Tags » Humor And Satire

Doug Anderson: You in the Mercedes

You in the Mercedes with a phone
clamped to your ear
honking at the farmer who’s had
the temerity to drive a tractor,
slowly, in a no-passing zone, 81 more words

Social Justice

Charlie Brice: Soulium

Having doubts about why you are alive,

why things happen as they do,

why religious fanatics burn people alive,

take off heads, shoot unarmed cartoonists, 268 more words


Video: Jack Kerouac -- "McDougall Street Blues"

Jack Kerouac speaks while Steve Allen plays jazz piano. With video clips of New York City in the 1950’s and 60’s. A beautiful piece of collaborative work capturing the mood of an era.

Opinion Leaders

Jose Padua: My Obsessive Compulsive Order

When not done properly a simple action can have incredible consequences:
sometimes I have to touch things twice, sometimes I have to close a door… 218 more words


Doug Anderson: That Old Shakespearean Rag

Call me “u” one more time I’ll smear spittle
across the lead sky of your impoverishment.
Go ahead, bear-bait me at the edge
of this blood-clotted age with all the gimmie… 224 more words


Jose Padua: Joy

“I have a wee-wee,”
my daughter would
say when she was
two and then she’d
look at me and say
“you have a wagina.”
She knew it wasn’t… 28 more words