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By 2050, human-on-robot sex will be more common than human-on-human sex, says report

A shocking new report from a futurologist reveals predictions about the future of sex and robots

Can you imagine having sex with a humanoid robot? Apparently, this will be the norm in a few short decades. 847 more words


Autobiographical memory" for robot Nao enables it to pass on knowledge learnt from humans to others

Autobiographical memory for robot Nao enables it to pass on knowledge learnt from humans to others

Peter Ford Dominey and the robot Nao, study of developmental robotic cognition.

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Google's humanoid robot takes a test walk

Atlas, the two-legged robot built by Boston Dynamics, a company now owned by Google, just took a walk in the wild. Well, sort of.

As the video below shows, Boston Dynamics put… 88 more words


Watch this Maker remotely control a robot with his LEGO exoskeleton

Danny Benedettelli has added a new dimension to remote manipulators by building a robotic exoskeleton out of LEGO.

A remote manipulator, also known as a “waldo” thanks to the 1942 short story by Robert Heinlein, is an electronic telemetric input device that enables a mechanism to be controlled by a human operator. 265 more words

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Ex Machina: The Post-Modern Prometheus. A Film Review.


Ex Machina is a relatively simple story, while at the same time, a deliciously complex and probing film, which asks more questions than it ever hopes to answer. 8,556 more words

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First Robot Wedding Takes Place In Japan

Susmita Baral reports: Japan became the first country to host a robot wedding as people gathered in Tokyo on Saturday to watch two robots — Frois and Yukirin — get married. 228 more words