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Song of the Flute

The song of a flute
lingers in the air.
A bird copies its sweet
refrain, soon others
capture the song and
the floresta is filled… 74 more words


Flower Garden - Part III - Pentas

Here comes my most favorite flowering plant. The PENTAS. No words are enough to describe the beauty of this flower. Just go and get hundreds of them.. 83 more words


Today . . . I Found An Empty Nest

On April 7th, I went up our hill in search of soursop fruits (Annona muricata), but found none.  However, what I did find was a strange looking “soursop” hanging at the end of a limb which turned out to be the nest of a hummingbird. 315 more words

Nature & Gardening

दुनियां की सबसे नन्ही चिड़ियाँ

Humming bird का नाम तो आपने सुना ही होगा. यह दुनिया की सबसे छोटी चिड़ियाँ होने के साथ साथ अपने पंखों को सबसे तेज़ गति से फड़फड़ाने वाली चिड़ियाँ भी है. 23 more words


113/365 - Humming Bird

Taken in Barbados, great fun to watch and to try and photograph.


Trochilidae, Humming Bird

Rufous, Selasphorus rufous

A work horse of epic proportion.  Heart rate of better than 1200, life span of approximately 6.5 years, wings flapping around 50 times a second and travels far twice a year in migration.  113 more words


WordPress do the photo theme each Wednesday and I like to participate. I enjoy having my page filled with varied and interesting topics.

The theme today is awakening, renewal. 81 more words