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Moonshine Greenberg and The Bad Acid Trip

Little Marcie Greenberg, a nice little girl from Queens
Her hometown didn’t have enough for her big city dreams
She hopped into a flowered van that said ‘Death before disco!’ 270 more words


Can, Bottle, iPhone

Going for a walk by myself makes me feel like a loser.  I don’t have a dog on the end of a leash, or a stroller to push.   122 more words


The guy at table 9

“You’re not even listening to me are you?”

She does that a lot; makes a statement pretending it’s a question. That’s the kind of passive aggressive bullshit women always do. 899 more words


The Seven Ages of Man - seventh in Devon reflects first in Melbourne

Thought of this on seeing my husband’s niece’s Facebook post about her first child…

“At first the infant,Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.”

…contrasted with the dearly loved great-grandfather of said infant, who lives on – and on – safely ten thousand, six hundred and seventy two miles away – with us: … 35 more words


Dad Joke of the day

Q – What thinks the unthinkable?

A – The itheberg.


Getting High on Light

I might look like a useless window, but every day the home owner puts a stepladder on the landing and spends hours staring out.  Gives new meaning to the phrase, “Get a Life.”