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Marc Jampole: Six characteristics of stand-up comedy that define Donald Trump’s rhetorical style

Trump acts and talks like a stand-up comic, but the joke is on the American people

At first listen, Donald Trump’s speaking style when he eschews the teleprompter seems chaotically free form, as if he tossed a few dozen tweets and sound bites into one of his “Make America Great Again” caps and picked a few out, one at a time, not bothering to supply connective material or an overarching direction.  2,178 more words

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Video: Clio Cresswell -- Mathematics and Sex

Mathematics and sex are deeply intertwined. From using mathematics to reveal patterns in our sex lives, to using sex to prime our brain for certain types of problems, to understanding them both in terms of the evolutionary roots of our brain, Dr Clio Cresswell shares her insight into it all. 150 more words

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Molly Fisk: The View from Here

It’s been a while since I’ve had occasion to see the human form, male version, naked, from behind. Luckily, this circumstance was remedied over the weekend, when I went to the coast to house-sit for some friends who live in a little beach town. 502 more words

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Video: Mr Blue Footed Booby

From the director: “This short film is an invitation to a lucid dream. Let’s take dinner together!”

Written and directed by Gino Imagino

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Video: The Addams Family dancing Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones

For a brief moment, forget the hurricanes, the threat of nuclear war, the fires burning in LA, Montana, Washington, DC and the hearts of white supremacists. 33 more words

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Video: Charles Bukowski's Crappy Life

“I’m such a spoiled old toad … I was blessed with a crappy life.” — Charles Bukowski in 1993

One afternoon, Bukowski sat down to record the audio version of his classic, … 58 more words

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Video: Nazi vs. Nazi

Small Town Tricks Neo-Nazi Marchers Into Raising Thousands Of Euros To Combat Extremism.

In preparation for an upcoming neo-Nazi march in the small Bavarian town of Wunsiedel, … 104 more words

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