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The Truth Can Hurt

Human Trafficking continues to be an issue that we sometimes do not always hear about but we do sometimes see. Children are forced into human trafficking before they even know what’s happening. 438 more words

January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Last month, President Obama proclaimed January 2017 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.  The proclamation calls for raised awareness and the prevention of exploitation of men and women.   59 more words


Hi, I'm new here.

Hello and welcome to my blog!

In the world of educational technology I would consider myself a beginner. But a very eager beginner (that counts for something, right?)! 238 more words


The Truth About Cantina-Based Sex Trafficking

Imagine dreaming about a better life. You sometimes go to bed hungry or cold. Every morning, you look for a job, but every night you come home empty-handed.

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Reblog - An Introduction to Human Trafficking

Originally posted on Justice Network: There are still many people who know little about human trafficking, or tend to think it is about immigration issues. A good video to share to introduce to people towards a better understanding of what human trafficking really is, is this: The NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking created a toolkit…

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Modern Activism Meets Modern Slavery

When told to generate a list of possible research topics for a class that revolves around the word “activism”, you will run out of paper before you run out of ideas. 309 more words

The fast fashion industry and why I'm #overit

Fast fashion is an industry with more than a few dirty secrets. It is the second most ecologically damaging industry, next to oil, according to… 615 more words