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Mobile Minutes: Black Friday Survival

I did it.
I finally did it.
For the first time in my life I braved…wait for it…Black Friday!
*bum, bum, bum…*

In reality Darco was at work, and it was myself and our teenage cousin, Chey. 314 more words

Daily Events

Thanksgiving Day-More Shoppers Than Ever Bought On-Line

More shoppers are skipping the long lines,  the time its takes to find parking space, getting through crowds with shoppers who are less than pleasant and not to mention waiting to check out. 61 more words


3 Last Minute Republican Black Friday Sales

  1. 10% off next book written by Ted Cruz for every donation made to his campaign by midnight.*
  2. Free carbon emissions in exchange for putting any Republican candidate’s bumper sticker on the back of your SUV or pick-up.**
  3. 70 more words

Happy Blog Humor - After every Thanksgiving.

After every Thanksgiving.

So funny we had to share it!

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Joke of the day - Igloo

How do Eskimos hold their homes together?

I-glue! 8 more words


Vive L'Internet!

It’s 41 Farenheit

Outside my room.

It would be warm in Alaska

And cold in Khartoum.

In my car, my spedometer

Says 73.

That’s slow if you’re metric… 28 more words