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The Trouble With Overthinking

I am convinced that as people, we are obsessed with pain. We write about it, industries milk it. We crave it as much as pleasure. In odd ways. 409 more words


My person

It’s hard to sleep alone,

especially when you’re used to sleeping next to someone who feels just like home.

With a sweet gentle kiss and pulling me in so tight, I could lay here forever… 97 more words


The Humor and Depression Link

The other day, I was pretty down. Though I was researching “easiest ways to never have to get out of bed again,” and feeling like the walls were closing in on me, I was apparently being hilarious. 373 more words

The faceless facades

FACADE… that word really caught my attention. A deceptive or outward appearance, that’s what a facade is. And the truth be spoken, as woven in members of a society , we all have our facades, more like a second face we wear on to project to the world, to impress others and to hide what a glorified mess we are inside. 201 more words


The Rationalities. I

Приятное vs Полезное

Представим идеальную среду.

  • Город философов, в котором нет экономических проблем.
  • Все философы обладают свободным доступом к информации и заинтересованы в ее получении. …
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