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Celebrate your Legs

Some of us are weak kneed, knock kneed, knuckle kneed,
dreaming of much nicer knees, knees that are nobble-free,
knees that never creak, or no knees at all. 480 more words


There Was A Young Man Named Gus

There was a young man named Gus
Who caught the wrong kind of bus.
He found himself on a boat,
With nought but a goat. 7 more words


Sandwich Wrapper

Rising at 6 am
I take up my virtual pen.
Then I see
Staring at me
The sandwich wrapper from yesterday.

Ah the romance of a writer’s life. 47 more words


There Was A Young Lady Named Holly

There was a young lady named Holly
Who was extremely plump and jolly.
We met at night
And to my delight
She led me into folly …


Lord Backsivore's Letter #a poem

Note: Backsivore, or Backsie Fore, is a word (or phrase) from the Devon dialect. It means back-to-front.

The sun shines bright with a matt-black glow… 229 more words


The Builder And The Poet

A builder and a poet sat drinking.
“I am thinking
That its getting black outside.
The moon does hide
Her face.
One can trace
In yonder darkening sky… 88 more words


Beans with Chocolate

‘Beans with Chocolate’
my daughter made for me

A birthday treat
from one who’s only three

I had to eat it
or break her little heart 10 more words