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Our world is a floating sphere – smaller than a speck,
and we are less than that.

Yet, boarder lines are not to blame
for minds that set the iron traps… 87 more words


Culinary Boot Camp

Culinary Boot Camp is a student-led initiative where medical students can learn the basics of nutrition and healthy cooking techniques, both for themselves and for future use in your work with patients. 158 more words

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Athazagoraphobia - The Fear of Being Forgotten

By Anon.

I really do not want to do this growing up thing if it means that I have to lose friends and lose contact with people I love every step of the way. 1,022 more words


Evil, evil man

What if we were really inherently evil, and that religion, societal rules, law and all, were made to suppress our ‘real’ nature.

I have read about it in Psychology, I mean… If you don’t know about it, there are some experiments which have produced results that are macabre in nature; we have five experiments which are somewhat ‘notorious’, and which I won’t be elaborating upon here, but you could google: ‘Power of Persuasion’, ‘Obedience in Psychology’ and ‘Prison Experiment’ and not just ‘Stanford Prison Experiment’ which would lead you to only this experiment excluding other experiments having been done in prison facilities. 174 more words


When Communication Means Confusion…

On a human scale, communication is the most challenging form of art that we can master.  We first need to decode the signs as soon as we set foot on Earth and then we have to develop, at the speed of light, the best way to… 1,348 more words



soon he will have to go to his therapist
and guess who’ll drive

the I in the procedure of each and every noun
of events… 95 more words

Awareness is a constant.

The biosphere is aglow with morphogenetic fields. You and I are warriors of the multiverse.

Nothing is impossible.

We are at a crossroads of presence and materialism. 168 more words