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This basically defines my relationship with most of the people


"Too Much Plastic in My Sandwich" by Poetrybot 070 (Licensed to Confound)

Eee ooo eee ooo
Salivating lizard brain active protein upstart
Extra sugar long lost popular opinion
Eee-longated strain whole grain maple contusion
Prompt fluxuation
Hieroglyphic smart bomb stroking the fur… 14 more words


"Roo Roo" by Richard F. Yates

Roo Roo’s soliloquy on the opening night of the performance was the talk of the town!

—Richard F. Yates


England: The ill equipped utopia.

Ladies and sperms, I would love to draw your attention to the great outdoors and what you see. No, divert your eyes from 80 year old Mrs. 615 more words

Casual Topics

Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

I think so, Brain … but even if ignorance drops to a dollar a barrel, this guy can produce enough to maintain his cash flow.


Pokemon Destroys The Fabric of Depression

If only this was true, I would ebulliently rip homework to shreds and become the best trainer in the world!
there’s no “gotta catch ’em all” over here!


How to pick up older chicks at a baseball game, and keep the…