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Being A Toddler Again

I realized recently that Miriam and I have a lot in common. We both like doces (sweets), pasta, and watching cartoons. We are also both learning to talk, and it frustrates us! 672 more words



📖: Romans 8:31-39

At some point in life, we struggle with loneliness due to circumstances beyond oir control. We all know what its like to be lonely, if you’ve never experienced it, you might know someone who did. 625 more words


“The heavier the head of rice, the deeper it bows”

Japanese Proverb


Walking in Humility in an Age of Anger

“The most humbling thing one can do is to look upon how Jesus responded to suffering and mistreatment. His whole life was ordered around the attribute of meekness. 1,865 more words


DON’T ever be ASHAMED of your past.

You cannot control it

Your past made you who you are today

And your decisions will dictate who you will become tomorrow… 58 more words


Going the Extra Mile

“Going the extra mile” is a term that is sometimes used in everyday use as well as in business for motivation or inspirational purposes.  But many people do not realize the words were first spoken by Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount. 319 more words

What do our needs tell us?

‘You’re so needy!’

“Yep, and your point is?”

Why is it that we think something is wrong with us if we can’t do it all?  I can only speak for Americans.   596 more words