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That's Right, I Saw That...

In most ways, I’m getting fairly accustomed to the differences of lifestyle here in the Philippines, as opposed to my life in Boise.  For the most part, I’m starting to be okay with almost always being sweaty to some degree.  1,161 more words

Justice at the IF:Gathering

On February 3rd and 4th, thousands of women around the globe had a shared experience in the IF:Gathering. This is a relatively new type of women’s conference. 757 more words


Honing in on Human Trafficking

Link to infographic:


It is now the calm before the storm. Our infographic and research proposal are complete, however this is only the beginning as we all embark on the RBA. 254 more words

Slavery Inc. by Lydia Cacho

5 heartbreaking stars

A harrowing and courageous work of investigative journalism. Shedding light on an issue that most are unwilling to even think about. What shocked me most was not the corruption or the link to organised crime, but the clients. 445 more words


When the Devil Lives Down the Street // Incarnational Living

Lately I have been rather challenged (surprise, surprise) about this whole Christian living thing and how it is supposed to play out. In light of the radical change that Christ ushered in through the Holy Spirit after his death, Paul the apostle sets out to figure out this very question. 1,329 more words


Seeing the Unseen: Perspectives of Slaveholders

 Despite the tragic history of African Americans and their life of enslavement, one man by the name of Frederick Douglass broke his ties to this lifestyle through certain wits and dedication. 748 more words

Super Bowl referred to as ‘largest human trafficking event’

This Super Bowl is taking place this weekend and many tourists will be flocking to Houston to see what the city has to offer. Despite the financial gain the event brings in, many victim advocates are calling it the largest human trafficking event of the year. 323 more words

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