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Cake & satin

I’ve always been artistic
and really quite refined.
My tea is sweet verbena
and my socks are satin-lined.

One likes to nibble fruitcake
while one reads the New York Times, 57 more words

an act of poetic frustration

At the beginning of this adventure,
all things ordained to be pertinent
mingled and milled without
having much idea what they were doing
or where they were to go or that they were… 117 more words




On a cold winter’s morn a baby was born
Coming into this world with the breaking of dawn
The baby was red as it’s poor mother bled… 151 more words



You tell of my life with a stroke of your pen
I can tell by your words, you don’t know me at all
As you pair me with people and places and things… 143 more words


Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is quickly approaching. In fact, the festivities have already begun for many folks. Still, here are some safety tips for you to stay alive and avoid being possessed by evil spirits. 404 more words

What an Autumn deal!

I’ve just heard that my second book, Killing Dylan, is on sale as part of Kindle’s Autumn Deal. At just 99p, that’s got be worth checking out. 163 more words

Book Review | 4 Shorts by Robert Bevan

Four short stories I’ve been waiting to read finally made it into Kindle Unlimited. I grabbed all of them as part of Robert Bevan’s 5D6 release… 317 more words

Book Review