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Selfishness and Pride

The title of tonight’s blog post are the two words that are the largest cause divorce, conflict, arguments and war in the world today.

James 4:1-2 says, “quarrels come when you want something but you do not get it.”  Yep, that sounds like selfishness to me.   567 more words

[ENG] You Are Loved & Secured. Be Humble. (Job 39)

This passage is often missed by people, but when i read it over and over again, it really speaks to me and bless me. I could feel His enormous love through these words! 785 more words

Book Of Faith

H3 Leadership: Be Humble, Stay Hungry, Always Hustle Notes/Summary

Leadership matters. Your leadership matters. A good leader changes the course of organizations, entire industries, states, countries, and even the global landscape. I’m honored to introduce you to a book that will not only help you lead now, but will help you lead well. 492 more words

Books I've Enjoyed

Becoming Humble

Hello my name is Jessica. I am a former collegiate student-athlete. And I have a pride issue.

I was the kid who thought they knew what they deserved. 425 more words


Phil: I’ve had the thought lately, “I wish there were more people like me.”

Kelly: You have a lot of great thoughts and that is not one of them… 59 more words

…where I abode humbly.

Hey. My name is Selma Abdulhai and the background picture on this blog is of my sister. We both wear a scarf and her face isn’t even showing, so who would know the difference, right? 154 more words