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You can't beat a bit of humdrum

I blinked, and missed February.

Seriously, I’m not quite sure I can remember a time when a month has disappeared so quickly, with so little to show for it. 663 more words

New Dog Learning Old Tricks

I was at Razoo’s!

All of a sudden I just had this idea to write a blog. Without threatening too much exposure of myself, I can say that reading and writing are my ways of venting and learning and projecting my thoughts. 164 more words


Hello, it appears I have a blog.

I’ve been considering getting a blog of some sort for a while now. Today I took the leap and entered the vast world of wordpress. I couldn’t tell you if it was the best blog host to sign my soul to or if it was even a good idea for me to board the blogger train. 444 more words


this pain takes me from myself
a bitter frozen shell
eaten with fatigue
angry with the humdrum
endlessness of it all
weary of weariness
forgetting joy

My Poetry

In the barn on the river

It’s the hum of drifting day
That gets me drumming into play
As the moon comes wandering in
Giving re-light to reflection
Watching the burden in my eyes… 40 more words

"Poetic Cultivation"



Welcome!  It’s been a while. How could I have lost touch with my celestial yearnings, that never ending, ever present love affair? But everything is somewhat at risk of being obscured behind veils of humdrum life and the eternal to-dos of a day… As are we… 88 more words


I long for stars

I long for stars,
look up and yearn for height,
and beauty.

Here in the humdrum
I am lucky if I get to dazzle… 91 more words