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Day 35 - Humming Bird #2

I’m still challenged with these little buggars.  The image isn’t completely sharp, could be due to shallow DOF and being so close shooting through a window.   23 more words


Day 34 - Humming Bird

The most ‘uninteresting’ picture of a humming bird.  We got a feeder and our two year gets excited about the humming birds.  I’ve tried to capture it, but those li’l suckers are elusive! 44 more words


Hummingbird Cake - Southern Living

Since the Hummingbird Cake recipe originally ran in 1978, it has become the most requested recipe in Southern Living history.

Source: Hummingbird Cake – 6 Ways with Hummingbird Cake Recipes – Southern Living


Project 6 Collage

I never got around to posting my sixth project from the first semester of Design. I simply forgot. But here it is! This project began with randomly selecting a line of poetry. 141 more words

Advanced Art

Hand Carved Hummingbird Necklace

This stunning humming bird necklace was hand carved from a piece of juniper. It has a clear coating which brings out the rich colors of the wood’s grain. 10 more words


Video: A humming bird at home in Guatemala

I was just sitting down to lunch at the home I’m staying at in Antigua, Guatemala, when a hummingbird stopped by.

That’s when I got my camera, in case the humming bird stopped by again. It did.


Hand Carved Wooden Hummingbird Walking Stick

This lovely walking stick features three beautiful hummingbirds and a lovely Morning Glory vine wrapping around the frame of the scene. It has a clear gloss finish that brings out the natural colors of the wood grain. 33 more words