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A hedge between keeps friendship green~Proverb


All Done Key Key

He followed, ’Key Key’ up the little dirt hill. Key Key was what he called the family pet whose real name the toddler would not be able to pronounce for years. 484 more words


Reading Material Overkill

Raise your hand if you’ve ever subscribed to more magazines you can read.  Now, raise your other hand if you refuse to discard unread magazines because you “might” get around to reading them later. 740 more words

12 Things Women Who Utterly Loathe Wearing Jeans Will Understand

1. Leggings are your lifeline.

You are a diehard supporter of yoga pants (whether or not a yoga class is in the near future). Frankly, you could care less if people think leggings don’t qualify as pants. 520 more words

Earplug Adventures: Stepladder to the Stars (episode 23)

Although Sherriff Brooch had been assigned the role of captain aboard the K T Woo, his other duties – that being the chief of law and order in Busted Gut – meant that sometimes others had to stand in for him during rehearsals. 292 more words