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Cheapskate Concessionaire

The other day, my 16-year-old granddaughter was at Rye Playland amusement park, located in Westchester, NY. Since she is a loyal follower of my blog, she related this tale to me so that I may publish it. 63 more words


I'm The Trend Setter

“La Flor I need your total attention. Please put your iPhone away,” I said.

“Why do we have to do this at Panera? This is not a La Flor kind of place. 397 more words


If you ask me

It seems to me that if they can graft human ears onto a mouse, then it can’t be very difficult to come up with a special button, which… 73 more words

A Price

Without man’s interference, nature had its way.
Tall grass, weeds, and twisted trees galore—
A dilapidated building out by the bay.
Their relationship? Like Jack the Ripper and a whore. 850 more words

Old Writing

I'm Not Managerial Material

I’m tired of the drama. I’ve got more drama than the White House and Congress combined. If it’s not La Flor, it’s Carmela who’s taken up residence. 962 more words


Cute Animal Memes 

Poor fur baby was upset because their bone was broken but this is absolutely cute though

That’s right be strong my little fur buddy

Well I do believe this little doggie is trying to say your feet smells bad like yuck… 546 more words