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NEVER Underestimate What a Little Kindness Can do.

Big ripples are made from even the smallest pebble…

Such a simple gesture from a stranger gave Farah those final moments, with her father, to treasure for the rest of her life. 10 more words



How do I even start on this topic?  I’m not sure.

So why even bring this topic up?  I’m not sure.  I run the risk of offending, touching a nerve, or, maybe, quite possibly, getting people to think a little about this topic differently.  719 more words



Darkened globe-
overcast of voices, hushed into solace;
My cup is the universe, and I drink in its energy-
humanity at a distance, yet I see into its murky heart… 72 more words


Cold World

It is painful, stranger,
the way we smile to camouflage
the things that kill us silently inside –
it was in poems
hiding in a metaphor… 108 more words


What can we do about child abuse? Phase One - Sexual

I would just like to say this is purely my opinion based on the knowledge and research I have undertaken.  I would like to also note that I have absolutely nothing against consulting adults indulging in whatever they agree upon but this is not the case with child abuse.

693 more words
Kait King

The missing link

The missing link

…was not always missing,
was seen in the best caves,
bathed at the most exclusive pools.

He had developed a natty line in sideburns… 89 more words