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ode to my trailer

​I miss camping and…

the scent of an open campfire

the coolness of an ocean breeze

the closeness of family

late nights and sleeping in… 126 more words

Family Life

Saying hi to the monsters under your bed.

The other day I did something that truly scared me. And when I say truly scared me I’m talking out of my comfort zone and into my zone of sweat-inducing, hand-shaking, throat-swelling fear as opposed to my usual, mild state of caution at all things that aren’t puppies. 1,252 more words


Breaking Bad (habits)

A word on anxiety and perfection, if I may. I’m no stranger to anxiety, sometimes it is more pressing and obvious but generally it has been a beast that I’ve tamed with talking, medication and time. 686 more words

Mental Health

Goldfish Reflections

I’m a freshwater gal,
prefer murky, stagnant
pools to the onrush
of rapids, currents

annoy me, challenge
my delicate body,
content to feed off
lanky foliage, swim… 156 more words




Saturday night fun?
Yes please


#amwriting #amediting #mikee thoughts

Mi Kee is something I haven’t really explored beyond original ideas and that I have several books in mind.

Mioned and the bandages needs to stay within the story and not external politics as I keep taking the plot into the UK bunch of idiots… 135 more words

Fiction Writing