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Human Trafficking 101

As a recent Criminal Justice undergraduate, I will never forget a professor who had taught us to question anything and everything. Ensured that with every argument that we were about to make, to question it and think outside the box. 400 more words

How Legalisaton Of Prostitution Will Be Another Brick In The Wall

1. We have not been able to eradicate sexual violence from other forms of employment. The claim that legalized prostitution will lessen the violence sounds hypothetical. 23 more words

Human Trafficking

Today the South Carolina House ordered the confederate flag to be removed from their state capital. I am among those who are happy to see it retired into museums. 430 more words

Christian Women

The Journey Back

Tomorrow we begin our journey back to America. It’s hard to believe that the months could fly by so fast! There is so much I want to write about– all that I’ve seen and learned, all that I’m taking with me, and all the wonderful people I’m leaving behind. 68 more words

Recap - May 2015

In Portland, Maine, through the ministry of “The Well,” sex trafficking survivor dee Clarke and The Salvation Army work in partnership to meet the needs of victims of human trafficking and be present where they are. 73 more words


Enter the interns.

I’m excited to write this post today and finally get to answer the many, many questions I’ve gotten throughout the past four months or more. Nearly all of them sounded exactly (and understandably) like this: “So, what will you be doing during your internship?” 283 more words