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Calgary Zoo opens penguin naming poll for newly-hatched chick

CALGARY – The Calgary Zoo is looking for help naming a baby penguin.

The Humboldt penguin chick hatched on June 26.

Since then, staff members have been watching him grow, and say he is finally old enough to leave the burrow. 54 more words


Penguin Waddles The Streets Of Peru

The Penguin Post has learned that police in Peru responded to perhaps one of the most unusual of emergency call-outs – a lost penguin roaming busy streets of Nuevo Chimbote, a large town in northern Peru. 104 more words

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Longleat Safari Park Part 2: Jungle Kingdom

The Jungle Kingdom section of Longleat Safari Park is the area you travel around on foot and has a whole range of animal species – more than a few I’d never met before. 149 more words

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Fishy Penguin Birthday Cake

The Penguin Post has learned that the first Humboldt ever penguin born in the Philippines, named “Kaya”, has been given  a three-tiered frozen fish cake.  The cake-o-fish was placed in the penguin habitat at Manila Ocean Park to celebrate Kaya’s first birthday today in Manila, Philippines.  30 more words

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Adorable Humboldt penguin chick makes its debut at Calgary Zoo: 'We are helping save important species'

CALGARY — Officials at the Calgary Zoo are celebrating the debut of a Humboldt penguin chick as part of the facility’s breeding program.

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It’s a boy! Penguin chick born at Calgary Zoo

WATCH ABOVE: There is a new addition to the Calgary Zoo. A humboldt penguin chick hatched last month and Trish Exton-Parder from the Calgary Zoo joined the Morning News to talk about the new arrival. 123 more words