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College Class Confession

My mom has a set of skills, when she using them it blows my mind. She can take any set of classes you need to take and somehow make a schedule along with fitting in twenty hours of work in there. 289 more words


Sugar Is a Dick

As if the chemo farts weren’t bad enough, now I’ve got Borborygmi (BOR bo RIG me). The minute I eat anything with sugar or carbs, horrific noises begin to emanate from my gut. 120 more words


Don't Pause Too Long For Thinking

Narcolepsy can affect

Your life in many ways.


EFFING Car Repair Shop

Because I had a VERY trying time at the car repair shop, I thought I would put up some one liners. It’s better than putting all of my money into the swear jar. 55 more words


Twenty Relatable Memes for Finals Week

Finals week is right around the corner, and the only way to get through it is to cry and procrastinate by looking at memes (and studying too, of course!) Either way, we figured we’d make it a little bit easier for you: 20 more words