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'White Man's Tears'

By Dan Morrison

If you’re reading this, hopefully you’ve read Brendan’s piece (or if you haven’t, stop reading this, read his piece, then come back and finish reading this). 892 more words


Rising Above the Everyday Work

Humankind is about to grow over the boring and necessary work thanks to the machine power and advances in machine learning. Mostly this change is desirable. 145 more words


Daily Inspiration: Obeying The Love For Humanity

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There is not a living thing breathing that hasn’t been finessed by love for its very existence. Love keeps order amongst us all. Are we paying attention? 85 more words


What is the fight for??

Rejecting any race? Culture? or proclaiming the ideal of unity?

Untying all the human races or uniting them?

Comprehending all things with sympathy and love or rejecting everything with indifference and hatred? 68 more words

Social Media as Destroyer or Unifier of Relationships

How many people have you unfriended or unfollowed this election cycle?

I’m certainly not going to say that I haven’t done so. I actually started unfollowing (as opposed to unfriending) during President Obama’s first term. 732 more words


My heart beats for indigenous women, on October 4th and every day

By Brendan Campbell

tânisi. Brendan Campbell nitisiyihkâson. nêhiyaw niya, nîhithaw nitha, apihtawikosisan niya, êkwa apisis môniyâw niya. môniyawi-sâkahikanihk nitohcin kayâhtê mâka oskana kâ-asastêkihk nikî-nihtâwikin êkwa nikî-pê-ohpikin. 1,239 more words


Is my Existence known to you?

It was a stormy night, unlike many nights. Confined was the degree of stars that came to visit that darkness and moon in its childlike spirit was playing hide and seek with clouds. 670 more words