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Katie Coyle--"Dream Girl" [The Short Story Advent Calendar #9] (2016)

[READ: December 6, 2016] “Dream Girl”

Near the end of November, I found out about The Short Story Advent Calendar.  Which is what exactly?  711 more words

Short Story

Caught With Their Panties Down: 23 Girls Share Their Most Humiliating Masturbation Stories

Found on AskReddit.

1. I squirted so hard it hit my laptop and my laptop died.

“I had propped my laptop up and had my back against my backboard going to town on myself with a dildo. 3,722 more words

Caught With Their Pants Down: 49 Guys Share Their Most Humiliating Masturbation Stories

Found on AskReddit.

1. Parents walked in on me four times.

“Jerking it like crazy, parents walked in and I hid it. They left, started jerking again and they walked in again and hit repeat about 3 times till I was like fuck it ‘LEAVE ME ALONE, IM HAVING A WANK.’” 7,819 more words

old winter falls

Old slushy pavement slips away
from my feet too quick. I reach
out for invisible support, afraid
I will catch someone
with my uncontrolled motion… 364 more words


Questions for women: Fantasy cuckolding!

Several women have written in saying they really enjoy fantasy cuckolding their husbands.  Here are a few questions for women who enjoy engaging in this activity: 140 more words

Small Penis

Responding With Love in a PC Culture

I have to admit that this aging dude has a hard time understanding today’s youth. And I have taught college since the early 90s. An upsetting experience I had with a Millennial last night has just added to my perplexity. 1,047 more words

A mistress should be viligant

I don’t always insist on breast forms, not all the time anyway. However, for any feminised male a bra, like knickers, is a mandatory item of underwear. 418 more words