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I recently created a social media about 3-4 months ago, twitter- to be specific. Anyone that knows me also knows I have a love-hate relationship with social medias. 592 more words


What’s wrong with changing “mankind” to “humankind”, to more accurately reflect reality? Past, prejudicial ways of speaking and writing should not be continued simply because that’s the way it has always been spoken or written. 214 more words


Irrevocably Conscious

Man proposes, God disposes

Mankind is a proposition

God is a disposition

Mankind is precious

Humankind is conscious

Consciousness is a disposition

Union is a marriage arrived at after a successful proposition… 22 more words


🍀 Human+kind Skt. Paddy's day offer 🍀

I recently got a wash-off facial cleanser by Human+kind, through a danish company called GOODIEBOX where you pay 159 kr/€22. a month and then you receive goodie boxes with 1 time different quality products in it of value much higher than the price payed. 207 more words


Shattered. The healing place.

I will meet you at the place. The place where it hurts.

I will meet you in your pain. I will hold you through your grief. 298 more words


Light over Darkness

So I visited a Girl’s blind school in Ahmedabad. It is the one of the most renowned blind school in India. It offers lodging and boarding and in-house facilities along with Braille education up to Class VII. 141 more words


Universal Declaration of Human Rights

There are many things we think we know and take for granted until we are asked what they truly are. This has recently happened to me while engaging in conversations about human rights: rights that are ours for the sheer fact that we are human beings. 1,865 more words