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Opportunities Gained and Lost

My day was sabotaged, in between normal collection-from-school and pool cleaning and editing tasks, by the observation by Much Better Half that a drain kept drizzling although rain had only reigned some time ago.  386 more words


Is That Real Bad Time for Donald #Trump ?

Some Clinton fans pretend they have found  evidence, that Donald tried to grab #Paris’ pussy, when attending college.

Can it be true ?

A sex tape floating in the web shows Paris flirting with a red-haired handsome, and she seems to be in her college time in the film, but was it … at Wharton ?

The Way We Were

As I grow older I often wonder whether, knowing what I know now, I would like to start my life all over again?  Probably not, but one thing I would like back is my body … 48 more words


#UPDATE - #PoliticalMemes (Part 3)

Please Note: I will be adding more today and tomorrow. Check back when you can!


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I thought this was very amusing.

Our amazing galaxy - and our not quite so amazing Eric Idle (though he's pretty amazing!)

Eric Idle is an idol of mine.

Monty Python brightened up my days as a youth and altered comedy from mindless Sit Com to something more alternative with more bite. 274 more words


Doesn't take much to make this girl happy

not sure you’re
all good
but when
they told
you today that
did good
that was good
enough 79 more words


What else am I going to remember?!!?!! – 13th July 1999

Tuesday 13th I went to the primary school all day coz they were having a Sports Day run-through in the morning and I got roped into painting crocodiles in the afternoon. 445 more words