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The Humboldt Current and the climate of Chile

The Humboldt current controls the climate of Chile kind of like the Gulf Stream which affects the climate of the UK by warming it. The Humboldt current keeps the southern part of Chile cool. 300 more words

's birthday: todayAlexander von Humboldt (1769)

Alexander von Humboldt (1769)

A German naturalist and explorer, Humboldt traveled extensively and made observations and discoveries too numerous to count. Among other things, he discovered the connection between the… 83 more words

Humboldt Squid

Humboldt squid (also known as jumbo squid) are a species of cephalopod that live in the Humboldt currents of the Pacific ocean. They are some of the largest species of squid, just below the fabled colossal squid; they grow to about five feet of the mantle at maturity and can live for up to two years. 326 more words