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Will Write for Views (and Money)

Hello lovely people. I have a new post coming on Sunday or Monday, but I’m a liar so that could be entirely untrue. (Jk working on more entertainment for you (awesome) bitches.) I made a blog post about a month ago called “How to Trap a Guy in 10 Ways” and it has been my most popular one. 43 more words


Bedside manner

so my daughter was playing doctor when she comes over to me to give me a check up. Now I’m laying down in bed rather cranky and magenta-y from an argument the mister and I just had. 45 more words



so I’m in bed chillaxing while my hubby is sleeping next to me. I’m minding my own beeswax when my the husband pulls a Ray Barone and screams out… 104 more words


Iggy Awakens

Hi Iggy!

“Hi Karen!”

I see you were sleeping while I was out.

“Wow! You always know! How do you do that?”

It’s a gift. 38 more words


The Vagina Monologues

I am not an actress. I prefer writing over most things (aside from sleeping, eating and dressing my dog up in cute outfits). The last time I remember auditioning for any sort of play was in the 8th grade. 578 more words




Welcome back, Karen. I thought that for today’s training session, we’d see if we can’t get Iggy to calm down when he sees other dogs. 431 more words


the end is nigh

A blog a day

Having written a blog a day

for several weeks

I have come to the conclusion that this is unrealistic

I apologise for the recent lack of quality… 18 more words