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Howlidays: Punch Day

I’m pretty sure this is a day devoted to the punch you drink, not the kind you throw. Choppy and Schooner are not on the same wavelength.


And Another Thing...! #1


If you hear me crying through the closed door of a public toilet cubicle, don’t be alarmed. I’ve not discovered anything ‘untoward’ whilst in this very personal of situations. 423 more words


Terd - "McDonalzheimers"

McDonalzheimers (McDonald’s+Alzheimer’s): A condition, prevalent among parents of young children, where the afflicted forgets every eatery but McDonald’s

Mcdonalzheimers eg

Wife: FINALLY! No kids, where to eat? 17 more words


Daniel 9: Daniel prays

In the first year of Darius’s reign, Daniel realized that the 70 years of exile prophesied by Jeremiah were about up. So he prayed. He prayed, O God, we are a bunch of lowly worms that cheated on you and broke your rules and were punished just like you said we would be. 53 more words

Old Testament

Duck hunting

I’m presently living in Arizona and retirement is going well. Darlene and I are very content here however I do miss hunting. I must confess and I’m not big at duck hunting however I would have to be blind as a bat not to be able to hit this duck. 30 more words