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The Monotony Funk - Feelings Friday 5/26/17

Times present themselves when the same-old monotonous days of your life become extremely tedious. You’re looped in a continuous funk. Drearily you think, “I can’t take much more of this.” Wondering to yourself, “How will I survive?” Each humdrum day runs into the next. 376 more words

5- Feelings Friday

I Hear That Silence Everyday

Amidst spent words, are left with me
Gaping chasms, of emptiness
Still echoes linger, of unspent spree
Which dares, my heart, in mind’s duress!

Forsaken all, in the quest of a soul… 80 more words


Odds And Ends

I step out of Laddu’s preschool and walk leisurely.

“Are you Laddu’s mom?” the little girl walking toward me asks. I nod, pleasantly surprised to be addressed that way. 487 more words


The Day ends...

A day mundanely flips away, bringing it to the night,
Which seems to darken in the very similar way.
Mind-numbing toil, the newness slackens off, 153 more words


Waiting for Inspiration

You watch every opening
The doors and the windows
Anticipating, but no
They’re not coming.
Keep humming and drumming, painting and pacing,
And keep going… 127 more words