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"More Than Metaphor" by Tania de Rosario

I enjoyed reading this comic, “More Than Metaphor,” by Tania de Rosario.

Content warning: drawings that include nudity, discussion of body image

Humans Are Awesome

"I do have new dreams" from "Bare" by Cheryl Boyer

“I discover parts of me that need to, want to be fulfilled, in addition to my longing for motherhood. So much of my life is not in my hands, but I slowly begin to accept that I do have new dreams even when I don’t yet know how to let go of old ones.”

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Humans Are Awesome

The xx interview

Three of my favorite musicians talk about the making of art and how they got started making music.

Today marks ten years since the release of the xx’s first album, “xx.”

Humans Are Awesome

from "Magic Mirrors"

“I read voraciously for years, searching for a girl like me but more than me. But I never found the book that allowed me entry… and a home after the last page until I wrote my own.”

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Humans Are Awesome

Writing and reading magic

In a book you can write magic and it can become real for the character blessed by that magic and real for the reader witnessing that magic happen. 49 more words

Humans Are Awesome