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Taking a Lift

Taking a Lift, a story

In telling you this story, one that Edmund told me, one about his unusual relationship with the married guy from his work, you might expect me to start out at the end, with some startling revelation, one that would catch your attention and make you go, “Whoa, how’d that happen.” And at that point I’d go back to the beginning to fill you in, the climax being the heretofore missing and muchly anticipated tipping point, that watershed event when the tale segues from me telling Edmund’s story into what it was about that watershed event that made it story-worthy and how that story resulted, all from the startling fact you know now.   1,756 more words

Fiction Selections

Wimbledon; Sharapova's scream?

Wimbledon is not one of my favorite tennis tournament, I merely watch to keep up.

Today they’re playing 3rd Round, and I’m  watching Maria Sharapova vs. 58 more words


Why Sharks Circle

Two great white sharks swimming in the ocean spied survivors of a sunken ship.

“Follow me, son,” the father shark said, and they swam to the mass of people. 108 more words


Local Man Quits Job to Pursue Dream of Becoming A Competitive Eater

In what many are calling a ‘shocking’ and ‘daringmove leap, local insurance salesman Paul Corning announced earlier today that he will be resigning from his post in order to pursue his dream of competing in… 168 more words


The Older We Get!

Isn’t that true!

Hope this finds you smiling. Happy Friday!

Bring In The Clowns....

Objective:  Celebrate levity.  Time: 1 hour to 20 hours.  Need:  Scraps of material and a piece of fabric to bring cohesion to the whole.  Activity: 173 more words