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The Weirdest Thing My Friend Ever Told Me

How am I gonna say this? Umm, let’s just do this fast.

When his poop is too big to get flushed down the toilet, he takes it out of the toilet, crushes it in his hands–BARE HANDS–and drops it back again in the toilet so that it’ll be easier to flush. 201 more words


Are Doctors Just Sweet Talking Us?

Some women have terrible taste in men. I know– I used to be one of those women. Then I married a perfectly lovely man, and that must have thrown the universe off-balance. 847 more words

10 Parenting Failures I Am Willing To Admit To

Lucky for me, my kids have zero interest in reading my blog so I believe I am safe in writing about  some parenting failures I am willing to admit to.   1,119 more words


On Aging by Maceo J. Whitaker

For the second straight night, I had a basketball dream. I was playing in the Final Four. In my dream, I scored a basket for the second straight game. 685 more words

North American Review

Ringing (wet) in the Rain

It’s too windy for my brolly,

It’s such a stupid thing,

When it rains the last thing I would do,

Is damn well sing.