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Pride & Humiliation

The other day my friends and I were in the mood for some freshly made Churros loaded with sugar. So we piled into a car and headed to the Churro spot. 709 more words


There were 2 verticle steel poles 12 feet tall,  part of the jungle gym installed by workcrews over the summer.  The same summer I discovered something very interesting can happen to my body when climbing a pole to the point of exhaustion, and more.   311 more words


De-Programing & Re-Programing

We as a society have assigned certain traits instilled in both men and women since the beginning of time. Men are suppose to be strong leaders, in charge, masculine and make all the decisions for the families while women are weak, serve as followers to their husbands and be secondary in life decisions. 2,574 more words

Antra's wild night 

Writer’s note: If you want to know what happened earlier in the night before this story begins, please read my earlier story “Antra the cum slut”. 2,672 more words

Young Girl

Relaxing is Probably the Most Painful Activity

There’s now a water park near my grandparents house. Everything is epic, except for this one slide that shoved my costume so far up my butt that it looked like my ass was eating toxic waste candy.

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It has been three months since my last depressive episode. That was the longest time I’ve ever gone without one. It returned today, along with suicidal thoughts. 167 more words

Getting Up for Breakfast

In an episode of Downton Abbey, Lady Edith is left at the altar, creating a life-changing, character-shaping moment. She must endures the pain of loss hopes and dreams, but the dramatic events have an audience which makes her humiliation public. 263 more words

Contemplative Life