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Gang Stalking Controllers Equals Hate Filled Xenophobes. The Fourth Reich?

Like the great man said, “By their deeds ye shall know them”.

And who do gang stalkers hate? You have only to look at their targets. 370 more words


Why Do Gang Stalkers Target The “Upright Men?”

If only criminals admitted their crimes. If only gang stalkers would put their hands up and say who they are and why they are doing it. 620 more words


If You Are Not Paranoid, You Should Be

Gang stalking targets are subjected to behavior which would make any normal person paranoid.  When strangers in the street talk about your private life, when domestic and work tools are sabotaged the moment you take your eyes off them, when you meet bureaucratic obstruction at every turn and are conned and cheated repeatedly. 344 more words


Inverted Thinking

Let’s Just Say That The Conscious Mind Represents Logic Which Is Indicative Of Satan. Then The Preconscious Mind Represents Duality Which Is Indicative Of Lucifer. Last But Not Least The Unconscious Mind Represents Union Which Is Indicative Of God. 36 more words


Three Things About Psychological Warfare

Contradictions Is A Means To Which The Government Can Keep Secrets From The People They Routinely Target or Manipulate.

Remember The Government Plays


Devil’s Advocate… 224 more words


The Nine Types Of People

There Are Nine Types Of People Who Engage In These Satanic and Luciferian Stalking  Collectives

1. ​ Western Satanists

2. ​ Western Luciferians

3. ​ Islamists… 125 more words


Tossed Together Like A Salad

The really strange thing about this grape vine network which is an electronic, mind to mind, telepathy network which is not be confused with the other descriptions according to the rest of the general public.  380 more words