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Enter the interns.

I’m excited to write this post today and finally get to answer the many, many questions I’ve gotten throughout the past four months or more. Nearly all of them sounded exactly (and understandably) like this: “So, what will you be doing during your internship?” 283 more words

Author Interview – REBECCA WATERS

Back in the day, somewhere along about a year ago, one of the first blog posts I read was written by this lovely lady. A trillion blog posts later I can’t remember what the post was about, but Rebecca Waters’ name has stayed with me. 1,723 more words

Six Weeks In Quotes

Sitting here in a cozy cafe on this cloudy Amsterdam morning, feeling so thankful. As I continue to wade through all that I have learned in these last six weeks, I thought I would simply share a few quotes that stood out to me personally. 573 more words

Tricked: Prostitution & Sex Slavery

First things first, if you or someone you know is being trafficked, help is out there.  Check this out and call 1-888-373-7888.

I just finished watching the documentary on Netflix, … 906 more words

Love Philosophy in Action

Love Philosophy in Action

Easter 36

Today in Australia, the United States of America and several other countries it is Mother’s Day. In South Africa it was celebrated last Sunday and in Ireland and the United Kingdom, it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday during the Lenten season. 355 more words