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Fucked up shit on Twitter vol. Anniversary

It’s been exactly a year since I started Fucked up shit on Twitter. It was kind of topical at first (something that I’ve mentioned a few times) but then… You know what, I’m not sure myself what happened. 251 more words

Jeffrey Botah Blog

There Are Grown Men Who Live And Dress As Puppies (Video)

Secret Life of the Human Pups is an upcoming documentary that will air on Britain’s Channel 4 that focuses on a lifestyle that has long existed, but is only coming to light recently with the advent of internet message boards where these folks can easily meet other like-minded individuals. 159 more words


a Tiny portion of something BIG

staring stunned at the stars in the sky

imagining the size of the universe infinite

questioning values of my little existence

amazed, I thought to myself… 83 more words


Help Jax & BABWorks Help the World

BABWorks Birmingham Core Team (L-R): Reese, Ali, Jax (yes those are boots, it was still cold in April… I’m a tropical girl, come on.), Stacey, Jordan, Phil, Liam (Content Partner); Sonja (BABWorks  Zurich) 1,503 more words


Katies story

‘I had wanted a tattoo for years, I’d actually gone twice, actually three times and bottled it. In my mid twenties, I really wanted to get either a sleeve or a back piece but I wanted to wanted to check my pain threshold first.  115 more words

Shared Diseases

Baboons and humans have many similarities. One such similarity reveals that baboons have most of the same type of diseases and illnesses.  296 more words