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Patricia A. Nugent: (Everyone) Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Unamerica broke up with America on Election Day. It was messy, especially since Unamerica had violated the pre-nup written in 1776. Unamerica got tired of that black guy hanging around the House so it became rageful and violent. 655 more words

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Claudia Nolan: The Mask of the Neenerans

The Culture of the Neenerans

Among the diverse cultures of the 21st century, there is a particularly proud group which considers itself to be the most elite and superior culture ever to inhabit the Earth. 935 more words

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Michael Simms: Turning Myself In

A new website encourages students to inform on their liberal professors.

An organization called Turning Point USA recently launched a website called the Professor Watchlist… 491 more words

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Gerald Fleming: A Thanksgiving Prayer for America

Lord, let us first ask you to bless this table: for the weight of the feast it must bear.

As you know, Lord, we have lately had an election in our country, and as we gather as family tonight, we thank you that no part of this election will come between us, for we are unified. 1,233 more words

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Michael Simms: Top 10 best really terrific things about Trump becoming President

  1. Most of us didn’t vote for him, so we can always claim that he’s not our fault.
  1. Putin and the Russians like him. They really really like him.
  2. 168 more words
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Video: "Wolf" read by Stanley Tucci

A special election-day fable read by Stanley Tucci.

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Video: Lady Parts Justice -- Pussy Trumps Hate

Donald Trump has forgotten that women outnumber men. Especially if you’re a tool.

This video has been brought to you by #pussytrumpshate and Lady Parts Justice… 14 more words

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