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Be afflicted, and mourn

What comes to mind when you think of humility? Think of the actions or lifestyle of a humble person.

Is it graceful? Is it poised? Does it exhibit class and refinery? 450 more words



“Better a patient man than a warrior, a man who controls his temper

than one who takes a city.”


Proverbs 16:32


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quote from the NIV Bible


What’s Wrong With (Always) Being Right?

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy-in fact, sometimes, it’s real hard- but just remember that doing the right thing is always right. – David Cottrell… 587 more words


When Opportunity Knocks

Throughout my years in the workforce, I’ve had quite a few different jobs.  I really do have the utmost respect and admiration of those who hold the same position for decades with the same company/business.   1,708 more words


May 26.17 ethot

Micah 2:6 (1-13) “Do not speak out, so they speak out. But if they do not speak out concerning these things, reproaches will not be turned back… 594 more words


I Think She Needs Me

A couple of nights ago my sister-in-law stopped by to visit me and the kids after she brought my husband home from an event that they attended together. 519 more words


Living The Dream

I remember it as if it were yesterday,
Awkwardly attempting to connect,
Humor covering up the desire for respect.
Fear was met by boldness – objection. 407 more words