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Mounting Muhammad

Aloha Lovers!

Wowsa, talk about a week of ups and downs! We’ll get the downs out of the way first so unlike the last blog we can end on a happy note. 1,445 more words

A humiliating lesson

When I was a baby, my mother wanted me to do well in school, so she taught me to read. I caught onto it quickly. Most of what I remember from my early childhood is Nanay (mom) taking me to the library, where I would borrow tons and tons of books. 647 more words

Flavor of the Weak

Today’s readings (click below to open in new tab/window):
Psalms 56, 57, 58; 145, Joshua 24:16-33, Romans 16:1-16, Matthew 27:24-31

What is it about humiliating others that appeals to so many? 475 more words


trump the toilet boy

Disclaimer: This is pure fiction.  I wrote it for my own amusement.

I hate being late.  It’s unprofessional.  It leaves a poor impression on people who expect a Mistress to be precise and punctual (as one ought).   2,467 more words


Feeling Worthless

As a child I grew up feeling humiliated, ashamed and completely worthless; as a result I was filled with terrible anxiety all the time. In high school I ended up with a learning disability that no one could give me a definite diagnosis on but they were sure I had one so they stuck me in Special Ed just to be safe. 811 more words


Introducing the Cuckold Blog List and network

Today’s post is just a quick heads-up, and it’s about the

Cuckold Blogs Network.

It’s basically like this, there are various blogs which I enjoy reading, I frequent some of them more and some of them to a lesser extent. 124 more words

Small Penis

From Hawaii To Humiliation Ex-Hubby's Back (G-uno)

Just when you think you’ve been served a full plate at the “Karma Cafe” you find out that your also entitled to some just dessert. Folks we are not talking about pineapple upside down cake although upside down is a pretty accurate adjective for the state of Ex-hubby’s affairs. 321 more words