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Just Keep Pushing Them Out, Jim!

I really do love this Countdown episode so much – and I keep hoping, dreaming and praying that a clean copy of it will be repeated on Rage when they do the January Countdown repeats. 205 more words

Simple Minds

Ordinary time

Now that both the holidays and my birthday are over, I’ve settled deep into ordinary time. On teaching days, I’m up before daylight and stay on campus until after dark, the… 117 more words

In A Humdrum

The Hum & the Drum

Oh, I do so hope humdrum days are ahead.

After a frenetic 5 weeks of holidays, family, scurrying this way and that, and doing everything but writing it seems, I am ready to settle down in my little Florida abode and wile away the solitary hours working like a fiend. 44 more words


The Happiness of the Humdrum

After a few days filled with grandchildren, gifts, food and drink, festive TV [ I particularly loved the programme about the new London Lego store ] ( 475 more words


The tag ends of days

Fridays are always busy:  a day devoted to an assortment of teaching tasks and household errands.  By the time I’ve picked up a Friday night pizza and unpacked the week’s groceries, it’s almost time for evening chores:  too late to do any serious work, but too early to collapse into a end-of-week coma on the couch. 64 more words

Life As Lorianne

So, what do you do for fun?

So, I started a new job and I’m getting to know the people I work with. Usual questions about where I’m from, where I’ve lived and the different cultures and lifestyles and all the usual “getting to know each other” things. 330 more words