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The sweetest gift

I currently have 4 pears sitting in my fruit bowl as I patiently await their ripening.

My lovely munchkin doesn’t like pears but when they are handed out at school for a snack or with her school lunch she tucks them away in her lunchbox to bring home to me. 170 more words

Eating on the Road. It's a Bitch

I am fortunate to have a really kick ass job. I work in medical device sales, which allows me to work unsupervised, make great money, and reap endless benefits. 315 more words


Excuses and Commitments 

So if anyone is still reading this…thank you.

I apologize to my fan base of 7. I had a tumultuous August which spiraled into several months of being lost and depressed. 491 more words


5 Reasons Why Guys are Skeptical of Using Essential Oils

Reblogged via Hannah Crews

“Let’s state the obvious here. Guys are so different than girls.

Maybe that’s why opposites attract, why iron (man) sharpens iron (woman), why a husband and wife balance each other out in a marriage. 1,443 more words


Understanding Blogging Techniques

  • Diversify – Blogging isn’t so much about laying out your life experience in terms of object lessons and a platform for religious testimonials.  Now, it’s about diversity!
  • 600 more words
Behaviour And Conduct

Commitment: A Culturally Defined Word

If you grew up in the US like I did, you most likely heard commitment synonymized to words like nausea, full-out sprint, and death. Its urban dictionary definition ranges from “sticking with something long after the mood you have said it in has left you” to “Something men are frequently afraid of; proposal of this will most definitely end a relationship.” Right around the time I was learning algebra I was also learning that double texting could lead to a restraining order and tag had been the opening act for the much more intense dating game we like to call the chase. 1,761 more words


Nothing Stinks About It

Where do I begin to share those amazing times we had as a family with our sweet young children? Yes, the pictures show a glimpse but some of the more memorable moments weren’t captured with photography. 354 more words