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VIDEO: GoPro Spoof Of An Average Day At The Office

An amateur filmmaker in Toronto is making ends meet by working as a temp (read: boring office job). He decided to spice things up by wearing a GoPro camera to work one day. 97 more words


th(is) (si)lent no(is)e

this is

the tap, tapping on the keyboard

and this
… (over here)…..

is { silence }

the //pause[s]// between the tap, tapping… 154 more words


Prayer Against the Humdrum

Most High, glorious God,                                                                                                     enlighten my mind to receive the good teachings of the words of my professors,       although their speech is lined with the knowledge of your goodness,                                 they reach my ears in the most dullest fashion,                                                                           it is an injustice to speak of your blessedness in such a dismal manner,                                 I entrust that you have the power to do this, O God,                                                 because you live and reign through all ages. Amen.


Memories of Moonrise Kingdom...

“Sunday morning dawned a dreary overcast day..as humdrum as possible..
The absence of the warming glow of the sun felt us unpleasantly remarkable..
It remained overcast and we could hear the rain pelting the roof and patio.. 185 more words


The corpse of a grasshopper fried in the CFL light
Makes me think of the impermanence of life
Cracking on every small reason
Threatening to fall apart… 40 more words

Writing Capsule


Awry, staid, quiet happiness
No intensity or fierce emotions
Just plain and easy gratifications
Underlying taste of sickly sweetness

But, oh, the gaping hole at the centre… 49 more words

Arrested Pedestrian

Kodak Portra 160 VC

Accidental exposure during a harsh lit day, a detour off of King Street.