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First Word Destiny

I was born, I said my first word.

You must believe me; I know it’s absurd!

I said  “axolotl” after much teaching!

My dad & his friend just kept up the preaching. 284 more words


Politician and an Intelligent Girl

A politician was seated next to a little girl on an airplane so he turned to her and said,
“Do you want to talk? Flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.” 157 more words

Daily Life


I admire the way you look
through my glass of white wine
upside down.
How do you do that?
Defying gravity,
or maybe it’s just me
floating away.


#SoCS - The Artful Dodger

When I came up with this week’s prompt, my outlook on “art” was so very plain. I was thinking, you know, art, music, writing… the “arts.” But now that I’m writing this post I’m realizing that everyone has an art that they’re good at. 358 more words


School mornings - the struggle is REAL

Getting three children dressed and ready to leave the house is an epic task.

You know that movie, 50 First Dates? Where Drew Barrymore suffers a head injury and each day when she wakes, all her memories have gone? 1,513 more words

About Losing...Um...You Know...IT!

This article was prompted by a documentary on SBS by a woman who investigated the rather ridiculous over-emphasis we place on virginity. It set me thinking about my own unique journey, which was, in many ways, influenced by concepts of social “norms”. 3,414 more words


My day: as reviewed by Dorothy Parker

8am: read a book while eating breakfast

God, the bitter misery that reading works in this world! Everybody knows that – everybody who is everybody. All the best minds have been off reading for years. 872 more words

Blathering About Nothing