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The First Bite

Fly on the Wall

One of the best and most obvious things about travel is that it gets you outside of your normal element. It gets you into a new vibration. 967 more words


I’ve had my eye on this exhibition for a few days already, I did not know anything about the artist or his work, but I thought that I had to start somewhere if I wanted to discover the art of the Gozotian people, and that I wanted.  225 more words


A Grander Vision

It’s wonderful that people are learning more about the Law of Attraction; to see them align–through deliberate use of positive thought–with better health, greater wealth, improved relationships, and more success. 618 more words


The Process

The heaviness settles in . . . days go by. You start to worry, to over-think it. Honour it. Feel those damn feelings. Ask, out loud: 241 more words

We Must Learn to Care

To truly save our planet we must somehow create a radical change in our human consciousness beneath everything we do. We cannot rescue humankind from a death march to oblivion unless we reach a higher and more evolved consciousness in the collective human mind.

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