of the way through E.O. Wilson’s book “The Social Conquest of Earth”, and my idea of life improving for a bigger portion of the population faces some staunch realities. 352 more words

Poetry-Thing Thursday: Madness


Sixes and Sevens,

I cry from the heavens!

No more of these set-ins,

My poor mind it maddens!

Hope’s a cyanide,

for a tearful abide. 264 more words

Let's all be more emotional — it’s okay to not be fine — it’s what makes us human.

Crying in public

I am walking down the street and a tear escapes my eye. I am actually perfectly happy at this point but the glare of the sun and the wind has caused my eyes to water. 2,367 more words