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Keith Van Sickle on tour: Are We French Yet?

Keith Van Sickle

the author of
One Sip at a Time

will be

on Tour

January 28-February 8


Are We French Yet?
Keith & Val’s Adventures in Provence… 326 more words


“The polar ice is melting!”
“Can I still have ice in my drinks?”
“Uh, sure…”
“So, what’s the problem?”

Header image by George Hodan, CC0, Link


1 Kid Only

“Hey bro, I got good news.” Younger brother replies. “What, you’re having another kid? Actually, I’m getting 19 blogs republished on The Good Men Project website. 1,017 more words

Keberatan ?

Pada sebuah upacara pernikahan, tibalah saat dimana si Pendeta menanyakan, apakah ada yang memiliki keberatan yang sah mengenai persatuan antara kedua mempelai. Inilah saatnya orang yang keberatan tersebut bangun berdiri dan berbicara, atau selamanya duduk diam. 91 more words


We wants it!

Speaking as an observer of Brexit (from a healthy distance), I can only say in response to today’s news: what the hell?

It’s anybody’s guess as to what Theresa May thinks she can accomplish by putting off a Commons vote she knew she would lose. 139 more words