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To The Manor, Forlorn

“We’re definitely lost,” Sally groaned as the path yielded yet more seemingly identical trees, “Let’s just go back.”

“We’re not lost,” argued Matt irritably, “if we keep following this path, we’ll definitely get to the Manor” 382 more words


Chalkboard Art #15

New York City streets are filled with a lot of things: people, dogs, trash, mysterious things you’re better off not knowing what they are…but my favorite things NYC sidewalks offer are Chalkboard Art.


Prisoners May Trade Get Out Of Jail Free Cards for Student IDs

Time for a pop quiz on current events, kiddies.  Which of the following statements is true?

  1. It costs a boatload of money to go to college…
  2. 888 more words

Tales from an Empty Bar

If we were having a beer, we would both be enjoying the music for a change while we waited for the bartender. Tom Petty – “ 722 more words


I Think I'm Allergic to Allergies (Caution: This post may contain gluten & nuts)

Why is everyone allergic to everything? And why hasn’t modern medicine fixed these allergies? When I was a kid everything was made of gluten and nuts. 656 more words

The Phil Factor

Dogs and Babies

mostly fun video of dogs interacting with babies – though I’d question the wisdom of the parents who let their toddler persistently try to pull the food dish away from their dog while it was eating !