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Bad Ship Lollipop

On the bad ship lollipop
We all slave away
Till our bloomers drop
We were shanghaid here
Better learn to fear a flogging dear

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Am I Insane?

I’m sure this is a question many insomniacs ask themselves.

On nights where my neck and back aren’t killing me, or my legs aren’t giving me the creepy crawlies, my brain decides… 498 more words

My Life

Challenge: 12 Things That Make Me Different

The following blog post contains subject matter that readers may find far less interesting than, let’s say, picking through belly button lint or watching paint dry. 541 more words



Cathentic (catfinition) – a feline who epitomizes the traits, appearance, qualities and behavior of a cat, from the cool aloofness to the soft fur, sweet curiosity, and love of sunshine. 25 more words


The Big Day

FUZZYWIG: Well, well, would you look at the calendar!  It’s that very special day that only rolls around once every year… or maybe it just seems like that long when you’re always riding the leaf.  1,106 more words