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Female Genital Mutilation Is Not a Uniquely Muslim Problem

The Independent reports that about 5,000 girls and women in Britain are subjected to female genital mutilation each year: “FGM is carried out for cultural, religious and social reasons within families and communities where it is believed to be a necessary preparation for adulthood and marriage; 343 more words


Drug smuggling, rape and torture: These 5 Saudi royals all did things commoners would be executed for

The recent arrests of two Saudi Arabian princes — one for smuggling literal tons of illegal drugs in his private plane and one for a series of sexually abusive incidents involving his employees — call attention to a long and august tradition of fabulously wealthy people from the highly religious Islamic monarchy acting in absolutely horrible ways. 535 more words


Royal Lockup

According to televised testimony by the Princess, one of the late King Abdullah’s numerous ex-wives, divorced by him several times, who now lives in the UK, King Abdullah kept the four daughters he had with her, Princesses Jawaher, Sahar, Hala, and Maha, under virtual house arrest in the Jeddah royal compound. 347 more words


Female refugees face physical assault, exploitation and sexual harassment on their journey through Europe

“After living through the horrors of the war in Iraq and Syria these women have risked everything to find safety for themselves and their children. But from the moment they begin this journey they are again exposed to violence and exploitation, with little support or protection” 566 more words


Trafficking for sexual exploitation

Poverty, gender-based discrimination and a history of sexual and physical violence are all factors that can make women and children vulnerable to traffickers. Some are abducted and sold, some are deceived into consenting by the promise of a better life or a better job, and some feel that entrusting themselves to traffickers is the only economically viable option. 409 more words


A Message From The Author


Everyone touched by my blog has a story to tell.  My stories aren’t always pretty and they don’t always end well. They hurt to tell and they hurt to hear. 114 more words


What constitutes human trafficking?

Following our introductory post, we would like to give further insight into what constitutes human trafficking.

In defining human trafficking, the United Nation’s Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC 2016) breaks it down into three elements of: 164 more words