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GRIFF Enlightens Erica About Why Tipping Your Server Is Crucial [EXCLUSIVE]

When you go out to eat, it is customary to tip your server in addition to what you pay for your meal when the bill comes. 143 more words

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Kev On Stage: Please Feed The Children Dinner [EXCLUSIVE]

Kev On Stage is the newly appointed head of the Members Relations Committee, where he relays messages from the church body to the pastor. This message comes from a coalition of parents who are concerned about the snacks their kids are fed during children’s church. 155 more words

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Da Brat Schools Rickey Smiley About A Man’s Ridiculous Request

In the days after Valentine’s Day, the stories of people’s date nights start to circulate, whether they’re stories of triumph or trauma. Headkrack relays one man’s story of a date that must not have gone too swimmingly, because his date didn’t want to go out with him again. 200 more words


GRIFF Tells Erica Campbell His Favorite Thanksgiving Memory [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Erica Campbell and GRIFF are really excited for Thanskgiving! Erica says she’s even excited for the loud family members who take 14 plates of food. GRIFF, on the other hand, is really excited for football. 119 more words

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Erica Campbell & GRIFF Get Hype For Thanksgiving! [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Well, it happened; we blinked, and now Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Thanksgiving is definitely one of the favorite holidays- it really just consists of food, family, tons of laughter, debate and storytelling. 160 more words

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