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A surprise for Iggy.

“What are we doing here?”

It’s a surprise, Iggy.

“Steak! It’s steak!”

It’s not steak.



“Can I eat it?”

No. Now hush.

“Phooey.” … 102 more words



so today was awesome….I got 3 glorious hours of free time. I hired our babysitter and ran out the door. Well, when I came back our babysitter had a funny story to tell me. 102 more words



So we are looking for vacation spots when this conversation happened:

The husband: ….with free boat slip. What does that mean?

Me: it means if you have a boat you can slip it in….there… 15 more words


the shift

So I get up it’s almost five, it’s time to work the morning shift, I do not really feel alive the suns not up I make my lunch and watch the sky for signs of light, it’s raining hard, again… 439 more words


Little Lucifer

Arachnophobia is defined as:

I believe I have this. I am not a doctor, nor have I gone to a doctor to confirm, but I fucking hate spiders. 794 more words


It's the silly things 

my husband and I have a good marriage. We enjoy the silly things in life…as I’ve mentioned before. So with that in mind I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family: 111 more words


Iggy, snuggling.

“I like when you’re home.”

I like it too, Iggy. This is nice.

“Yeah. This is much better than when you’re at work and there’s nobody here and I’m sad and bored and have to try to chew on the cats to get my mind off how lonely I am.” 103 more words