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life happens

This week has been totally chaotic, far too much to do, and of course no time at all to do it in.

As they say, life happens while you are making other plans. 310 more words


smoking demons

I am a smoker

There are not many of us left

Most of us have died

I started smoking in my youth when it was really in and really hip and really cool baby! 662 more words


a spot of zen

People often tell us that a spot of meditation is good for us.

The trouble is always to find any space in our crowded daily lives to do a spot of meditation. 786 more words


And how was your day?

“Hi Karen!”

Well, hello, Iggy!

“Welcome home!”

Thank you!

“Know what I did today?”

What did you do today?

“Nothing! Oh, wait, I stuck out my tongue.” 149 more words


spring is sprung

Spring is one of my favourite seasons, when the young goddess awakes and starts to rise in all the green shoots and little flowers, when the air smells sweeter and the earth warms her face basking in the returning sun. 576 more words


orthorexia nervosa

Are you a normal healthy human being, and do you like to eat good food?

I recently, well yesterday, discovered a quite disturbing article on Facebook about an all new foodie illness, specially designed for us health food freaks called ‘orthorexia nervosa’ which basically means being obsessive about healthy food. 859 more words



“Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no, no.”


“No no no no no no no no no–”


“Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod no no no this is all wrong no no no no–” 56 more words