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10 Foodie Woes that will fry the living daylights out of you!

It’s amazing how people go all whacko when their hungry. Here’s our first post with some hilarious expressions to foodie app Customer Support.

Why haven’t I received an order confirmation message? 85 more words



I take my kid to the park all of the time. He is to rowdy, and being in the house everyday makes him very hyper. That’s where I am right now, the park. 646 more words


I am nearing the end and I have given my official end date to current job. It will be February 28th and then I might be bored . 178 more words



The trappings of one life,

The imprisonments of vocation

Paves way for the freedom

Time away from humdrum;

I ventured with excitement

Alive with vacational spontenaiety… 93 more words



After watered plants
and winding clocks,
stale sheets shroud us,
our lungs fill
with night-scented stock.

After stomachs
bare as kitchen cupboards
groan like the fridge, 47 more words



A town divided
over steam rising
on the pavement.

We’re all trying
to find a way
to make things work.

Always skipping
the adamant chapters, 46 more words


VIDEO: GoPro Spoof Of An Average Day At The Office

An amateur filmmaker in Toronto is making ends meet by working as a temp (read: boring office job). He decided to spice things up by wearing a GoPro camera to work one day. 97 more words