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Flash Fiction: Everything and The Kitchen Sink

AN: This is an absurdist flash fiction piece I wrote based on the Reedsy short-story prompt “he glared at the kitchen sink in fury. 670 more words


Must Love Like Tolerate Dogs

At the beginning of any relationship, there is often a carefully orchestrated release of information to make yourself seem more attractive to your potential partner. 852 more words


An Open Letter To the Bitch Who Steals My Treadmill

Dear Runner Whore,

While I appreciate the fact that you typically serve as a marker that I’m 1/3 of the way through my workout with my trainer, I do not appreciate that you insist on taking my treadmill. 209 more words


You Better Work Bitch

So I’ve been with the nutritionist for like a month now, and despite being imperfect and an alcoholic, my eating has gone through a dramatic change. 227 more words


Yogurt is a FUCKING Scam

I did a thing where I finally sought out assistance to get my fucking eating under control. After a breakup you eat nothing, so you look great but combined with slowly starving yourself and drinking practically every night, your skin looks like shit. 480 more words


Heartrate Elevation

I’ve been avoiding working out because I was under the assumption that my constant elevated heartrate due to our president would be enough to keep me fit. 319 more words


Elliptical Shit Talking

If you’ve read a single entry on this blog, it’s safe to assume you know I hate Satan’s gym equiptment aka the elliptical. I find the elliptical to be incredibly dull, but it turns out when you have ACL surgery, running can still be painful 8 months later. 253 more words