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How on Earth Do I Get Myself into Such Predicaments?

01/01/03:  Last night was New Year’s Eve and I was sick! My temperature was almost 102 degrees, and it really sucked. Jordan came over and spent the night with me. 428 more words


Echo-A Dystopian Science Fiction Novel

I’m wandering through an art museum, not seeing what the big deal is (no offense against fine art; I just prefer the work of comic-book legends Jim Lee, Glenn Fabry and Stan Sakai) when a bunch of hipster-artists (wearing berets and scarves of course) scoff at me.   183 more words


Traffic light...

We all travel on a daily basis, using the road as our main medium of transport. Daily we are heading for work, somedays we are heading towards some leisure activities.  219 more words


So we may have called 911 unnecessarily...

I think I’ve mentioned before than when I was just a wee one, I was the victim of an armed robbery home invasion, so ever since then, for about 20 years, every time someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell, I tend to think the worst is about to happen. 967 more words


The Real Neat Blog Award!

Hello hello hello! :) So as you can see I got nominated for the real neat blog award and I’m so incredibly honored and flattered to be nominated! 530 more words


Still more MumblingNerd stuff

I’m a Pacifist; it’s my favourite ocean.

I really dislike 144; it’s gross.

Well that’s very disappointing. Apparently, fasting has nothing to do with the speed that you eat. 1,952 more words


Fall Saturday Morning & Frisky Dog

Thought I was going to be smart and let Dog direct the morning first thing so I could get to enjoying my workday rebellion morning much faster and less stressful.  281 more words