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Twemlow's Secret

When winter nibbles at your nuts
and all around are frozen butts,
you must take preventive action
against the freezy faction,
and buy Twemlow’s Combination Vest & Drawers. 103 more words

First & last

Full fathom five my sweetheart lies
at the bottom of a lake.
We never got to Lesson Two:
‘Your best friend, Mr Handbrake’.

Past verse

‘Can storied urn or Auntie Mabel’s bust
athwart the upland lawn conceal the dust?’
‘Perchance ’tis Agamemnon, lofty and serene,
who rides the blighted hearse to Golders Green.’ 18 more words

Due Diligence

When ever I receive a request to bid on a new job, I perform due diligence to avoid potential problems. Today I was asked to quote a price for a new business card. 19 more words


The Psychology of Seating on the Bus

Every day I take the liberty of using a bus to commute into school. Now I don’t like to consider myself a bus snob but you know the kind of bus I’m talking about. 2,267 more words