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Treadstone 71 Series of Intelligence Courses - FAQ

Who benefits from the Treadstone 71 series of intelligence courses?

Information technology and information security organizations are struggling to produce actual intelligence. Most of what is delivered as intelligence is in fact either data or at best, information. 913 more words

Cyber Intelligence

Counterterrorism (CT) and Applied Intelligence Course - December 2015

On 2-4 December 2015 Lowlands Solutions Netherlands (LSN) will be presenting a three-day, 26 hours, course on Counterterrorism (CT) and Applied Intelligence at the Park Hotel in The Hague, Netherlands. 67 more words


India cannot depend on its existing intelligence system

Does India need to restructure its national intelligence system? Will legislative sanction and oversight help define an individual agency’s mandate and promote inter-agency co-operation? These and other vital issues were discussed by a distinguished delegation of current and erstwhile intelligence officials at Observer Research Foundation on February 24. 803 more words

What the SAS aren't doing in the wake of the Paris attacks.

There’s a story in the Sunday Express today (you can read it here) which suggests that small teams of SAS men are working with ‘The Police’ (it doesn’t say which force or where) to provide additional security in response to the terrible events in Paris of the past week.   1,173 more words

HUMINT Videos and Podcasts

Thought I would share some videos and podcasts that I have recently listened to on the subject of human intelligence (HUMINT) collection and management. All the material is from experienced intelligence practitioners from the government side. 385 more words