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Being still while taking action.

I believe that God calls us to action. I also know that God is moving and that we, as His followers, should be moving alongside Him. 644 more words


I am Beautiful, no matter what

Hi Dolls,

I know I was going to post some reviews but last night something happened and I just needed to write about it. So you may not know but I am a alternative model ( models with tattoos, bright colored hair, piercings, etc). 835 more words


A peep in the world around us!

We live in a world where so many things are happening around us. Have you ever thought about the kid who comes to your car window every morning at the signal, asking for alms? 623 more words


Day 7: Planning

This week we are in the final stages of our project. Now we have to decide how to put the project together. We decided we want to use a poster board. 391 more words

Human Trafficking

Day 6: Connections

This week we were asked to find an interest group the connects to human trafficking. We found the group called Polaris. This group does a lot for victims. 256 more words


• more than meat •

Clothing and food are necessities in this life.

Sexually explicit ads that promote clothing and food, not a necessity.

Though they need not an introduction, American Apparel and Carl’s Jr. 494 more words

What Satan and Demons Look Like - Reverend Genene Garman , an Ordained Minister With The Universa l Life Church World Headquarters

Reverend Genene Garman is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church World Headquarters. Nick named “Mz-Exclusive” this incredible woman is also Founder, CEO and President of Priceless Diamonds, Inc. 785 more words

Universal Life Church