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Day 126 Challenge

Ask for What You Need

Today’s challenge is so simple, yet it can be so hard.  Today, you are asked to ask for what you need.  218 more words

Daily Challenges

#ThrowbackThursday individual bone cells from 'Lucy' tell the story of her growth

This rather abstract-looking image shows a tiny patch (around 110 micrometres across) of an ancient hominid femur. ‘Lucy’ is one of the the oldest and probably the most famous early human-like primate, belonging to the species  164 more words

Anatomy Snippet

Meet My Best Friend

Meet my best friend.

I was first introduced to him when I was five. He went by the name of the Magic Mirror.

He was stiff-backed and strong; just slightly intimidating, 567 more words


Weird Encounters - Victimization

Human beings are such strange creatures. We are extremely fascinating in our behaviors. We are so varied, even though most of us experience the same type of emotions, some of us are extremely controlled by them. 2,209 more words

I'm Not Religious, but I'm Spiritual

In recent times I’ve been hearing this phrase, “I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual”. I’m starting to wonder what has gone wrong with the people of this world. 509 more words


May 5th: Liberation Day

Is there reason to celebrate this? Are we truly free? I still can say I am but for how long still to go after today? Everything becomes more expensive by the day and no compensation for that. 264 more words


Humans do magic

“A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.”

Carl Sagan