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The King Has Returned

Guys, if you haven’t seen Black Panther yet, it’s pretty good (actually excellent). If you stay until the end, there’s even a glimpse of what I’m guessing is a scene from Avengers: Infinity War…but only because Marvel has done that before (Captain America punching the bag). 254 more words


To Love What Is Ugly: Family stories

We giggled onscreen together when she told me about the ring her grandmother had left her. ”It is so ugly! And I so love it.” 219 more words

24. Steep

I reach that milestone of being an earth dweller for 50 years. I’m not sure at what age you see birthdays as a temporary illness, a 24-hour flu you want to get through and get over, but I passed that point many years ago. 2,668 more words


Can I Hear Without Them?

We’ve been battling the poor frequency of new hearing aids lately. Normally the television volume is at compromise level of 27 (where she can hear it just fine and I’m able to tolerate), but lately it’s been at the volume level of 80. 46 more words


Brat-a-Saurus Messes with the Silly Human

Of late, Cranky Corky (aka Brat-a-Saurus) has had a great game going with the human. He starts in anywhere from midnight on and wails plaintively about the lack of fresh crunchies in the food bowl. 220 more words


The Struggle is Real. And Purrs.

Our cat, Scout Elizabeth, has a fondness, and an almost radar-like detection ability, for freshly laundered sheets. No matter how much I attempt to make the bed without Scout’s assistance I never can pull it off. 82 more words