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Important Cat Jobs by Last Lemon

Being a cat is not just about being cute or beautiful or mysterious. Cats actually have a lot of critically important jobs which us humans tend to take for granted. 10 more words


An Uncomfortable SIT-uation

I hate to bother that fellow while he’s reading, but I wonder if he has any Preparation H.


The Bad Father

I’m a bad father. I know. It’s hard to believe. You look at me and see the ravishingly handsome, talented columnist with interesting eyebrows. Collectively you’re thinking, ‘I’d love it if de Búrca were my father…what with his liberalism, his love of lesbians and other endangered species and his witty, democratic repartee.’ 716 more words

teri yaado'n ne...

teri yaado’n ne neend uda rakhi hai meri raato’n ki,
warna do-pehar 12 bje tak main utth’ta nhi’n