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📖 : Romans 8:28-30

Confession: Psalm 91

Memory Verse: Psalm 56:11

God knows everything and has reason for everything that happens to His creation. God often allows adversity to happen to us. 384 more words

I Want to be Famous

There, I said it… I want to be famous!

When I started writing this, several weeks ago, I wrote the title as “I want to be great!” But I knew that wasn’t entirely honest. 493 more words

Spiritual Growth

Safe journey!

Oh darling, you must not know me

If you leave, it’s not because of me

If you stay, it’s not because of me

But because of your poor soul, who was unable to see the light in me… 181 more words


Realized InTent

Somehow this lovely day I be —
Through pride and through humility
Through independence with restraint
Through steadiness of good intent
In moving back into my tent… 95 more words


Q&A #2 - Humility...

Two Sundays ago, I preached the introduction to our series on Philippians…Joy-Unity-Humility. I shared about how Paul is calling the Church to live through the progression of Humility, Unity, and Joy ( 935 more words


Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … but it should be OK to lack humility when you’re not so great.


The Value of Humility

hu – mil – i – ty   n.  the quality or condition of being humble; modest sense of one’s own importance, rank, etc. 

Humility is an important value.  183 more words