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GUEST POST: And God Belched by Rob Rosen

Hello Because Two Men Are Better Than One readers! If you’re looking for a laugh, for some romance with a bit of heat, for a truly unique book, then I invite you to check out my twelfth (and, dare I say, best) novel, … 1,314 more words

M/m Romance

Grammatical Gripes - Part 1 (of many.....)

OK- so to christen the new site, here’s a number of gripes I have with the misuse of language. If anybody dares say ‘yes but language is a living, breathing and evolving structure’ I fully accept and understand this much quoted phrase, however evolving is by definition a smooth and relatively slow process, whereas many ‘changes’ in usage come about through sheer ignorance of correct usage – personally I’d rather not have errors ensconced as a sign of verbal progress. 254 more words


oxford dictionary

so they added a few new words to the dictionary; ‘in vino veritas’ (perpetual state of intoxication) in particular caught my attention, though as I prefer beer to wine, I feel that I am left out.

#In cervesia veritas


lesser water boatman

there’s a tiny little male insect, a few millimetres long, that attracts females by rubbing its penis against its abdomen. Amazingly, this creates as much noise as a car engine! 20 more words