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Crimes up, Humboldt's incarceration rate way down.....huh?

After AB 109 and the passage of Proposition 47, everyone expected things to change significantly in the way that counties in California handle “Corrections and Rehabilitation”. 521 more words


The Juniper Tree

Once again I have had the fortune to enter a strange, unique wilderness located in the back country of Humboldt County. This place is known as the Eaton Roughs, which is a sandstone block that has surfaced in the past few million years via faulting. 290 more words

Humboldt County

Summer Plans and Northern California

I’ve been hinting here and there about a few possible long-ish trips in my future. And by “hinting” I mean I’ve been thinking about where I can realistically go in between a big location move, without totally abandoning the idea of actually finding a place to live by the end of the summer (or maybe even before). 887 more words


A Good Day for Egrets

On most days, when we walk along the bay shore, we see an egret or two.  And most often it is a large impressive common egret. 191 more words

Humboldt Bay

Coming Soon...

Pictures. If I can find time to blog about them…You can try to guess from this picture what the next tree feature will be.

Humboldt County

Japanese Plum Yew (Cephalotaxaceae- Cephalotaxus Harringtonia)

Here is some pictures of the Japanese Plum Yew that can be found on the HSU campus along with it’s placard. It is normally only found in Japan, so it is a very interesting find! 14 more words

Ricky Interviews Former Police Chief of Fortuna, Kent Bradshaw

Ricky asked Kent Bradshaw, Former Police Chief of Fortuna, “How does a Police Officer get the bad guy?” Mr. Bradshaw explained that some are caught doing something wrong while the policeman is out on parole.  669 more words

Interviewing People