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Why human trafficking (Part 2)

I know I said I would post the next blog this week and look at that I barely made it. ;) Seriously though now that I have talked about some of the numbers and the problem here is my take on the solution/possible solutions. 382 more words


Should We Be Ethical Consumers?

In an article titled “How Much Should I Care About Ethical Food?” by Relevant Magazine, a reader posed a very interesting question: “Is eating ethically really that big of a deal?” I highly recommend this article as it had phenomenal insight and knowledge. 640 more words

Fire Inside

The fierce will to survive can thrive in anyone. The will to survive cannot be extinguished in a survivor whose fire burns brighter, longer, hotter, and with the resilience to #SURVIVE2THRIVE.


Your Story

Survivors of any trauma require time to process the trauma by identifying it, addressing it, living with it, moving beyond it, and sharing it.  Many survivors choose to share their stories as a part of healing and raising awareness to protect others but not all.   31 more words


The Fast Lane 


In case you cannot be bothered to click on the link….here’s a few quotes from the article.

“Argos in Liverpool is testing out the fast lane and it is hoped it will be rolled out on the high street soon…

456 more words

Human trafficking survivor: I was raped 43,200 times

Mexico City (CNN)Karla Jacinto is sitting in a serene garden. She looks at the ordinary sights of flowers and can hear people beyond the garden walls, walking and talking in Mexico City. 1,517 more words

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