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Richard St. John: Pluto 2

After the action of the International Astronomers Union 8/24/06

Poor Pluto, icy stone, never so lovely as Venus

or possessing Jupiter’s pull.  Dragging along… 133 more words


Operatico Politico: Rock Opera vs. Trump - Queen Edition -- "Alternative Rhapsody"



Is this the real life? Did he just post that Tweet?

Well, it’s been exactly one year since Donald Trump was ‘elected’.  To mark the occasion, Operatico Politico’s next instalment of musical political satire is here!   111 more words

Opinion Leaders

Operatico Politico: Rock Opera vs. Trump (Queen Edition)

Well, it’s been exactly one year since Donald Trump was ‘elected’.  To mark the occasion, Operatico Politico‘s new installment of satire is here!  This time, we tackle an… 88 more words

Opinion Leaders

Philip Terman: My Russian-Jewish Grandparents and The Birth Parents of Our Chinese Child Meet at a Café and Discuss My Child’s Future

Schmu-el and Malka and our child’s

Chinese birth parents are sipping tea

at a café somewhere between the Pale

Settlement of Russia and central-rural China. 285 more words


Abby Zimet: A Lady of the Most Impeccable Taste

In this dark time of too-few heroes, we pay tribute to Juli Briskman, a working 50-year-old single mom to two teenagers in Virginia who was out biking and brooding on the ruinous state of the nation last week when the cretin responsible for much of it drove by in his motorcade from yet another golf game. 362 more words

Opinion Leaders

Eduardo Galeano: A Visit to Heaven and Hell

Mapping Planet Earth


By day, the sun guides them. By night, the stars.

Paying no fare, they travel without passports and without forms for customs or immigration. 1,369 more words


Gary Margolis: Visiting Poet

         for the Midland School in Los Olivos


No one told me I would be sitting

across the table from Deyanira, number

two wife of Hercules, the name her parents… 163 more words