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One of the opportunities I came across while on my trip south was working in Humboldt County. I fell in love with the Redwood Forests and violent ocean-fronts of this region in Northern California–which I only ever passed through as a child. 155 more words


Humboldt en Tenerife o una petición a favor de la libertad humana / Sus ideas sobre economía

En 1799, el gran científico Alexander v. Humboldt pasó poco menos de una semana en la Isla de Tenerife. Seis días, exactamente. Durante esta corta estadía, el último de los sabios universales estudió la isla, su geografía, economía, mentalidad, botánica, agricultura de acuerdo a los conocimientos que él tenía. 768 more words


The Big Bang: who first suggested it?

The phrase ‘Big Bang’ was coined in 1949 by astronomer Fred Hoyle as a label for a cosmological model of the universe, although one with which he happened to disagree. 998 more words

6 Month Delay

Hello skate addicts of tomorrow,

My name is Lumberjack Skater, aka InlineJack, aka Race. I have not posted a single thing since May of 2016 and even those posts were more of a portfolio builder which had nothing to do with inline skating. 159 more words

Inline Skating

Book Review: Measuring the World

by Daniel Kehlmann

(Die Vermesserung der Welt)

This novel is a double biography of two of the giants of science, Carl Friedrich Gauss and Alexander von Humboldt, fast-paced and told with irreverent humour. 840 more words


If You Want To Understand The Anthropocene, Become A Humboldtonian

A polymath, and an extraordinary scientist and explorer of remarkable breadth, Alexander von Humboldt  grasped the interconnectedness of the planet’s myriad ecosystems:

Humboldt was born during the era in which human beings stopped fearing nature and began to control it.

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