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Creepy Tales

The wool is being pulled over our eyes

Aren’t you fed up with government lies?

Heads are cleaved with surgical skill

A master cut and n’er the blood to spill; 960 more words


opposites attract

two different humans

thats what makes us distinctive

two different zodiac signs

the signs are derived from the constellations to make us compatible

or not… 64 more words

What, not "Who am", is I?

Hey, everyone, this is Hannah here.Ever since I was a kid, I had this weird thought always lingering in my mind,”Who am ‘I’?”.The kind of question when pondered over leaves you step back from where you were before you went deep inside yourself to think of  “whose cave I am in to ask whose cave is this”?This very question seems to be abstract but if you have a good look at it, it makes sense and leaves you all the more in perplexity.Dating back to the time of the creation of the third planet in our Solar System, from there to “some” millions of years ahead to a time t, what dt interval of time could have triggered the use of the notion me?To my understanding that dt time is the most important one in the “history of all histories”.This very concept of me is a big statement in itself.Very often we use this word, unaware of the power that lies with it, unaware of unfathomable meaning that is attached to it(if it has a one).But the question was simple, wasn’t it?So, considering what we have been taught(an easy question has a simple answer) the answer should be a simple one too, right?But here you see me using heavy words and referring to histories(too heavy, sigh!).Actually, it isn’t me who is asking this question, it is some “thing” who is referring itself as “me” in charge of the proceedings.The same me that the other somethings use quite often, who look similar to each other, similar in terms of the parts they possess.Ears, eyes, hair, limbs, a nose, lips etc.(Most of the things have them, no offense to anybody). 375 more words

Humans: A Creation or a Mistake?

Every day we get up from a good night’s sleep. Sometimes the sleep can be only a couple of hours since we had to stay late for some purpose. 540 more words


How to Design Visually Appealing AI Robots to People

There are enough artificial intelligence (AI) robots being designed these days that within a few years, you’ll probably not be far from one at many times in your lives, especially if you live in a city. 1,336 more words


The Caged Bird - Why Humans Baffle Me

by John Carpenter

The first thing I couldn’t understand about this world was birds. More precisely, why it’s in our nature to cage them.

At five years old, I went to a zoo for owls with my primary school. 1,075 more words