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Barefaced Conversations and Mishaps!

Statutory Warning: In an attempt to honour Trump for his remarkable contribution to mankind with his quack and fake theory; condescending initially until it translates to a joke, this blog takes life. 288 more words


Die For Me

“All I need is a man who will love me and even die for me.. I promise to bury him”

9 more words

Tell you what

A frowsy dratchell meets a drab fustilugs in Fosdyke Drive.

— Awright?

— I could just as well be a feather duster.

— Yes, and I could just as well be a dried fig. 111 more words

Apple a day

Evening, like a widow,
calls forth the soothing dark,
then morning, like a bastard,
upsets the apple cart.

Bruised and battered apples,
bestrewn across the street: 37 more words

Big Mushy Happy Lump by Sarah Andersen

The illustrations are simplistic, the text fairly simple, the humor due to real life experiences – hey, why couldn’t I write an award winning book like that? 172 more words

Graphic Novel