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Repent & Rest

When the people in the towns where he had performed most of his miracles did not stop sinning, Jesus gave them this severe rebuke (82): 266 more words

IF: I listen, can I hear You?

Yep, tonight’s horizon encapsulated how I felt at the end of the IF: Gathering 2016 this afternoon.

What an encouraging and challenging two days that highlight the love of God and the love of others. 248 more words


Believers do not pay the penalty for their sins, but they may pay the consequences.

Introduction (Revised 02/06/2016)
All born-again believers are aware that Jesus paid for every one of the sins we have ever committed or will commit, without exception. 2,588 more words

Short & Sweet Articles

5th Sunday--Which side of the Boat?

This gospel comes to my mind when I fish.  “Please Lord, tell me what fly to use, and where to cast!”  I have yet to hear a definitive answer. 564 more words


Sermon on the Mount: on the Our Father

This week’s Sermon on the Mount reflection is on the Our Father (Matthew 6: 9-15).


Here is how Christ taught the disciples to pray: 324 more words

Sermon On The Mount

Man’s Way vs. God’s Way

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There are two kinds of starting points – man’s and God’s. Man usually starts with big frameworks, with a big plant, machinery, structures, and so on. 375 more words


The Power of One

I do not believe when individuals are stereotyped with a single story that their spirits are defeated. Instead, they are challenged to overcome life’s adversities.   465 more words
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