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Drafts of Re-air-ly Awful Hot Hare


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Someone prays before each meal,
And jugged hare on the menu places,
Then we would correctly feel
That they’d have put on hares and graces? 187 more words


A STASH OF OGDEN NASH (8/19/02--5/19/71)

He was born and bred in the town of Rye
Which is said to be in the state of N. Y.
His forebears, ’tis writ, founded Nashville, Tennessee…. 251 more words


A Rose Smelling Really Awful

A rose by any other name

Might well still smell as sweet,

But other ‘rose’ smells, all the same,

One knows the nose may greet. 113 more words


If Gandalf had been played by Christopher Plummer

Apparently, Ian McKellen was not Peter Jackson’s first choice to play the character of Gandalf in the Lord of The Rings movies. The role was offered first to Sean Connery and then to Christopher Plummer, best known to moviegoers as Captain von Trapp in the musical… 174 more words

Humorous Verse

Politician Eats A Tomato In His Kitchen, Another Politician Sips Tea In His Second Kitchen

Politician chops a tomato
in his kitchen
Now he’s chopping a lettuce
in his kitchen
He’s saying things at the same time
in his kitchen… 532 more words

Song Lyrics And Lyrical Poetry

I Am The World's First Selfie Poem

I am the world’s first selfie poem,
Held aloft by the world’s first selfie poem stick,
A look-at-me wordsmith pic,
Here I am fluttering beside Tower Bridge. 177 more words

Song Lyrics And Lyrical Poetry