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Two days my husband lay dying,  still and blind.

When it was finished, my oldest son went out alone

into the hills cutting like iron against the stars. 583 more words

Humans And Other Animals

How we naturally think vs. the scientific method

In the most recent You Are Not So Smart podcast, host David McRaney broadcasts a 2014 lecture he gave at DragonCon about ‘just-so stories’, contrasting how we naturally think with the more formal scientific method. 253 more words

Humans And Other Animals



The city shimmers in the heat,

flies drone around our eyes.

We’re frantic for my eldest son

in this city of soldiers and thieves. 304 more words

Humans And Other Animals

Genetic map of the UK shows which invasions created Britain's DNA

Nature: The fine-scale genetic structure of the British population

Nature: The results throw new light on several aspects of the peopling of Britain. For instance the genetic contribution to southeastern England from Anglo-Saxon migrations is under half, suggesting significant pre-Roman but post-Mesolithic population movement from the European continent. 169 more words

Humans And Other Animals

Warped maps of the UK illustrating the issues facing the country

Ampp3d distorted the UK map to show where all the money is,
where all the people live and how much they pay to live there. … 174 more words

Humans And Other Animals

Warm sun, cold night, no wind.

How the snow overtopped our galoshes.

The miracle–no other word–

sap dripping into pails.

The taste of trees.

In the shack, ancestral smoke; 56 more words

Humans And Other Animals