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Fix your dishwasher with this quick solutionsHave you ever tried to fix your own dishwasher? If you have, then you know that this is not something that anybody can just simply do. 354 more words

Just how lazy are you?

Perhaps I should be asking myself that question. I’m very, very, very lazy. – SEE! I was going to add a fourth ‘very’ there but I couldn’t. 127 more words


Happy Blog Humor - Not everyone reaches their dreams.

Not everyone reaches their dreams.

So funny we had to share it!

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No Novocaine

When I was a kid, my trips to the dentist were characterized by two realities:  lots of cavities, because my dental hygiene in the face of mass consumption of sugary cereals was intermittent and appalling, and a steadfast opposition to getting the novocaine shot before the inevitable drilling began. 403 more words


Dogs Versus Frogs At The Ranch Pen

Big news at the Ranch Pen. Our two dogs, Nellie and Trace, are starring in their own movie titled Dogs Versus Frogs. The rains from earlier in the summer hatched a crop of tadpoles that turned into a plague of frogs similar to the one in Egypt in the days of Moses. 152 more words

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