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I'll Fix Your 'Post' For You!

Meanwhile in Ensenada……………

As I was busy working away on a post, Onyx the Schnauzer mix plopped his paws on my leg and kissed the back of my hand when I reached down to pet him. 129 more words

Share And Share Alike?

Doesn’t Galan Siki Cota Chihuahua look comfy as he’s waiting to ‘share and share alike’ this second piece of broiled chicken with me?
By the way, what’s Sikiboy’s definition of ‘share and share alike’? 16 more words

Poor Form aka Don't be a Dick RR068 18.0716

RR068 Poor Form aka Don’t be a Dick
Ried wades through the mire of the “inappropriate” idiom and explains its origins as well as what it means to avoid being a dick. 148 more words


“What’s up?”
“France have won the world cup!
They are winners,
But we’re not beginners
Football was our game.
Do we deserve the fame?
It was our invention. 116 more words


Dancing in the moonlight

Dancing in the moonlight
everybody’s feeling warm and bright
it’s such a fine and natural sight
everybody’s dancing in the moonlight


Anyone who has ever lived in or near Edgerton will most likely have memories of the Dutch Festival. 721 more words

Previously In My Weekly Column

Finish This Poem - "Lunch"

I sit with all my colleagues
Each afternoon at one.
We show what’s in our lunchbox
It’s quite a lot of fun.
A weekly social catch-up… 75 more words

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