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There Was A Young Lady Called Mary

There was a young lady called Mary
Who worked in a haunted dairy.
On seeing a ghoul
She said, “I am no fool.
You are not in the least bit scary …”! 27 more words


You ask

You ask how much I need you, but I explained;
I wish you had more sense in your tiny bird brain.
You ask how much I love you; I told you before, 198 more words

If I Where A Rentier

If I where a rentier living off capital
(The very idea is laughable)!
I would retire to the moors
(with other bores)
And shoot peasants… 89 more words


There Was A Young Man Called Matt

There was a young man called Matt
Who owned a very large cat.
One cold day
I regret to say
He wore it instead of a hat …!



you trussed me like a goose to this old bedfame
you told me a lie, said it’s a just a game
twenty hours later, I’m still tightly trussed… 34 more words


There Was A Young Man Called Judd

There was a young man called Judd
Who married a girl called Rudd.
They where happy together
In all kinds of weather
And particularly relished the mudd!


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Relexions on Ice-Breaking

is dandy
But liquor
is quicker

Ogden Nash

Arizona Nature Myth


But moon’s not there. He’s ridden out on
A galloping phenomenon, 135 more words