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The 'Perp-Walk' and The Symbolism of Mutual Humiliation

I first heard the term ‘perp-walk’ in connection with the trial of Dominic Straus-Kahn in New York. He was, you recall, charged with sexual offences against an hotel worker. 1,022 more words


Let’s face it, life is always embarrassing. And sometimes, you get caught in your embarrassing moments. Those moments; the ones where you lock eyes with the person that witnessed the unspeakable, and sit there, frozen, as your self-esteem slowly slips away from your body. 682 more words


Pride & Humiliation

The other day my friends and I were in the mood for some freshly made Churros loaded with sugar. So we piled into a car and headed to the Churro spot. 709 more words


Books for Trade:Bernard Montorgeuil, Barbara, Volume 2 Les jardins des delices des supplices: Editions Bel-Rose Rotterdam.1970

As the second part in my series I am listing a French edition, and from the limitation it is now obvious that the French edition differs from the German, in two ways, it is printed in calligraphic text from the manuscript, and is in a smaller limitation of only 500 copies as opposed to the German version of 1000. 529 more words

Books For Trade

A Quick Reminder

We had twenty minutes to make our reservation, and V hates being late. So having just finished a shower, I toweled off quickly before stepping into the room to fetch clothes from my bag. 1,254 more words

Female Dominance And Male Submission

Martin's Torment - pt. 02 (BDSM) The following day.

(continued from part 1)

Martin awoke to the sound of giggling.

He opened his eyes, and found that the lights were once again on in the large room. 9,329 more words


Martin's Torment - pt. 01 (BDSM) He went too far.

(written at the request of my good friend, Martin)

Strapped to the vertical table, Martin wondered what had happened to him.

Because of the full length mirror that he faced, he could see the tough leather straps that held him tightly to the table. 6,129 more words