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Oh, Life.

I will warn you, this post may tangent off into a rant. I’m never good at keeping up with blogging and when I do decide to blog again, there’s usually a shit-storm of new things, ideas, adventures, trials, etc. 2,252 more words



Questions I don’t want to ask…or maybe I do and just am not sure I want the answers…but am willing to explore anyway…

Do Pagans believe the Christian God exists? 250 more words



Colours are never what they seem, they are not defined, as we are taught them to be.

The sun is not yellow, the sky is not blue, grass is not green, trees are not brown and blood is not red. 75 more words


White Space

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35mm Film


Thank you for leaving!
Nope, I’m not being sarcastic
it’s genuine so thank you.

Thank you for doing it in the coldest way possible
The process highlighted all that I believed was wrong with me… 48 more words


A Life Worth Living

‘Life is too short’…

A common expression used as a wake up call for diverse situations.

Looking around me, I’m starting to think that a widespread term like this starts to lose its genuine meaning by excessive use. 445 more words


Take me to where paradise is,
where love grows on trees

bearing sweet succulent fruits every season,

take me to where crying is alien,

but tears of joy are accepted, 41 more words