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Prompt, but Wrong Directions and Late Arrival; Sad!

Day 23 (Repeat, on correct prompt!)

Do you know what I did gone and doned for the 23rd? I repeated the prompt for 2017! All the while I was thinking, ‘But surely we did something like this last year?’ 250 more words


Sad, pathetic, childish, twisted little cow – 6th July 2000

Thursday 6th I didn’t go to college again today cos I’m feeling rotten again. :( I think kickboxing finished me off last night, even though it was good! 829 more words


With friends like this.–Jay Goldberg

OMG. Sometimes having your lawyer add his own 2 bobs worth is not especially helpful. By the time Jay Goldberg has finished his Trump-like musings, he has basically said the Michael Cohen would not enjoy having an interracial "friends with benefits" relationship in his prison love nest. 361 more words


Millions of Barclaycard holders eligible for free butt plugs

Banking giants, Barclay’s, have announced that a recently introduced scheme to encourage customers to sign up for one of their credit cards will include a free butt plug for anyone registering for a card before May 1. 114 more words


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I was so relieved that he’s still alive! – 5th July 2000

Wednesday 5th :) Okay, I’m a bit happier now that I was yesterday! The reason being that Jake sent me a message at 7:42 am explaining why he hasn’t been in touch. 588 more words


Meghan under fire over Jeremy Corbyn chest tattoo

There was concern in royal circles last night after Prince Harry’s future bride, Meghan Markle, told The Mail On Sunday that she’d had a likeness of leftie Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, tattooed on her chest. 169 more words


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Lying lost and injured (or worse!) – 4th July 2000

Tuesday 4th I didn’t go to college today cos Mum made me stay at home cos I’ve got a really, really sore throat. So, because I’ve been bored all day, I’ve had plenty of time to worry! 468 more words