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Pet Industry Market Trends -- Spring 2017

“The times they are a-changin” – Bob Dylan

Industry analysis is easy when everything is moving up and to the right.  When market conditions are such that a rising tide does not float all boats, it is harder to draw conclusions that are applicable to a broad set of market participants.  982 more words

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Chewy Prepares to Take on All Comers

Over the past five years, interest in the potential and performance of the online channel for pet products has become an increasingly hot topic.  The narrative around pet ecommerce has been fueled, in part, by a change in ownership demographics, but more significantly by the lack of transparent data regarding the size of and growth rate in the channel.  755 more words

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Will Waning of Pet Food Upgrade Cycle Fuel Consumable M&A Boom?

Being early, wrong, or both is no fun, at least not in the case of making industry predictions (traders will also say early is also wrong).  840 more words

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