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This is Penelope, a 4-month-old Beagle. She is very energetic and loves to play with new friends. She is available for adoption at the Sequoia Humane Society.

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This is Maggie, a Miniature Pinscher/Terrier. She is a shy 2-year-old dog and is available for adoption at the Sequoia Humane Society.

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This is Snow from the Sequoia Humane Society. She is a 2-year-old  white Husky with beautiful blue eyes and is available for adoption. Sequoia Humane Society

Animal Shelter

Rainy Day Must Haves

In Humboldt County everyone is anxiously awaiting the rain, but most of us who moved here from Southern California (where it rarely ever rains) aren’t prepared for it. 25 more words

Quick update, North of Carmel.

Quickie update because the keyboard ran out of battery power and the tablet keyboard has a mind of its own and makes stuff up.  I am convinced it also is aware when I am typing angry things about it, judged by its behaviour. 353 more words


Opioid use decreases in US states that legalize medical marijuana – study — Patients for Medical Cannabis

From RT New research shows a decline in the use of opioid painkillers in US states that allow people to treat pain with medical marijuana, affirming the fears of Big Pharma who have been vigorously seeking to frustrate efforts to legalize the herb.

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