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Emerald Buddha

The wavy, brown-eyed little girl knew at the age of two that Mommy was not coming back. Tears rolled down her face, as she looked out of the window at the fire fighters lined up next to one another; using all their might to push the crumpled car over. 851 more words

Why America Really “Lost its Mind” – A Response to The Atlantic Article

As if it were only an American problem. Or a secular one, for that matter. A psychological problem, truly, but immune to the lengthy speculations, rationalizations and intellectual analysis offered by… 113 more words


A girl embraces a boy and they teeter side to side.  A young ballerina twirls, and twirls and kicks her leg, up!  Freeze frame for a photo before the marble judgment of the triumphal arch, glazed with gold.   31 more words

Kind souls

By Dominick

kind souls stitch shut loopholes

using tethers of silky sweetness to solidify

societal mores so the disregarded don’t fall through

the paper thin ties that bind. 33 more words


Journaling for Memories

I don’t have very many childhood memories.  This sometimes leads me to believe I’m probably some kind of alien with artificially implanted memories to keep me believing I belong with humankind. 536 more words


Color Blind or Color Aware

I often hear people say that race does not matter and that they do not see color.  They say “I am colorblind” or use #colorblind in their social media posts. 275 more words

They Called Me Pluto

Note: Previously published June 2016; Edited August 2017

They called me Pluto from afar, and I,
Nameless and void, embraced the title
With the force of a thousand burning suns, 328 more words