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We are not farm folks...

We live in eastern North Carolina and are surrounded by farms.  However, we have never lived on a farm – although both my parents grew up on farms.   379 more words


Starbucks Cup Music-ing

So my body has been full on shitacular lately. Not sure if this is a fibromyalgia flare, because it feels more like it’s in my joints than my muscles, but I could barely lift my arms the last couple days and actually had to wear my left arm in a sling because my shoulder hurt so much. 97 more words

17 E-Cards That Hilariously Summarize Every Ridiculous Thing That Has Already Happened In 2017

1. This. SAD!

2. Here’s to all those imaginary voters. SAD!

3. This truth bomb on health care. SAD!

4. Alternative resume facts. SAD!

5. This way that we’re all feeling right now. 78 more words

Sharpton: "Resist We Much!"

Here we see why the progressive left is such a siren song for not only low information voters, but low intelligence voters. I speak, of course, of the Rev. 68 more words


Humorous Work Horoscopes for February 2017

I saw a funny horoscope online the other day and started thinking about how cool it would be to have a humorous horoscope of snarky one-liners that are quasi-business/work related.   100 more words


What Does it Mean to "Pull a Maura?"

A few weeks ago my niece, no name mentioned, who happens to be a “tween” and is a funny girl, walked into the closed screen door and said, “Oh, I just pulled a Maura.” 431 more words


"Getting Over The Hump Day" Humor

Here we are one more time with some fun funnies to brighten your day. I hope you get a good giggle on! Blessings!

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