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Waiting till the 4th of July

A little excerpt from a talking a few minutes ago.


part of me is dying to cum, to beg , to promise to do anything know matter how humiliating if you let me cum sooner yet part of me wants to be denied till that day so the record is set, which means the next record would be even longer. 44 more words


Do It in His Dirty Condom for Humiliatrix Princess Selena – WMV LO

It was emasculating when Princess Selena kicked you into her closet so you’d have to hear your real man rival do the job you’re not man enough to even dream about. 60 more words

Humiliation Fetish

Princess Tiffani needs a Clean Up Cuck – WMV HI

What a lucky piggy you are. After a party with the jockboy frat, our sorority house is totally trashed with our shredded panties, ripped up lingerie and sticky glooby XL condoms splattered all over. 74 more words

Humiliation Fetish

The Party - Finale

Bottoms up?  Ha ha you can probably imagine where things went from here.  In typical Dave style, he fucked every person in the room that night.  812 more words

The Party - Part 4

I lingered on my guy well after he was done, just coaxing any remnants of come out of him.  I did feel guilty for not being as attentive as I would have liked, but oh well.  992 more words

The Party - Part 3

My recollection of the rest of the party became hazy after my cream pie reverie moment with K.  That was definitely the height of my experience there I think — performing, at Dave’s command, for a group of strange men that did not… 1,047 more words

The Party -- Part 2

I was surprised at how non-plussed the guys were at what I thought were our stunning admissions.  They were really here to hang out with each other… 1,231 more words