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My kingdom for a cracker!

It has been twenty four hours…..only twenty four hours, since my death sentence or should I say, fear of death sentence and gee I am pathetic…..YES, I WOULD… 256 more words


Mama's Perfect Biscuits

EDITORS NOTE: This is pulled from my Sisters Blog: GOOD OLD GIRL–give it a look, you won’t be sorry!!!

Mama's Perfect Biscuits.


Summer lovin'

Anyone who has heard me in the more recent years, whether in ear shot or taken the time to read my written words, has heard me say how much I hate snow…cold weather…all things winter. 496 more words


June...here we go!

SO the month of June is upon us and for me it is the beginning of real summer. Today is the beginning of all things summer…hot days, flip-flops, old lady shorts ( 695 more words


likes and dislikes

Boy o’ boy!

This has been the laziest of dayz for me…..not sure if I like it so much, not to say I don’t like having time to pile up and watch movies all day, but since I have had some place to be everyday on this first lazy day in a while I sorta miss it. 1,075 more words


If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. Tennessee Williams

I noticed this on a WordPress side bar and thought I would post it…..feels like what I think about my own writing style.

I am what I am and this spills out onto the page. 119 more words


Good old girl complete!

Honor our Elders

Though I start with the heading of Honor our Elders knowing that I am putting my life in jeopardy … considering I am speaking in reference to my sister … my OLDER sister (she says in a whisper!). 776 more words