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Description from photographer if any:

humming bird attracted to Impatiens Capensis aka jewel weed aka “touch me nots” …

By pkwicki

Source: 500px.com


Is It a Bird?

Look, up in the sky!

Is it a bird?… no

Is it a plane?… no

Is it Superman?… no

It’s a moth that looks like a hummingbird!


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Butterflies And Moths


Stachelschwein was a little porcupine who had just been informed by his Biology teacher he was a rodent. Blurrgh! Indignantly, he exploded, ‘Rodents are uggghy rats, I’m not one of them!’ and stormed out of class. 850 more words

Once Upon A

Animals | Humming

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Description From Photographer if Any:

I am not to keen on specie type of humming birds, but it was a real pleasure to catch a few. 88 more words


What are You Looking at?

I really think this guy was trying to tell me something with the tongue.   LOL

More Photos of the Humming Bird Bathroom

That arched alcove that the Victorian claw-foot tub sits in, and the walls around it and over it, took me about five hours to paper. ! 45 more words