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Dreams are strange things. People say they relate to things on your mind, but I’m still not sure if I believe that. At least it doesn’t seem too apply for me. 79 more words

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The Village Tales Of Fekenham Swarberry - At The Frog And Radiator

The Village Tales Of Fekenham Swarberrry – Book One Continued

The following evening Elvis Linkthorpe slid into the Frog and Radiator amid a fug of marijuana smoke that gathered around him like a green/grey cloak. 2,117 more words


Mobile game!? Piano Tiles!

Since I said that I don’t play games or download apps for my phone, I’ve ended up downloading three apps, which is three more than I would usually download. 213 more words

Musings & Personal

When you’re in a predicament but you keep a positive outlook.

Halp plees


Ways in which procrastination is actually useful

Everyone know how bad procrastinating is. And we still all do it. And then we get annoyed at ourselves for doing, we swear we are never going to do it again and then we just do it all over again at the next chance. 532 more words


Market day!

Market day on Wilhelm’s platz,

Greedy cats seeking scraps,

Buy your meat straight from the farmer,

The cheese man is quite a charmer.

Stop and have a glass of wine, 70 more words



When I worked, which now seems a long time ago, Friday was the end of the working week and the start of the weekend. You looked forward to lie-ins and taking it easy, catching up on jobs around the house, meeting friends and going to the pub. 493 more words