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Randbow Revisits: XXX: State of the Union (2005)

After I finished the first XXX, Netflix suggested I watch the sequel. How was I to say no? Netflix knows my innermost thoughts and desires, so I capitulated. 378 more words


Random Thoughts from J. Awkward Prufrock

Man, I’ve really been sucking at the blogging thing lately!

Actually, I’ve just been sucking lately.

I used to write and do things (like my job…sometimes…occasionally) out of my office, but now my company is in the middle of weird and drawn out relocation process, so I am working out of my apartment. 770 more words



Back in the golden olden days, hope had two meanings: “wished for” and “expectation,” the latter meaning being (mostly) obsolete though we still use it. For example, “I would hope your future plans include a college education” which from a parent really means “I expect you to go to college, young lady!” 161 more words


Obama Creates a Military Only the Enemy Could Love

Tacitus, quoting Calgacus, wrote that Rome “makes a desert and calls it peace.” Today, in the United States, Barack Obama ruins an institution and calls it a legacy. 231 more words


Faith in Humanity 

It started as a comedy of errors… I wanted to rent the latest movie coming out and I was too impatient to wait until it was less popular and more readily available. 305 more words


Command Shrapnel and the Collateral Damage Dog

Admit it.  Most dogs are badly trained.

Actually I should say that most if not almost all owners are badly trained and their dogs show it as a result. 1,147 more words