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The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) Season 6 (S6) Gag Reel Bloopers
I thought you all needed a laugh. You are all being too serious. Mellow out, and lighten up folks, things could always be better!



What?  Another one?  Guess I think I’m funny.  After all of those serious posts, I thought you might like to just sit back and have a laugh or two.   40 more words



If you don’t have 11 minutes to spend here, you may as well just go away.  This short video is an unexpected love story.  ( Caution rated Mature.   13 more words


Quick. What's That in CENTIMETERS?

SOMEONE HELP!  I’m an inside ruler, not a snow gauge!  I can’t feel inches 1 through 10!


Week 1. Let's go!!

Saturday February 7th

So, ten days late and we were about to start our Big One Number Two. We had eight months of adventure, excitement, confusion, wonder, fun, the list goes on and on, to look forward to. 329 more words


while the wolves grind their teeth

Without the necessity of explanation I find it rather humorous the intention of some invisible force that depends on the words of one so miserably insignificant. 74 more words

A Scandalous Story about the Mafia, Extortion and Cake

Sicily’s Anti-Extortion spokesman is Arrested while Extorting 100k Euros

In one of the most delicious news items ever reported since I’ve been living in Sicily, it turns out that one of the main men in charge of combating extortion in Sicily has just been arrested… for extortion. 453 more words