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America's Torture Problem

Yes, I did change the name of my blog. I had fully intended the original name to be temporary until I thought of a better one. 996 more words

3-36 [Antipersonnel ops]: It is not so clean as the word "HUMINT" sounds

The intelligence has given the name for each categorical operation, such as HUMINT or SIGINT, though those names are not important but just a result of the sectionalism. 349 more words


U.S. Intel is Fighting Blind Against ISIS

AIM, by Pete Hoekstra, November 10, 2016:

Gathering intelligence about the plans, intentions, and capabilities of one’s enemies has always been difficult. The United States has always committed to do exactly that. 796 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Mark Collins - MI6: UK HUMINT Spooks Going Cyber, Including Social Media

It’s a brave new espionage world: MI6 to recruit hundreds more staff in response to digital technology Worldwide intelligence agencies increasingly rely upon internet and social media rather … 12 more words

International Relations

Mark Collins - The Scope of Canadian Forces' Intelligence Activities (including HUMINT)

Further to this post, Under His Thumb? Proposed Canadian Parliamentary Security/Intel Review Committee The prime minister’s thumb it appears… It is noteworthy that significant intelligence ac… 12 more words

International Relations

Mark Collins - Legislation Coming: Canadian Parliamentary Committee for Intelligence/Security Review (military included?)

Further to these posts, New Liberal Government on Parliamentarians and Security/Intelligence–Could be Worse Not Much Noticed: Canadian Forces Intelligence Command (plus HUMINT) one wonders whether … 14 more words

Canadian Politics

Human Intelligence bleibt wichtig

Human Intelligence bleibt wichtig

In ihrer Ausbildung würden Nachrichtendienst-Mitarbeiter zwar für diese Gefahren sensibilisiert. «Allerdings verpuffen die Warnungen unter Umständen schnell, wenn es ernst gilt.» Komme es zu einer potenziell problematischen Beziehung, sei es nur richtig, dass die Geheimdienstführung reagiere. 98 more words