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05/24/15: Jones Ponders His First Gay Wedding, Top 5 Albums of All Time

With wedding season in full swing Jones anticipates the attendance of his first gay wedding, and fears that his innate “George Costanza-like” social awkwardness will lead him into numerous humiliating situations. 132 more words


Manila to Arcata bus commute: worth it?

Several weeks ago I rode my bike to work in what was supposed to be the start of a regular thing. But then friends wanted us to meet them at Richard’s Goat that evening and one thing led to another and then it was dark, so my husband gave me a lift in the car. 380 more words


Back but Forward

This year has been a whirlpool of decisions. We were adamant in staying put here in Los Angeles, deciding to just make a life.  But, Michael had applied to grad school in Humboldt County (our second home). 421 more words

'Tits,' 'Bitch' and 'POS': The Public Flogging of Kim Steele

“self proclaimed thug bitch”

“hope one of your trash junkie thugs takes you out before our tax dollars get wasted”

“dumb bitch. she should be in jail, not whining to lost coast.” 1,802 more words


Mini-crime spree in Humboldt, Sask., Carmel post office robbed

HUMBOLDT, Sask. – Mounties are looking for the suspects who went on a mini-crime spree in Saskatchewan Tuesday morning. Thieves targeted three businesses in Humboldt over a half-hour period starting at 5 a.m. 185 more words


CrowdRX Now Hiring 120 Licensed Nevadans

CrowdRX have already received 300 applications for the positions. 3 medical directors have been appointed. CrowdRX will have as many as 10 ambulances and 2 planes at the event “during peak times”, with one of the planes and a helicopter on standby. 598 more words