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There were plenty of men
In my life,
But none of them were dutiful.
I declined from being a wife
For none of them were beautiful. 74 more words

Cat in the Wall

When we moved house, some of the drywalling in the basement needed replacing. There was one particular section where a piece about seven-feet high and ten-feet across needed removing. 402 more words

Julian Worker

Best Memes For Today!!

Oh hell yes I sure as hell am done with you lol!!! 😂😂😂😂

Exactly right who the da fuck think you are talking to lol!! 😂😂😂 37 more words



The “sk” combination is difficult for many people to pronounce. That is why they say asterick instead of asterisk. It may also be the reason some people say… 31 more words


All-star show

Cassiopeia is on lead guitar,
Centaurus is on drums,
Virgo toots a saxophone
and Gemini just hums.

Orion is lead singer
in the all-star cosmic show. 50 more words

Morning prayer

At ten to eight I stoop to fate
and gibber out of bed,
praying for an earthquake,
with many thousands dead.

I listen to the BBC, 61 more words

4.29.17 dream haiku

Another dumb night
dumb sequels.