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If All Our Fantasies Where Laid Bare

If all our fantasies where laid bare
For the world to see,
What would happen to you and me?
The bishop would no longer care… 43 more words


There Was A Young Lady Called Leigh

There was a young lady called Leigh
Who wrote a book all about me.
When she asked “do you mind?”
I replied “you will find… 7 more words


To Grit

grit–like glitter

clings to things,

no matter how you wash–

its gripping power,

withstands shower–

spigot, tap, and faucet.

a trip to shore

insure’s the floor… 53 more words


Tempting Fate

I’m not superstitious
My brain is analytical.
I don’t have to touch wood
To stop an outcome being critical.

If I avoid the underside of ladders… 42 more words


When He Died

When he died
A few cried.
Some maintain,
Much to his friends disdain
That he fried …

Should you
Ask me for my view,
I shall, of course… 6 more words



I’m in love with a magnate, a married man.
We try to meet in secret whenever we can.
I’ve got a little sister who is only four, 142 more words


The Value of Poetry

Do say
How much would you pay
For a book of 92 pages
(It took me ages
And many rewrites,
Oft late into the night… 77 more words