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In which I Eat My Hat: Ghostbusters was OK!

You may remember my adverse reaction to the Ghostbusters Trailer from March. Turns out it was simply a shite trailer, and not a shite movie; I stand corrected. 357 more words

Movie Reviews

Meeting Baby Girl.

We drove 7 hours along bumpy roads with no air conditioning in the van. We passed town after town that started to all look the same. 591 more words

Humble Pie

Did you know that the humble of humble pie isn’t the same humble as the humble of humility?
Apparently the pie used to be umble pie – umbles being the heart, kidneys, liver and lungs of a meat animal, usually deer. 29 more words

Deborah Makarios

Friday Vinyl

When the nice waitress at the restaurant asked me what I was going to do later this evening.  I told her I was going home to poop with the door open… 404 more words


Entertaining Strangers

I was asked yesterday what made me want to help people. A plethora of reasons popped in my head and it was hard to explain. The running joke in my house was that I’ve chosen to give back to others, to change their life, to love them because of the profession of a friend, but I’d like to think I helped her in choosing that profession. 489 more words