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Baby Humboldt Penguin Hat Trick

The Penguin Post has learned that this month, the Oregon Zoo welcomed three new Humboldt penguin chicks to their colony.  Zoo keepers say the penguins’ genders won’t be known until their first full veterinary checkup, which will take place in about three months. 145 more words

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The heron was looking none too pleased with the results of his attempts at poaching the penguins’ lunch –

The penguins were laughing at the heron – 219 more words

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Galápagos vs. Humboldt

3 days before I was due to leave ORCA I was prepping lunch for the sea-lions, whilst Connie and I were discussing all that had happened since I’d been there. 1,080 more words


Ralph The Penguin's Need To Keep Warm Makes Him Look Cool

As we all know penguins typically don’t need help staying warm, but the Penguin Post has learned that a Humboldt penguin named Ralph who lives in the United Kingdom with a rare condition has had a special wet suit made for him for when the temperature drops. 207 more words

Blessing The Penguin

In this photo by Bullit Marquez, Roman Catholic priest Jacob Gomes blesses a 4-month-old Humboldt penguin before it takes its first swim at the Manila Ocean Park in the Philippines. 145 more words

Penguin Gets The Right Trousers


The Penguin Post has learned that a baby Humboldt penguin had trouble standing properly after his parents sat on him a bit too enthusiastically when they were trying to keep him warm. 152 more words

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Penguins In Duck Country

The Penguin Post has learned that three penguin chicks at the Oregon Zoo have emerged from their nests and are now exploring their surroundings. The… 137 more words

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