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The Expert And An Interview With An Applicant - Videos

I saw this video at the site below. It is pretty funny, and I think you should go by there if you like the video, and hit his like button. 66 more words


I Know Funny People Dammit: I STILL Just Want to Pee Alone Book Review

Despite the opinions recently expressed by others (see: my son and wife) that I’ve shared on my Facebook page, I *AM* funny, AND, I *know* a lot of funny people dammit! 1,044 more words

Being A Dad

Friday Links

How was everyone’s week? Mine has flown by and there’s still quite a bit on today’s to-do list. But first I wanted to swing through and leave you links to kick off your weekend. 141 more words


Second Hand Dealer

Just before you go,
can I interest you 
in pieces of my broken heart?
Some of it is worth saving
and other bits...just shards 
(results of little accidents
with mistaken love
that I foolishly repeated)
Sorrow fits me like a glove! 68 more words
Attempts At Poetry

Probably Didn't Cross Her Mind

We’re in the back because we’re rejects, not good enough for the bake sale.  Doesn’t she know what this does to a cookie’s self-esteem?  I’m so depressed.


Spring Time

Here in sunny Sequim it is really springtime. Daffodils are in bloom, trees are budding and of course weeds are starting to grow. The nighttime is full of frogs croaking. The air smells so good.

Whimsical Art