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Splintered society-
the fragmented pieces
of souls, scattered to the winds;
The four corners of the globe, in
need of harmony, as the arms
of the Anemoi lovingly extend… 42 more words


Writing for Writing's Sake: Nature v. Nature

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed in this post-grad state of mind, it’s that human nature is a far deviation from the natural world.  This observation leads me to a series of questions. 277 more words

I Long To Be Human

I long to be human again.

Everyday I reach for pure humanity. The kind that existed before nachash appeared.

Humanity of the days before chaos became one of man’s characteristics. 63 more words

All The People

“All these young people nowadays, so arrogant and rebellious,” the elders disapprove.

“And all these old people, so narrow-minded and old-fashioned,” the youth shake their heads. 165 more words

Some Serious Stuff Here.

The Fall of Feminism

Thato Mahlangu @YoungAchieverSA

Feminism. What is it to be a feminist in a world that is filled with so many young men, who feel they too need the same attention their counterparts are getting? 427 more words

Book review: Next, by Michael Crichton

Imagine a world where evolution and biogenesis are the foundations of government spending.

That is exactly what Michael Crichton has done in his final novel, … 600 more words