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Jose Padua: My Obsessive Compulsive Order

When not done properly a simple action can have incredible consequences:
sometimes I have to touch things twice, sometimes I have to close a door… 218 more words


Doug Anderson: That Old Shakespearean Rag

Call me “u” one more time I’ll smear spittle
across the lead sky of your impoverishment.
Go ahead, bear-bait me at the edge
of this blood-clotted age with all the gimmie… 224 more words


Jose Padua: Joy

“I have a wee-wee,”
my daughter would
say when she was
two and then she’d
look at me and say
“you have a wagina.”
She knew it wasn’t… 28 more words


Video: Marlene Dietrich's screen test for The Blue Angel

In 1929, Josef von Sternberg began assembling the cast for the first major German sound film – Der Blaue Engel. A classic of Weimar cinema, the 1930 film featured Marlene Dietrich playing Lola-Lola, a seductive singer in the local cabaret. 110 more words


Video: John Oliver's Blockbuster on America's Crumbling Infrastructure

America’s infrastructure system—its dams, bridges, roads, airports, sewer systems, water treatment plants, etc.—is deteriorating and in need of serious renovation. In hopes to cure America of its blissful apathy to our crumbling infrastructure, … 31 more words

Social Justice

Doug Anderson: Singles Ad

Old, that is, damn near seventy two,
but possessed.
You must be able to love
the inconvenience of the hot coal in my heart
that goes white hot with breath. 133 more words