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Ridding Weeds

By Mark E. Smith

Sitting on the porch with among my best friends, George, I drifted the conversation to what I’ve been dwelling on: the tiny weeds in-between the hundred-year-old stones of the walkway. 442 more words


First Things First

Advance humbly;
we all were once
squiggly beings.

© Chagall 2016


​Meek and Strong

Sometimes the weak become heros because they were wise and meek for long enough to achieve victory.

Sometimes the strong stumble when they forget that their strength had been upheld by wisdom and meekness.


High Bottom, Hard Luck, Low Life.

A near death experience will humble you.

I didn’t choose to overdose. I simply ingested the amount of drugs I thought would sufficiently anesthetize me from the emotions I was feeling in the moment. 1,096 more words


Lessons For Leaders

Teacher: Bishop Joseph Walker


1) There is a specific anointing for leaders.

2) Leadership is about influence.

3) If you are leading, someone must be following you. 279 more words


My Thought for the Day

Listening and learning from Christians past and present about who God is, what He is doing, and how He wants to relate to us is a good and healthy thing. 80 more words


After David’s fight with Goliath, he went home. This is the conversation that may have taken place between him and his father Ishai. It is a modern midrash. 231 more words