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GOP Satire Campaign Train Rolls in a Few Days Early

Whew! Talk about freemarket efficiency! The first part of my satire on the GOP has just not-so-moseyed on down to Wallace Runnymede’s blog!

I hope you’ll forgive me for the piece arriving earlier than I anticipated. 42 more words


Math and Physics Joke

Q: Why is a point so powerful in Mathematician’s eyes?

A: Because in the language of polygon, a point is basically a uni-gon, also known as a hybrid between unicorns and dragons, that has mythical powers and is undefeatable.

The Story Of Our Lives

A Letter to My Other Mother

I will not be turning 50 this January,
And there is nothing you, or Father Time can do
To make me.
I will stop having birthdays and parties that… 267 more words


The Super Morpher, Chapter 10: The Spider's Trap

Ryan dashed across the lab as the beam left the gun, and it became a race to see who could make it to Jordan first. Ryan dove at Jordan and managed to knock him out of the ray’s trajectory. 5,862 more words


"Peons and Poo-ons"

Here’s a word we don’t hear much anymore—“Peon”. It’s a funny word isn’t it? There are many other words that describe the same “Lower social status”, but to me, “peon” is one of the funnier ones—possibly because it has the word “pee” in it. 306 more words