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It's Not The Heat; It's The Humidity — 2 mins

It’s hot, and it’s getting hotter. Today it will be 39°C and tomorrow it’s going to be 42°C. And as I write this, we are still about three weeks away from the hottest 40 days of the year. 507 more words

Monday lullaby..

Ok do not let the title fool you.. it should if been called my game addiction. It’s been a hot humid Monday ..the humidity is bothering my chronic nerve pain… thankfully our bedroom air conditioner is in . 235 more words

Product Review: The New Protimeter Hygromaster L

In this review, I will be looking at the new Protimeter Hygromaster L (Lite) which is the latest fast response thermo-hygrometer.  I will take a look at the features and give a general overview of this device. 697 more words


Humidity and Colligative Properties

What the curriculum thinks you need to know:

PC_BK_17 Humidity, absolute and relative; including measurement
PC_BK_18 Colligative properties: osmolarity, osmolality, osmometry, diffusion

What you need to know (The theory):

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Summer's Back

We had company over the the weekend, so now, it’s a Kasia and Mom morning. We are getting back to our schedule, as Mom does the laundry and walks Kasia to keep her on her schedule. 127 more words

OSHW High precision calibrated digital air quality CO2, temperature, humidity, air pressure sensor board with UEXT connector

Analog gas and air quality sensors have quite negligent readings. They need special calibration to measure correctly.

This is why CCS811B digital air quality sensor by AMS is so interesting. 80 more words