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Mark Collins - Legislation Coming: Canadian Parliamentary Committee for Intelligence/Security Review (military included?)

Further to these posts, New Liberal Government on Parliamentarians and Security/Intelligence–Could be Worse Not Much Noticed: Canadian Forces Intelligence Command (plus HUMINT) one wonders whether … 14 more words

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Human Intelligence bleibt wichtig

Human Intelligence bleibt wichtig

In ihrer Ausbildung würden Nachrichtendienst-Mitarbeiter zwar für diese Gefahren sensibilisiert. «Allerdings verpuffen die Warnungen unter Umständen schnell, wenn es ernst gilt.» Komme es zu einer potenziell problematischen Beziehung, sei es nur richtig, dass die Geheimdienstführung reagiere. 98 more words


So It's Korobov

On Tuesday, the Defense Ministry announced that General-Lieutenant Igor Valentinovich Korobov (KOR-uh-buv) is the new chief of Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU.

Mil.ru carried a sparse press release. 506 more words

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With new disclosures in a letter from the Intelligence Community inspector general to the chairmen of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Foreign Relations committee, the Hillary Clinton email scandal has entered a new and precarious phase for the Democratic presidential candidate. 474 more words

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We had no asset in Saddam’s inner circle, says ex-CIA deputy director

A senior Central Intelligence Agency official, who led the agency as its acting director before retiring in 2013, has said that not having sources in the Iraqi government’s upper echelons led to the intelligence failure of 2003. 350 more words

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The Truth About SpyWar and How 21st Century Espionage Really Works

Espionage is a constant in human civilization. Spying features prominently in the Old Testament and it’s often called the “second oldest profession” with good reason. The ancient Chinese sage Sun Tzu wrote eloquently about the strategic importance of… 1,733 more words