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Dating Customs Around The World

Dating is uncommon in Afghanistan in light of the fact that most relational unions are organized by folks, and schools are discrete for young men and young ladies. 309 more words


Rage, Inconsistency, and Free Will

My father threatened to stop paying for my education because he was angry that I chose to run away with my husband instead of being an obedient little girl. 818 more words



Growing up in a society where your appearance is judged is tough. People take one look at you and decide who you are. You are lying if you have never judged someone because of the way they look. 639 more words


Be You

Jammed in traffic on the freeway, as usual. Crammed in my tin can of a car in the sweltering heat for an hour, horns blaring and middles fingers flying all around me. 1,654 more words


to love or not to love.

For me love creates a peace. but what is love? How does one know what love is? And is one persons view of love the same as another? 122 more words


Signing Off

I wish I have more time to write and read your blogs.

I promise I will devote a day to just reading

Keep writing

I can not wait to hear your thoughts and feelings… 55 more words



We are all intricate patterns of uniqueness,
Crafted from the finest metals that nature knows,
Shaped by the purest hand, forever ornaments
Of pride that show the perfection of life. 106 more words