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Mot juste

— There’s a Mr Novello to see you, M’Lady.

— Tell that BASTARD to FUCK OFF! Novello ruined my life!…. though…. it’s of no consequence. 7 more words


The Funniest Stuff I Saw on the Internet This Week - Papa Does Preach

The internet can be horrible. Especially right now as election season ramps up, but it can also be a silly-ass place. I prefer to find the funny shit people are doing/saying, and share that with the rest of you. 435 more words


Missing friend

My best friend

has already been to China, while I’m still weekending in Bognor.

has already got four kids, while I’m still wondering about the stork. 46 more words


Thanksgiving Failure

Disclaimer: These characters belong to their rightful creators. I lay no claim on any of them. Just for the record.

Iron Man watched Black Widow and Captain America slave over the turkey. 448 more words

Practice Session

You sopranos were a beat behind at the crescendo.  Let’s pick it up at the chorus.



There’s a hole in my shoe, and in my roof too,
and they say that there’s rain in the offing.
I must patch up my shoe, and my roof too, 7 more words