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Hair Salons and Why I Hate Them

So this week I ventured to the hairdresser and whilst I was thrilled with the result which looked a little something like this:

I wasn’t so thrilled about the experience. 72 more words


Hot Showers And Home Ownership

A shower is an essential part of the morning routine.  You get squeaky clean and move back into conformance with prevailing social hygienic norms.  You ruthlessly eliminate that lingering case of bed head.  239 more words


It's Friday so DOSS to your Boss. (i.e be Deferential, Obsequious, Sychophantic and Subservient)

As its Friday, here at the I.M.M. , our Head of Human Exploitation, Dr Hiram N Sackem, thought that your workers could do with a little cheering up – we’re not all ogres here at the Institute! 23 more words

Dick Lannister: Management Guru

My Jokes are Funnier than Yours... When I Choose to be Funny

Yesterday (here), I noted that R. Zeira seems to have had a biting sense of humor that he used to enable himself to do introspection, as well as to direct mussar at others. 380 more words



This fable was inspired by my puzzling out a few Congolese fables published in 1966 in Lingala, I think as a grammar school primer, by Pere Paul Lepoutre. 1,628 more words


Observations from the Supermarket

I can’t be the only one who has noticed and experienced these things while going to the supermarket.

Rules of the cart

Upon entering the supermarket, we grab a cart and then must decide who sits up front and who sits in the back. 910 more words