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Hi again.

“Hey Karen?”

Yes, Iggy?

“Can we say hi to the reader people again? It’s been a really long time.”

Oh, wow, you’re right, it has. I guess I haven’t had time lately to — Muppet! 288 more words


About Bicycling

This past Saturday, I saw absent-minded bicycling in action. I was leaving Pittsburgh after OCD therapy. On the way out of Oakland, I drove by a bicyclist heading in the opposite direction. 200 more words

7 more things you didn't know about me

I did one of these a while back called 10 Things you didn’t know about me and it was quite fun.

I’ve shared a lot about myself since 2014 when Inner Ramblings went live but there are many layers to me that only a chosen few will really ever get to see. 1,202 more words


Everyone’s been infatuated with someone at one time in their lives. Maybe even more than one person. I’m no different.

His name was Danny. I first met him – no, scratch that. 947 more words


I splurged without remorse...

Last Wednesday (March 23), I got a ridiculously overpriced manicure and pedicure at very upscale salon. Why? Well, clearly I’d lost my mind, but wait, I can explain!!! 1,028 more words

One Ticket, Please

This Sunday is Valentine’s Day. In the spirit of the holiday, I’ve decided to share this story. It takes place on Valentine’s weekend a few years ago. 575 more words