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Mrs Red Is A Naughty Girl!

Mr Red gave Mrs Red a beautifully wrapped box as she climbed out of the car.  “A birthday present I didn’t want the kids to see,” he said with a wicked grin before zooming off. 798 more words


Too much booze for one girl to handle

Yesterday’s clothes
And a sour taste,
Hair unkempt
Dignity misplaced.

Tired and queasy,
Sore head from booze
Sore feet from dancing
In too-high shoes.

Wasted day of… 23 more words


My stomach started somersaulting – 3rd & 4th June 1999

Thursday 3rd P.

I got my photos from the last day of school and stuff back this morning. They’re not too bad actually so I could send them to Adam and Ronan. 289 more words


Moral Mondays: Who put the us in victorious?

‘There’s no “I” in “team”.’ Toby paced the changing room like a caged hamster. ‘But there is an “us” in err …’ Sweat prickled his top lip. 120 more words

What Have I Done?

You may find it of no little interest that my original intention for whatonomy was not that he would become an alter ego for obscure wittering, emotional appeals for a humanist pedagogy and absurdist satire of modern educational mores – like data fetish and conspicuous innovation. 525 more words


The scratches will be worth it

Hawthorn hedgerows and
wild brambles stand in the way
of blackberry jam.

Take a deep breath. Taste
morning toast – know those scratches
hurt, but they’re worth it. 10 more words


Blog Tour - Abe Lincoln On Acid by Brian Anthony and Bill Walker

What’s it all about?:

There are whispers even now that Abraham Lincoln never really died, that a voodoo spell cursed him with a terrible eternal life. 1,118 more words

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