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Mock hubristic parvenu

eats humble pie elevenses.

Cat shows fur ball disapproval at atrophy.

Elephant chews atmospheric spinach.

Tear stains Willow.

Wheatfield Craze rocks Kuala Lumpur. 13 more words


The 20's are now

Memes, cartoon, heels, tights and wine. I have been straddling a fine line between lady-like sophistication and child-like tantrums for a few years leaning at times, hoping to fall over into a category I can define. 213 more words

20 Somethings

HUMBLE PIE - " 30 Days In The Hole "

Speaking of frequently covered songs, ’30 Days in the Hole’ ranks with Humble Pie’s most oft-revisited tracks since it was first unveiled as the second-side opener on 1972’s… 62 more words


HUMBLE PIE - " I Don't Need No Doctor "

Rock history isn’t exactly littered with cover versions that became more definitive than the originals (though Joe Cocker’s “With a Little Help From My Friends” comes to mind), but… 65 more words


STEVE MARRIOTT - " The Life and Times "

It’s such a shame that Steve Marriott isn’t around to see the appreciation and activity surrounding his musical legacy in 2015. ‘All Or Nothing,’ a musical about the life of the… 345 more words


HUMBLE PIE - " Shine On "

Pete Frampton’s primary motivation for joining Humble Pie was to escape the teen idol status he’d been pegged with by his former band, the Herd, 70 more words


A Conversation With Cheap Trick's Robin Zander

On Thursday night I went to go see the Robin Zander Band (RZB) perform in New York City, and it was a terrific show. I had first seen Robin with… 1,009 more words

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