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Jalapeno Lime Hummus without Tahini

I used to believe I wasn’t crazy about hummus. I later found out I was crazy about hummus. It was the tahini I wasn’t crazy about. 74 more words



    – May 23, 2015 –



This recipe is really special to me, since is one of my first vegan recipes. The flavour is incredibly similar to the classic hummus, but it doesn’t have any chickpeas which is great as an alternative to some people that doesn’t want to use chickpeas or just wants to make a raw hummus recipe. 120 more words


Israel’s obsession with hummus is about more than stealing Palestine’s food

When Israel expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their villages and homes in 1948, many left with little more than the clothes on their back. 966 more words


Three Sides for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is upon us. For many that means an excuse to have family and friends over for a BBQ. While that is certainly one way to spend the extra day of the weekend, there are plenty of individuals that don’t enjoy this holiday. 936 more words


Serendipitous Baked Eggs with Hummus

I remember the first time I tasted hummus, it was probably about 20 years ago and the only place you could get it was from the the Middle Eastern caf in the arcade, both now long gone. 805 more words

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Lemon Poached Salmon on a bed of Black Olive Hummus (serves 2)

Lemon Poached Salmon on a bed of Black Olive Hummus (serves 2)

I found some amazingly cheap wild salmon the other day – $6.99 a pound on sale versus $16.99! 83 more words


Caramelised Leeks with Chickpeas, Red Rice and a dollop of Hummus

I’m slightly obsessed with red rice at the moment! It is on the more expensive side at £1.99 for 500g but if you mix it with plain rice too it makes it more affordable. 19 more words

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