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Unopened Folder

I was browsing through my computer in search of pictures I can use for a new blog posting.  I noticed a folder that hasn’t been opened in a year.  156 more words


Hair? Meet humidity.

Oh my GOD, Becky! Look at her hair. It is so BIG! It looks like one of those 80’s band ‘dos.

I mean, her hair….It’s just so CURLY. 233 more words

Big Hair

The Way You Cook In Winter

Remember my post in August —  Irish Potatoes? I shared how frustrating it can be to cook potatoes in Ireland. Solution? Just use one of these: 179 more words


Hiding From Dismal Days

The weather has been dismal for a few days now.

The sky is a dull grey color, which strangely resembles cigarette ashes.

There is daylight, but there is no sun to be seen. 63 more words


So much humidity

in my eyes

and in the flower.

I’m not perfect                                   and ditched                                   just because of that.


Ode To Southern Humidity

Anyone that lives in the south knows exactly what I mean. You probably just cursed silently, or even out loud thinking about it. For those of y’all that don’t know, a beautiful spring or fall day across the south can be ruined by a little (or a lot) of excess moisture in the air. 251 more words

Random Thoughts And Rants

Getting a good deal makes me happy!

Scored 4lbs of ground beef, two huge chicken breasts and a bag of spinach for less than $22.00! #GatewayMeatMarket

Unusually hot here today, feel like temps of 27C/80F, odd for Oct 9. 12 more words