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Past Imperfect - #516

Henry: “Are you sure that we should be doing this right now? What about the other guests at the party?”

Barbara: “Don’t be such a fuss. 413 more words


Share Your World: Jan 22,2018

List 2 things you have to be happy about?

  1. I am happy to be alive! Having gone through a NDE ( near death experience), I have realized that life is too short to hate those who have hurt us/ please others/ not to fulfill dreams  just because someone else thinks that we are not worth it, etc..
  2. 213 more words

Oldies but Goodies

An older couple came out of a cafe on morning to find a police officer putting a ticket on a car whose meter had expired. Irate the man accosted him, “You Nazi Turd! 317 more words


Fun Sized

Everything is better smaller, right? Tablets that fit in your pocket, gourmet food, microchips, those inch-high books in the Museum of Science and Industry that actually have full novels written in them… or is that last one just me? 146 more words

Ternyata Vonvon Membuka Tabir Siapa Diriku

Jarang-jarang saya cobain games atau apps atau apa disebutnya yang niatnya seru-seruan macam Vonvon. Tapi, hari ini tergelitik juga setelah melihat di statusnya Om Ciko Florisco. 404 more words


Serendipity: Garbage Collection in the Afterlife

There is a delightful story in Alfred Döblin’s Bright Magic: Stories (New York: New York Review Books, 2016) entitled “Traffic with the Beyond.” The story is about an attempt to solve a murder using a séance. 218 more words


Some people's demons are weaker than others.

They may not be proud of their demons, but they do not fear them. They do not hesitate to share them, for their demons are not hideous, nor obscene, nor marred by thousands of lonesome maudlin midnights accompanied by the pitying moonlight. 870 more words

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