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You're an ugly little thing

you’re an ugly little thing
and you’re no longer mine
look at you with your toothy grin
your hollows and cracks and dips
your ground down metal armour… 82 more words


Balinda (Humour)

There was a young lady called Balinda

Who’s mother asked that fire she bringa.

The match it caught

On the new dress she bought

And Balinda was burned to a cinda


The Housemaid And The Squire (Humour)

The squire’s desire,

Sets the housemaid on fire.

Her father,

Gets in a lather.

While the carpenter Able,

Builds a cradle.

Oh young ladies, beware the dangers of waiting at table!


Real life?

I once had a boyfriend from Diss
Who was too  backward to give me a kiss.
He gazed with round eyes,
When I told him lies… 63 more words


White Cane In Hand (Humour)

Prior to getting my first guide dog more years ago than I care to remember, I used a long white cane as a mobility aid and to prevent accidents. 47 more words



An angel dressed in white

appeared to him at night.

filled the dark hours with delight

then came the morning light

she vanished in a trice


Venus In Furs

Venus in furs,

The populace stirs.

“How can a chap so plain,

One lacking a brain,

And so incredibly vane,

A goddess obtain?”

The people declaim. 15 more words