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Toying With You

One’s heart would be black,
To induce a cardiac—
With cats’ life-sized rat.


Everyday Poems

Perdues a Ruisbroek ou le goût exquis des gâteaux de Starbucks


— J’ai le temps de prendre un café ?

— D’accord, mais en vitesse, il faut pas rater le train.

Deux femmes se dirigent vers le Starbucks de la Gare Centrale. 1,661 more words


On marketing to different age groups

None of this will be relevant by the time you are reading this. Such is the nature of this ever changing world in which we live in.


The Day (I Wished) The Music Died

The pain was excruciating.  No human should have to withstand, let alone, tolerate one single second of such horror.   I was trapped in the last… 563 more words

Cake v Biscuit v Spock

Who ever thought of Jaffa cakes

They must have been quite bright

For Jaffa cakes are tasty

And oh so ever light

So thank you for this tasty gift… 19 more words

La Méditation Dangereuse

Dans mes articles, j’écris souvent des choses pas rigolotes…alors, aujourd’hui, plutôt que d’écrire pendant des heures, voici une vidéo parlant d’une activité qui me tient à cœur…et il faut le dire…qui m’aide beaucoup à gérer mes crises de névralgies du trijumeau iatrogènes: 49 more words

Second Hand Dealer

Just before you go,
can I interest you 
in pieces of my broken heart?
Some of it is worth saving
and other bits...just shards 
(results of little accidents
with mistaken love
that I foolishly repeated)
Sorrow fits me like a glove! 68 more words
Attempts At Poetry