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Bigfoot Country (July 1 2015)

Sprockets was more than ready for another Road Trip. And so were we.

“Ready for New Territory?” I smile at Sprockets, imagining him snorting and whinnying and pawing the ground in anticipation. 767 more words


House Camping (June 2015)

Arcata is a beautiful town during the summer. The Humboldt State University students are mostly gone so the town is a bit quieter, but still fun and colorful with the Saturday Farmer’s Markets, Oyster Festival, plazoids (the itinerant crowd that hangs out at the plaza in the center of town) and the most original fashions. 25 more words


Welcome to the Jungle (May 29 2015)

The 2nd leg of the journey went as smoothly as the first, with a brief stop at JW’s office in Eureka to drop off the box of 2-buck chuck for his wife (who had discovered the break-in), then on to Arcata. 153 more words


My weekly ramble

Fern Canyon, Humboldt County

My family and I visited this magical place in June while doing a road trip through Northern California and Oregon. We camped in… 417 more words


Back Down 101 (Sept 7 2014)

Our quick little trip to Arcata is over. After the tenant moved out, we moved in, cleaned the place and camped inside the empty house. In a little less than two weeks there were many reunions with old friends, walks around the beautiful neighborhood, the University and through the redwood forests. 17 more words


Sprocketing Through the Redwoods (Aug 27 2014)

We met J and L in a small town on Costa Alegra (“Happy Coast”) in Mexico. It’s that stretch between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo. That was last November so we had much to catch up on. 135 more words