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Awesome Sylvia

As #some of my followers are aware, I occasionally update an old poem, to make its meaning clearer. Today I offer you  a nice little poem by William Shakespeare – or Bill Shaky, as he’s known by all his mates – and my translation into comtemporary language. 277 more words


There Was A Young Man Named Guy

There was a young man named Guy
Who worked as a high ranking spy.
Things for his country turned sour
When he was captured by a foreign power,
As Guy would never lie!


Going solo

Dan and Ann enjoyed writing reams of rhymes in tandem;
Dan accepted challenges both obvious and random,
So when the Daily post’s ‘Unfinished’ came to hand, 201 more words


A Proper Pickle

Today I’m in a quandary

Proper pickle of dilemma

Like plotting literary course

In absence of a stemma


To be or not to be I say… 63 more words

There Was A Young Lady Called May

There was a young lady called May
Who went to roll in the hay.
A naughty gnome
Said, “you should be at home”.
She replied, “come hither and play”!


There Was A Young Man From Prussia

There was a young man from Prussia
Who married a girl from Russia.
All went well
Then, sad to tell,
Prussia invaded Russia!



Poor passionate Lee
hatched a lethal passion for an alligator
so she entered its cage.

The alligator ate her
but the alligator was not to blame for his nature… 25 more words