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William & Mary in Blackface.

Daniel Mollenkamp
Opinions Staff

The smashing of James Blair’s miniature not too long ago left this school’s founding racist without a nose.  Although he is often touted out as a man of grace and otherworldly dignity, he was a bigot. 718 more words

The Last Word

The Last Word…

in the Old Testament of the Bible is the word “CURSE”

in the New Testament of the Bible is “AMEN”

in Webster’s dictionary is “ZULU” 135 more words

By Tony Garcia

November 30, 1886- Buffalo and Watergate

Today in Heritage History, November 30, 1886, George Westinghouse opens the very first successful U.S. Alternating Current (AC) power plant in Buffalo, New York. It was also the… 80 more words


November 27, 1927- The Trump Tower for Muggers

Today in Heritage History, November 27, 1927, Penn Station opens in New York City. Tomorrow in Heritage History, November 28, 1927, New York City Mayor James “Jimmy” Walker receives over 10,000 thank you notes from thugs, scammers, and muggers thanking him for the new, warm, perfectly crowded, and posh accommodations.


Novmber 26, 1842- The Famous Father Yerkinoff

Today in Heritage History, November 26, 1842, the University of Notre Dame is founded by Sister Mildred Quasimodo and Father Ivan Yerkinoff. They also went on to become founding members of the St. 7 more words


November 21, 1977- Some Rhinestones and Glitter and Who'll Know?

Today in Heritage History, November 21, 1877, Thomas Edison announces his invention of the phonograph. Edison demonstrated his invention for Reporters by playing a recording he made of Martha Stewart giving directions on how to make a Thanksgiving Day napkin holder from a turkey carcass sphincter muscle. 19 more words


November 15, 1806- Humongous Peak

Today in Heritage History, November 15, 1806, American Explorer Zebulon Pike first spots the peak that will eventually share his name. Pike first named the spectacular geographic landmark “Fucking Humongous Peak” that was quickly changed by Catholic mapmakers to; “Pike’s”.