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The answer is: yes. The last line of this post does work on two levels, but I only benefit from one.

It’s Saturday night and my wife and I are watching a romantic film, featuring a couple who are freakishly similar to us when we first started dating. 449 more words


A Cat Explains Ten Ways For Cats To Protect Themselves From Cucumbers by Nicholas Roth

#1: Put a mirror in front of your feeding bowl. Cucumbers generally approach from directly behind and often attack while the victim is eating. Make sure the mirror is above you and tilted downwards so that you can clearly see the floor behind you. 667 more words

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Morning Has Broken.

I hate the way the morning light
Creeps through my curtains, fresh and bright.
It pokes it’s smug and righteous head,
To try and rouse me from my bed. 90 more words


Sparkly socks and cops

At night in the depth of winter, I can usually be found in my jim jams, lounging around the house in one of many rooms, doing quite a lot of nothing. 755 more words


... the Barbarity of It All [#Planned Murderhood scandal]...

.. what Planned Murderhood hath wrought …

.. is what they are about to reap from Congress . There is no way in hell , None , that His Lordship can justify continuing P.M.s federal funding .. 13 more words

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That's Dr. Barista to you!

Hello Chap,

Apologies for the silence over the last couple of weeks, but in my defence I have been very, very busy. The reason for this is because (queue Futurama reference) GOOD NEWS EVERYONE I have a job! 561 more words

Andy Deagon Blah Blah Blah

Below is the cover blurb for my new book – available through smashwords and kindle/amazon. Very proud of it.

Andy Deagon Blah Blah Blah is a story of summer, surfing and freedom. 418 more words