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on coming home

Having been home long enough now to sleep normal hours, I have come to a few conclusions about coming home.

As anyone who has gone hostel-jumping before knows, there are a lot of corners of the backpack that people just don’t talk about; like that you feel dirty more often than not, and that if stretching free breakfast until dinner were an Olympic event, you would win gold every time. 156 more words



So good, so easy – make this and you won’t regret it. Vegetarian and gluten-free per usual!

Cook time: 25 minutes

Serves: 4


  • 1+ box of uncooked spaghetti (I use quinoa spaghetti for gluten-free)
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Beetroot Hummus

Have you ever wondered what all you could make with the vibrant, healthy and bright colored beetroots? All these years I was only aware of the simple – boil, salt and temper recipe of this nutritious vegetable. 260 more words


Quick Hummus Sunday.

The countdown for my next trip has begun.

Countdowns make me nervous.

And when I’m nervous I eat.

Last night. Maxi and I were playing cards (I know it sounds lame but we love it) and it was too early to think about dinner. 237 more words


The search begins: Amsterdam

We set off from London Victoria on an arduous coach journey to Amsterdam. It was overnight so there want much eating involved but we did snack on… 129 more words


State Fair-Inspired Fried Cauliflower

Five o’clock was rolling around. A cauliflower was taking up too much room in the fridge. Outdoors and in, it was HOT — in the high 90s and there was no way I was going to turn on the oven or even boil water. 688 more words


Leftover Veggie Burger Wraps

Is it just me or is there always some kind of leftover dinner from the night before? This isn’t a ground breaking idea but it’s so versatile! 94 more words