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Pun jab

Oh lawksamussy, Celestine!
What’s a maid to do?
There’s a pahboo in my punjab
and a bulbul in mafoo!

No need to fear, Jocasta dear, 17 more words


On murk

Oh Lor! this is a murky world,
when its features are unfurled:
it’s like living in a cistern with a rat.

Well, at least the rat’s more honest… 15 more words


Family feeling

No, I don’t have time to wipe the blood
Can’t you see I’m busy?
I’m still working on the abdomen,
of dear old Auntie Lizzie. 69 more words



‘So I buried her at midnight
in a suitcase by De Vere,
but I kept her head beside my bed
— my little souvenir.’

Not hard to make this stuff up, 20 more words



Words are so subjective
and their meanings imprecise.
We hear the words we want to hear,
as if they’re uttered twice.

The warden says ‘Get back in line, you narky lout!’ 12 more words


His Argument's a Little Flaky

You think you’re so superior because they put you on a pedestal.  Well, they named a shampoo after ME — Head and Shoulders.

Photo: The Great Hall of the Library of Congress



If I had a bumble bee,
I’d take it for long walks,
into the verdant country
and round the sylvan parks.

Then I’d find the nearest airport… 19 more words