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The 'F' Word


I know for a fact I get a lot of shit from male friends when and if I express that I’m a feminist saying that women have all the freedom in the world these days and “why can’t we be just be happy and accept that now”. 1,284 more words


Animal VS Human

I don’t know why but everytime i’m in shower i think in this question: Why are so many animals killed and so many people continue breathing! 79 more words


Today !

Let’s open our heart to embrace the beautiful morning, that we are so lucky to witness.

Let’s open our mind to welcome the opportunities, that have the potential to change our life. 53 more words


Art by Emily Short: National Art Exhibit (USA)

Artist Portfolio Magazine

National Art Exhibit

Emily Short

My work explores relationships humans have with animals and other parts of the natural world. In this, I also contemplate the similarities between humans and other animals, especially perceived differences. 199 more words


The Ethics of Eating Meat

Long preface short, my conception of philosophy has always found its stumbling blocks when it comes to applying ethical considerations to children and animals (and the disabled/impaired). 272 more words


Colin on Leo.1

Do you ever find it hard to shake off a character?


“It depends. I find it more in theatre, it’s harder to get rid of those characters as you’re playing them every night.

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Colin Morgan