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The best

Although it’s still hard to go past this classic:


5 things my study table thinks about

Have you ever tried to think what your study table thinks about you or about the way you misuse her? It might me possible that it feels rejected, dejected and neglected lying in that desolate corner, unused. 647 more words


Useless Slave 

Turns out he was looking for a new master. Apparently I was the one he wanted.

I suppose I was the unlucky one in this scenario. 410 more words

Short Story

The Winning Book for January!

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher

by Dana Alison Levy

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher has many realistic characters. They may make mistakes, but they are still very likeable.  12 more words



The inventor of the world’s first organic coffins made entirely out of vegetables has diedMay he rest in peas


That Time

My entire body, being caressed tenderly by the most gentle touch, began to slip into an almost orgasmic state of perfection. From head to toe, every skin cell upon my delicate body was being fondled lovingly. 168 more words

Short Story