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Playing Card Festival at Willoughby Waterless

Playing cards have played an important role in people’s lives for centuries. The Playing Card Festival has been held annually since 1682 to celebrate all the non-gambling uses that playing cards can be used for. 230 more words


I Don't Speak English -- Anymore

I don’t speak English anymore.  Apparently, for some years now, I’ve been speaking a dying dialect from the 20th century which hasn’t been English since Brad jumped from Jennifer to Jolie.  444 more words

Popular Culture

Friday funny– Commercial Max Walker

This week saw the passing of the fabulous cricketer, Max “Tangles” Walker which surprised just about everyone. Here is one of his adverts from way back when. 41 more words


Kooky wrangles with Mickey Mouse

Today the culling began in earnest for our move to the country.  Mr Smarts and I were very gung-ho, but the Smarties were bored within the first five minutes. 
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15 things that happen in your mid-20's

The midlife crisis is a well-known phenomenon; you may even know somebody that’s fallen prey to it and has suddenly developed a large collection of Hawaiian shirts, leather trousers or rock’n’roll compilation CD’s. 496 more words


Nice Social Media Profile Picture! Oh... Err...

A few (months/weeks/days/hours)* ago I saw a friend request on Facebook. I looked at their profile which indicated that they were kind-of in my technical arena and the profile picture made me think “Wow – that’s an attractive person!” and I was about to click on the accept button. 740 more words

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