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By the way, if you desire “fluff” and meaningless chatter, you may be best served navigating to some other blog that supplies such, how you say, distraction. 65 more words

The Wonderful Potential of Technology

I love everything Jason Silva has to say – just sayin’ – lol!

Watch this video and try to look at technology in a new light:

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Never Meet Your Idols? I disagree.

Content warning: self-harm, depression, sexual abuse

By Anon.

Jumping straight into the deep end, I started self-harming when I was about 11. My mental health for the past 10 years has been a pretty wild rollercoaster, but secondary school was pretty rock bottom for me from start to finish. 778 more words


Clouds Beneath Our Feet

Upon a ledge did she prevailclouds beneath her feet

swimming in it, a web of lies

cruel intentions

Storms clash into her sides

she trembles standing tall… 85 more words


Ethical Hedonist I shall be!


– derived from the Greek word for “delight”.

“Hedonism is a school of thought that argues that pleasure is the primary or most important intrinsic good.  217 more words

I Just Want to be Green: Growing Up Between Cultures

By Sharlene Gandhi

I hate being asked where I am from. You’d think that’s an easy question to answer, usually requiring no more than a few syllables of a response. 977 more words



He was the pied piper of our stepmotherland,
no one knew him and knows him still.
But what would you call someone who didn’t wear his heart on his sleeve, 112 more words