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The Journey - Part 2

If you need a refresher click here part 1.

Yes, a shuttle bus. I didn’t know it but the station is being worked on so we’re being shuttled to the nearest station. 1,993 more words


Total Eclipse of The Street Lights...

Arizona was not expected to put on a big show during yesterday’s eclipse. And it didn’t. I stood in a parking lot with friends taking turns trading glasses to catch a peek of the moon’s pass in front of the sun. 401 more words


A Hex and a Hammer

My sister-in-law said sometime back, “You can’t sell your house until after the eclipse. We all want to come up for it.” Our house was in the direct line for a total eclipse. 1,492 more words


I Ended it...with Netflix

It’s time to eat Ben & Jerry’s with streaks of mascara running down your face.  There’s a serious, official break-up of a long-term relationship today.  It’s over with Netflix and me.  738 more words

Questionable Indulgence

Why yes, yes I am eating Twinkies ice-cream. Don’t roll your eyes at me. It’s not nearly as awful as you might think — it actually does taste like Twinkies. 27 more words

Everyday Musings

Douglas Doesn't Know What Is Happening Right Now

The morning meeting was ready to begin.  Accounting, HR, sales; the big three teams were all present.

Douglas was the last to arrive.  He set his papers and laptop on the enormous table before him and took his seat. 274 more words