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Requisite Reliance

Sinister smiles, sneaky mind…

Mouth wide open, eyes shut blind…

I’ll let you lead, I’ll watch from behind…

No trust in you nor humankind…

Only those refined and unconfined…

Aligned with my undefined mind…

New Year and ?

Again. Again. A new year. Starting over. Starting afresh. Such pressure. Such possibilities. This year, though, is different. It feels different to me. For many reasons: 253 more words



Ah yes, politics, the topic that makes everyone seem like a psychopath. You don’t think so? Let me explain to you why politics makes people a little bit crazy. 253 more words


The Humankind Podcast

A few days ago, I stumbled upon an article that listed 50 new podcasts that shouldn’t be missed. I admit that there were a few that peaked my interests and I immediately downloaded three of them. 188 more words

Life On Purpose

The Spiritual Basis of Many of the Diseases Afflicting Humankind

Serving the needs of the faithful worldwide, Dr. Henry Wright leads the Hope of the Generations Church and its Be in Health® ministry. Dr. Henry Wright focuses on creating generations of overcomers who are dedicated to loving God, themselves, and others. 145 more words


My almost-Daily Positive Take, post 11

Even though the history of life is not a very pretty one, and history is said to repeat itself, history does not always repeat itself literally, and there is plenty of room for a pretty future.  394 more words

Daily Prompt: Renewal (through Resolve)

Another turning of the big wheel is over.

It is time for renewal.

As individuals.
As communities.
As humanity itself.

Will it be a new beginning or just another turning of the wheel?

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