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When You Find Something New

The four-footed one has discovered face cloths.  Wet face cloths to be exact.  I should back up a few steps and explain a bit.  It’s been very hot here.   245 more words

Ned the Tree Frog: A Fable

The Fable

Ned was a tree frog who lived in a bush.

All the other tree frogs lived in big trees in the forest, but Ned had a fear of heights. 244 more words


Being An Idiot Requires Idiocy

WORDS FROM W.W.                                                      July 18, 2018


I’ve done a few things in my life that required me to be a citizen of the land of Stupid! 706 more words

Postage Stamps

Recently, I bought a card to send to a good friend of mine who lives in Denver, Colorado.

Shirley was diagnosed with double cancer about two years ago. 447 more words


Taking My Bible

A story is told about a young man who came into town all dressed up, carrying a suitcase in one hand and a Bible in the other. 95 more words

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