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Corny Dog Jokes: Flower Edition

If you’re looking for today’s second-to-last entry on the current Dog Walk Challenge, it’s here.

Another week, another set of corny dog jokes. In honor of me finally getting some flowers planted in the yard, I thought I would do some flower jokes for you!


Hate it, Love it

I want to tell you a secret. Lean in. Come closer. Okay, you ready?


I read romance novels.

It’s true. I do. No, I’ve never read the… 486 more words

Sheree's Brand

How The Train Chugged Memories

It has been a great pleasure for me to see that my article on the little blue train made it to The Hindu (a leading publication in India) The article also mentioned my email address as a contact and I received many messages from readers. 465 more words


Resigning in a way that only I can

Have you ever had that boss who you really just feel like is a horrible person?  Its not just because of your feelings though, the truth it they ARE a horrible person.  233 more words

When you start talking on a conference call and someone says “You’re on mute”

When you start talking on a conference call and someone says “You’re on mute”


Banh Mi Me When the Ebb Flows

     On a stellar day when a shit load of free radicals were blown clear from ions of dust 900 million miles out there, relatively and/or depending, not that far considering convex contextual dimensions, cocky fig-8’s were spinning inside of roiled fig-8’s that revolved around bulbous fig-8’s that were slinking on planes outside of spiraling fig-8’s that took off and torqued to no beginning and no end. 1,273 more words