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Butt Of The Joke

…Or maybe ‘joke of the butt’ would be a more appropriate title.  Yes, I had a colonoscopy last week, and an upper GI scope at the same time – I suspect they shook hands in the middle.  536 more words

Diane Henders

'Just Saying How It Is' comes to Camden Fringe Aug 12-14.

‘Just Saying How It Is’ comes to Camden Fringe

CamdenFringe.         Rabbit Hole NW3 Theatre, Duke of Hamilton, Hampstead.

Aug12-14 9pm.


Carol Robson

One liner Wednesday: Alternative dictionary...

Today’s entry in the alternative dictionary is inspired by an icon of glamour, fashion and unfeasible body shape;

“Doldrums” – Barbie’s depressed percussion section.


Pingback to Linda G Hill.


Friday Fictioneers : Attack of the Trolley Trolls


‘How did they get there?’ said Steph.

Nick shrugged.

‘I mean, I know idiots throw them in the canal.’ She looked out at the expanse of shimmering grey water.  237 more words

Dear Walmart

123 Main Street
Somewhere Hot in July 
E1E 1O1

456 Main Street
Somewhere in Head Office Land

A Very Hot Day in July, 2016… 548 more words


He wears tight trousers - 7th-9th April 1999

Thursday 6th I got absolutely drenched this evening coz I went with Hayley to watch her little nephew playing football. They were all so cute and pretty crap at goalkeeping! 583 more words


OK Google! You're really pissing me off now!

A couple of weeks ago I discovered the joy of talking to my phone,  and having it answer me back!

I’ve used the voice to speech function before where you enter by talking instead of typing,  but “OK Google” is completely different. 471 more words

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