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Where the Heart Is

I have been in Canada for over 10 years but when I was talking to someone yesterday I still said ‘go home’ about visiting England. Home has a very special meaning. 561 more words


But Inside I'm Laughing

New shine civilisation.
Clean shirt, striped tied
Uniformed nation.
Gonna leave me here
Until I die.

Boot shine occupation
Bended knee to dead-boss Eye,
Emotional starvation. 18 more words


Popularizing Philosophy 0.1: Not Too Pedestrian (little MMA and Gaming on the side)

The word philosophy is used unsparingly from business people, fighters and, well, everyday folks. That’s good in some sort of way for the discipline to be popularized but sometimes it gets too “popularized”. 1,155 more words


Maine Rishton ko..

Maine risto ko nibhane ki bohot koshish ki…
Inhi rishto ko nibhane me kuch na raaz rakha..
Maine jisko bhi apna humdum humraaz kaha..
Jisse milke maine kuch raaz ki baaten boli.. 69 more words


Going Meta: A Manic Depressive on Levels of Thinking

Conversations for thinkers sometimes get very hard. This is especially when you don’t have people to talk to in the “meta” sense. 683 more words



Groceries are purchased. Laundry is mostly done. I’m chilling, listening to some music as I watch the videos on YouTube on the TV. Today it’s Harem Scarem and the Revolution Saints. 60 more words


Finding bliss in an average day

Today was, well, average. I woke up at 7 this morning and after wolfing down a rather large breakfast hopped in my company truck and headed to work. 109 more words

Life Lessons