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Coffee, Music, & Smut???

Early morning, birds chirping from high upon the tree tops. Music streaming through the laptop speakers, the kid is asleep, coffee brews, filling the house with that fresh ground coffee bean aroma. 640 more words


Stolen Quote: Walking

My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She’s ninety-seven now, and we don’t know where the hell she is. ~ Ellen DeGeneres… 9 more words


Aye! Aye! Sisters!

I am sitting in the yard watching the dogs.

It’s a cloudy day but they don’t seem to notice at all. They run carefree sniffing the ground and one another. 680 more words


Humor #446

A couple of goobers in a pickup truck drove into a lumberyard.

One of them walked into the office and said, “We need some four-by-twos.” 367 more words


Age and Number

Remember that age is just a number thing,
Well as it turns out mine is not just a number, it’s a surprise.

First one
I make a valid point but to discredit me the person I’m talking to goes like… 95 more words

He Has a Limited Attention Span

What do you say to a guy who’s head over heels in love with someone who doesn’t love him? What do you say to a guy who can leap tall buildings with a single bound, fly faster than the worlds fastest rocket, and will throw himself in front of a runaway bus for the woman he loves, but doesn’t love him? 843 more words