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There are so many things that I didn’t do, so, as an ironic twist, my undoing is what feels like an inability to do anything beyond my undoing. 192 more words


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Within simplicity . . . silence roars as the lion

Hmm; maybe complicated verbiage is needed? Nah, think not. 14 more words



Snake Train
The train whistle is best from afar, the distance rings like a memory, it slithers the landscape like a copperhead in silent prayer. As it passes it reminds me of mans loud genius. 17 more words


Sawol = Foda

Food has a larger role than simply satisfying the soul; food forms and molds the soul. The plate of scrumptious waffles dusted¬†with confectioner’s sugar becomes a Sunday-morning tradition. 162 more words

Think Big

So there are still kind and considerate strangers in the world...

On a daily basis I pass a lot of people of all kinds; young, old, fat, thin, pretty, not so pretty, male, female, dog. I walk everywhere you see, so I’m bound to. 630 more words


Words Matter

Today, in class we watched a video about a man named Cobb of Leith, North Dakota who is a white supremacist. Now I can go on and on about how white supremacy is this and how the treatment is that, but I wanted to focus on the personalities of these leaders. 236 more words


A kiss can set your soul on fire

he makes her feel as beautiful as her looks tell the world…he cradles her face in his hands looks into her eyes and gets lost for the moment or 100…his kiss comes in soft and slow and grows passionate quickly as if he is in need of her taste and cant get enough of her…so fast and breathing heavily he can not take his hands off of her…they set each other on fire and have no care to cool the flames. 143 more words