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An open letter to anyone who would vote for a child molester...

I thought we had a social contract on this issue. I thought it was the one thing we all agreed upon. Child molesters are bad. Okay, I also thought we had agreed on the fact that Nazis are bad, and it turned out that I jumped the gun on that one. 242 more words



(New project. Same universe as The Fractured Spheres, but a prequel depicting the events that led to the radical changes to Earth. I think you will enjoy the lighthearted nature of it.) 782 more words


Holy @#$% I discovered a new trick

Good Monday everybody,

I am at the library per usual enjoying my 2 hours of computer time figuring out what I am going to write. First I read a few posts say my hellos, if your post was wack I just say nothing and nobody is any wiser. 776 more words

Exciting Announcement!

Hello faithful Annapalooza readers!! As always, thank you for reading, even though I know my posts have been few and far between lately. However, I do some have exciting news to share with you all. 190 more words




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Have you ever thought that if one person dropsĀ a piece of bread on one side of the Earth and another person dropped another piece of bread at the same time the world would become a sandwich for just a brief second? 302 more words