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"Dear Martha"

An “alt-right” demonstrator gets the Ken Burns treatment.

(I did not produce this video.)


Soap Opera Or Suds Everywhere

We had a small accident in the house today.  Someone, who shall remain nameless, decided to do a lot of laundry.  This same person, who sorted the laundry into piles of white, cream, pale colors, dark brown, dark blue, greens, yellows, blacks and greys plus I’m sure more piles also decided to leave the cap loosely on the detergent.   172 more words

Whims And Wonders

Beach Therapy

We are just returning from a much-needed family vacation. The last one was 9 years ago. We weren’t in the door 12 hours before I received a call that my brother has passed away.  511 more words


Some Limericks

I’m fucking exhausted after a long day of travelling and walking and bus rides to Germany and back. As a result, please find today’s entry to be a little short, sweet, and funny. 373 more words



Everywhere I’ve ever lived has been dirty and full of bugs. Most buildings are full of insects which, because people and insects are a relationship non-starter, we try to ignore and when that fails to work, we spray, poison, swat, and squash. 393 more words


That's What They Called Me in College - Audio

Some nicknames are better than others. Here’s an audio version of the story that’s what they called me in college. Hope you like it – Barry… 7 more words

Shouldn't We Be On Mambo Number 6 By Now?

At a lavish party the host calls for silence as he makes an announcement..

He says:

“To the first person who can swim from one end of my swimming pool to the other I will duly award them the sum of one million dollars but there’s a twist! 87 more words