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I Got Old Without My Knowledge

The craziest thing happened to me last weekend. I got mistaken for an old person. I’m not entirely sure how that happened, honestly, because I only feel 25. 765 more words


Mind Your Business, Married People 

We begin today with a video.  For some of you, this will be a refresher, but for others it will be brand new.  Either way, this is a great way to start your week, in my humble opinion.   938 more words


Protect Your Aesthetic Health: Clean Out the Make Up Bag

Experts recommend that you clean out your medicine cabinet once a year, to make sure there is nothing in there that might be past its expiry date and more apt to cause harm than good. 394 more words


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More than One Kind of Graduation

There were no senior parties or prom nights.

There was no need to find a pretty dress.

But having completed three classes/days at the Stitching Post in downtown Lexington, Virginia, I am now a crochet graduate! 224 more words


Party Crashing Parson

At some point, romance is the catalyst of many a fall from grace. The higher the starting point, the more spectacular the tumble can be. Of course, some people on this goofy planet are just constitutionally unable to be graceful, no matter what the circumstances. 31 more words

Human Nature