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The heart of a lion

The heart of a lion
Courageous and strong
Yet gentle and suave
The heart of a lion
Honest and faithful
True to itself
The heart of a lion… 10 more words


Nature and its beauty

Gratitude List 20/05/2018

This morning, my girlfriend and I had a walk in Trent Park in North London. It was an absolutely beautiful walk. Full bodied trees, budding flowers, an abundance of different birds, tranquille water holes and lots of people having fun and enjoying the beautiful weather. 131 more words


Different Strokes

I had a reunion with some way back, old school, neighborhood friends from the elementary days.

We’re an odd bunch. One friend grew up in the most immaculate house in town. 555 more words

Are we truly humble?

HUMILITY: freedom from pride or arrogance 

“Lionel Messi is the humblest person I know,”¬†

Yes. Yes, he just might be especially when compared to this: 331 more words

Jesus Christ

Humble Heart - Spirit of Audio

Narrated spiritual information presented in a short video.


So happy

Gratitude List 19/05/2018

Someone very close to me has recently had some great news. Great news, but also sudden and it will undoubtedly come with some difficulties. 148 more words