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Two Sides to Tribal Behavior

A tribe is a group of distinct people, dependent on their land for their livelihood, who are largely self-sufficient and not integrated into the national society. 227 more words


The Truth Will Stand On Its Own Merit

The Truth will stand on its own merit. A talk that took place in Washington DC. If the names were updated, it would sound like today. 11,264 more words

Ahrimiac Luciferian Agenda

The Epic Battle For My Soul

Humanity is under attack. Well, I am with all of you, I am in the same boat. I use this incredible tension and attacks upon me to create the crystalization within my heart. 703 more words


The Loop Of Destruction

I know most of you are guessing what this will be about. What is this loop of destruction? How does it relate to us?

Believe me, it has everything to do with us, especially for the future of humans. 494 more words


A confession

Yes, I kicked him out but not his girl friend, because I saw no fault of hers in his crimes. Later , I removed his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s sister off my Facebook page too. 322 more words

Human life!

What is meaning of human? Where we are from? Have any one observe the past life, how people use  to live? At one period every human was equal in every thing, but now many inequalities have arises in human. What made difference among us!

The Zellick Report

By Anon

I was sexually assaulted by a friend of a friend at the beginning of my second year of university. I have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, including flashbacks, panic attacks, and nightmares. 1,087 more words