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I'm In Love

Oh yes oh yes I have realised
Of what dear she means to me
Her soothing words and adorable smile
Just melts my heart at ease… 172 more words


I Walk

I walk with pride
With a will of success
That noting can shall stop me
From reaching out to my dream

I walk with a fear… 89 more words


We just can't stop building robots that look like humans

Humans can run blindfolded. We can navigate unpredictable paths without really seeing them. Though we teeter on the edge of falling with every walking or jogging step, usually we don’t. 787 more words


When we were younger we thought that there were monsters under our beds or inside our closets. Now we have come to the conclusion that the monsters are in fact real, but they do not live inside our closets or under our beds. 28 more words


Did we evolve out of Laziness?

Charles Darwin is quoted quite often, sometimes in excess. And I obviously refer to his famous quote on evolution and life in the wild. “Survival of the fittest” … What a load of crap. 948 more words


The Church Under Attack

Chapter 1: The Beginning and the End

The church is under attack, today more than ever. In Nigeria the Christian religion was strong. it seemed like a necessary part of society. 934 more words

O is for Optical

So our eyes are the main reason the world is like it is today, why the use of different shades of colors to convey different meanings matters so much, why attention to intricate detail is a big priority in the end, why photography, television, or movies even exist. 382 more words