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Outcast : That kid in the corner

I remember a time when I was young, eighth grade to be precise. I was at this boarding school.  A bunch of kids decided to leave the school that year and join some other schools in the next academic year. 307 more words


Expensive indulgence

It’s late and I just checked in.  I love hotel rooms when you first check in.  They feel so new, as if nobody has slept in them before you.   2,028 more words


October 25, 2016 — Nit and Grit


Sore throat that developed yesterday still very much there. Not worse. Not better. Could be my masochistic imagination. Please, let it be that.


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I'm A Sad Excuse

I don’t know even know how I should start this entry.

I’m just going to start ejaculating all the random annoyances that I’ve been struggling to find peace with. 601 more words


Sing for Me

A fragment of a novella-in-process.  Enjoy!


In the blind isolation of the hood, her gentlest touch startled me awake.  When she ran her palm along my belly, my aroused shiver led to whimpers as her hand traveled up my chest, nails circling each nipple before her fingers grasped my throat. 1,714 more words


Sticks and Stones

In my years as an HR professional, I’ve had many an employee come into my office, upset and distraught over a perceived mistreatment by their supervisor. 1,081 more words

Boss Bullies

Ryan Giggs Criticizes United Players For Swapping Shirts With Victorious Chelsea Players

Manchester United legend, Ryan Giggs, criticized Manchester United players for “swapping shirts and laughing” with their Chelsea counterparts after badly losing 4-0 at Stamford Bridge on Sunday. 428 more words

Red Devil