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Oh to be flat chested!! The joys of buying a bra.

I am so envious of women with small boobs and those with pert bazookers make me insanely jealous. Why me? Why do I have to put up with such heavy boobage? 457 more words

Expect The Unexpected

The Ledge of experience

It was the first time   i had attempted anything on this scale  before ..my brothers had spoken in hushed tones of a primal urge in us all …to go beyond  the imagined,  into a place that most of us  only dreamed ….today was that day ..why ? 279 more words


The 3 a.m. Litterateur by Tony Conaway

The snow reflects the moonlight and the sound of my boots.  “I am,” I mutter to myself, “Zhivago, tromping from Yuriatin back to Moscow in the unforgiving Russian winter.” 830 more words

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A Soggy Scene

Today, it rained.  It did a lot of that.  Then, pleased with its efforts, it did it a considerable bit more.

Here is a picture taken by Younger Daughter on her way back from work.   71 more words


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Short skirts,
Too-high heels that hurt.
But you smile, turn heads,
Get old men into unmade beds.
Lie for the night
Seems like you’ve done everything right. 47 more words


... Be Careeful What You Wish For [#$15 minimum wage]...

.. you might actually get it …

.. lest we forget , people tend to forget the Law of Unintended Consequences..

.. ..
.. to the cartoon … 21 more words

Personal Opinion

He wants me to phone or write - 4th April 1999

Sunday 4th I’ve not done much revision yet. I should be but I just can’t bring myself to sit down and work. That fact that it’s been really sunny hasn’t helped. 407 more words