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Your name in print? Hmm, maybe a bad idea!!!!

Have you always wanted to be a published writer? Have you always fantasized about being famous — seeing your name in print? Well here’s a good reason why that’s probably a bad idea! 38 more words

It's Friday, go play!

So I’m trying to write a post and this happens…

Munchkin, can you please be quiet I’m trying to think!

Mommy, I’m just playing, besides thinking is not good. 133 more words

Where do you put your stuff?

Are you organized or free-spirited in your decorating style?
How do you feel when you visit someone’s home?
Does such a visit inspire you to make changes in your home or are you just relieved to be back in your own space? 37 more words

Short Stories

New Yorkers

New Yorkers are walkers,
Straight-shooters, fast talkers.
We hustle, we bustle,
Burn both ends of the candle.

Sneaker-clad we climb stairs,
Dash for buses without fear. 238 more words

I wish it was Sunday...

Let’s see a show of hands of all the lovely people out there who love Mondays!  Anyone? Anyone? Yeah,  I didn’t think so… 😔

Song: 16 more words

Monday Mania

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Just For Laughs...

Hello lovely people,

It’s finally Friday!!
Looking forward to the weekend and I’m sure you are too.

Thought I’d switch things up a little bit this week so here’s a bit of TV humor. 16 more words

Short Stories