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So I finally got the chance to have a go at this on my desktop and by God I still don’t get the hang of this.  193 more words



They say the first step is always the hardest, but once you’re past that you’re already halfway there. 127 more words


You ain't going anywhere

You ain’t going anywhere
Just keep getting closer to me everyday
Because that smile of yours binds me
Whole day keeps on reminding me
How wonderful it is to spend time with someone… 167 more words

"It's still Earth"

Some moments, I’m overwhelmed by the fact that we’re in a different country.  It’s harder to block out voices around me because they all have accents.   135 more words

Huh. So, Rehydrated Food Is Possible To Live On. 

Today, as I gingerly stepped on my scale to see if my daily “slip ups” (that’s what the Nutrisystem app calls them) could single handedly counteract the fact that for 7 days, I’d mostly eaten rehy drated foods and protein shakes, I was not optimistic. 319 more words


As I go to bed tonight, way before I need to, with my weekend to do list barely touched, I realize present Teach gives zero f&cks about how badly she screws future Teach.


10 Foodie Woes that will fry the living daylights out of you!

It’s amazing how people go all whacko when their hungry. Here’s our first post with some hilarious expressions to foodie app Customer Support.

Why haven’t I received an order confirmation message? 85 more words