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Fresh water and sunflower seeds

Give the birds fresh water daily and sunflower seeds (not the mix) , and they will come. Add a few red salvia and hummingbird feeders (don’t use the red dye) for the hummers. 22 more words



Hummingbirds are beautiful. This was my first attempt at photographing hummingbirds in motion.  Will definitely post an update for the next batch.


Ten tips on how to take hummingbird photos

Having spent the better part of the summer obsessing over these little birds, I don’t consider myself an expert, but I offer what I’ve learned so far about photographing them. 1,416 more words

Hummingbird migration 2014

The hummingbirds are in the last stages of their migration back to Central America.  Since July my yard has been like an air raid zone with hummingbirds buzzing around the seven feeders and by the ones guarding feeders chasing the others around. 337 more words