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Has this ever happened to you?


Read a post.
Understand nothing you read.
Never mind that, you’ll comment anyway.
Kiss,  💋💋💋💋. I love your post!!!!  LOL. 81 more words

My breakup song!

Hey Monday!
I’ve told you time and again that I don’t want to see you anymore, but you keep coming back!
What part of “It’s over!” don’t you understand? 32 more words

How do I fix this?



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12 things your grandparents said…

From the archives – December 2014:

When you are very young, forty seems ancient and grandparents are, of course, so old they are practically another species. 1,284 more words


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When my body is still And my mind is allowed to drift aimlessly, I remember the good old days When dad told stories Which began with the phrase, "I remember when... " Say hello to Sue Vincent. She is one of our loyal followers and her post below sent me down memory lane as she compiled quite an entertaining list of the things our grandparents said that seemed ridiculous then but are so true now that we're older. Hop on over and show your love. Enjoy! 🌷 October 15 2016 (Showcase Reblog)

A talk with my dog

Doggy,  you and I need to have a conversation.



My Dog:
Yes,  I’m listening…



See,  I just cleaned the house on Sunday,  plus gave you a bath, and already there’s dog hair everywhere! 343 more words

The Scissor Monster


It’s Sunday morning and I’m awakened by the following questions from my 4 yr old daughter:

Mommy, what happened to your hair???!!!

What do you mean?

365 more words