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Smash crash gash

swish swish swish
I’m wiping a wet cloth over a dish
splosh splosh splosh
I’ve got so many dishes to wash
splash splash splash
I slip on a puddle, go down with a crash… 84 more words


The Bad Poet (Humour)

He tried to make his verse rhyme

But it became worser and worser.

‘Twas perverse

To see

Dog rhyme with tree.

He cudgelled his brains to produce poetry fine… 69 more words

Poetry cornered ll

Okay, one more dose of ‘humorous verse’, then I promise to inflict no further verbal vandalism upon an utterly disinterested world. For now anyway.

I will return to ‘normal service’, with more incoherent ramblings and disrespecting well-known art masterpieces. 166 more words


Family Life

The hoary

old Tory

finds glory

in the upper house.

his socialist spouse

drinks champagne

and cudgels her brains

about the renationalisation of trains.

Their Communist girl… 25 more words

A Poet To A Young Maiden And The Girl's Reply

“Let us pile high the fire my dear.

Come you near

and warm the cockles of your heart.

Let us practice love’s art.

Draw closer and sit upon my knee. 51 more words

Heaven And Hell

To float on a cloud

As angels sing loud


about the redemption of sins

Would, I think

Drive me to drink.

The devil would wink… 28 more words

You're an ugly little thing

you’re an ugly little thing
and you’re no longer mine
look at you with your toothy grin
your hollows and cracks and dips
your ground down metal armour… 82 more words