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Random 5 for September 15 – Makeup, smells, old days, mice, winter

No makeup look – Lately a lot of celebrities are sporting a “no makeup” look. I was interested because that’s me almost all the time. Since I’ve retired there is no point in clogging my pores. 357 more words


Limerick X

 There was an old man named Ron
He was as silly as others were strong
He drank like a sink
And fell in the drink - … 9 more words

Confidently Now

Confidence is a powerful feeling. It washing over you and into your very being. Confidence changes your posture, your voice, and your style. Confidence can be an amazing thing. 205 more words


Random Word Generator Inspired Post: Rehabilitation

So periodically I like to see what gets dredged up from the mental depths with a post inspired by the first word out of a random word generator. 660 more words


A Baker's Dozen of Themed One Liners

When you get people sending you jokes, you rapidly get a collection. Like all collections sometimes you get some patterns and groups. Variations on a theme. 275 more words


OMG, a funny Fat Guy!

For anyone needing a “trigger warning”: Look you stupid twat, go somewhere else, this isn’t for you. I was “the fat kid”, so STFU. Now, with them out of the way: 12 more words