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My life

so I’ve been MIA because I’ve been sick. Having the plague makes me not make words…see? Totally did not do that on purpose. Anyways, the whole clan has been sick basically so it’s been me trying to wrangle people and keep them from infecting my parents … Who I swear started this. 75 more words

Mental Health

When the Garbo Looks at Your Trashcans and Says Uh, No.

Yesterday, I flexed my biceps and actually sweated while cutting down an overgrown forsythia bush in our sideyard. There are actually two bushes over there and I had intended to cut them both down, but reality. 448 more words

Burning Woman Hair

Darth Vader

the girl: mommy my Darth Vader hurts

Me: what?

The girl: I hurt my Darth Vader

Me: oh ok. Where’s your Darth Vader …

(Insert pause) 21 more words


Iggy, Ready For His Closeup.



“HA HA!”


“I am a photobombing GOD!”


“What, mortal?”

It doesn’t count if you were supposed to be in the picture. 18 more words



so my mom joined us for dinner one night and the kids were so excited. They started acting like barn animals, my son was a duck and my daughter a frog. 86 more words


Church makes you smell better

me: …I got a crick in my neck

The girl: on your neck? You need church to make you feel better

Me: yes I do need to go to church. 34 more words