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Humboldt County Farewell

I’m drifting on north into Oregon so this is the Humboldt finale.

The ‘Pythian Castle’, meeting hall of defunct fraternal order the Knights of Pythias from the 19th century. 107 more words

Humboldt Co. 2017: Victorians of Blue Lake

Blue Lake is a little town near Arcata off 299 E, with both gingerbread Victorian and plain, square 19th century frontier style buildings. While no Ferndale, it’s worth a look-see. 70 more words

Humboldt County '17: Wood Sculpture

You see charming, quirky, craftsman-like and outright weird carved wood art here in Humboldt County. Enjoy.

Unless noted, all text and images produced by todgermanica.com. Non-commercial use free with attribution. 11 more words

Humboldt County '17: The Lost Coast

“The Lost Coast is a mostly natural and development-free area of the California North Coast in Humboldt and Mendocino Counties, which includes the King Range. It was named the “Lost Coast” after the area experienced depopulation in the 1930s.” 183 more words

WPC: Collage (one week of photographs)

One week coastal living vibrant
colors and winds whipping
friends of old campfire stories views
merging with dream-like landscapes curious 207 more words


Disappearing... or escaping?

Certain days, especially during the miserable Southern California summer heat, I want desperately to escape somewhere smaller and somewhere colder. With the impending changes in my life (A&P classes, resuming undergrad) looming over me like a great vulture about to peck my eyes out, not to mention my sanity, it’s hard not to wonder whether I’m really doing the right thing. 417 more words

Former EPD good ol' boys are finally getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar!!!

Thanks to a complaint from a concerned citizen and the questioning of Ryan Burns from the Lost Coast Outpost, it looks like the FBI and the State Attorney General’s office will be looking into the Coroner’s handling of estate properties.  1,085 more words