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Zoos Of The Week

I haven’t been to a zoo in a long while. The truth is I find them a tad depressing and a bit boring, especially now as it is infra-dig to wander around in an animal onesie. 188 more words


The Best Writers Are Onion Peelers by MICHAEL GROTHAUS


Author of: EPIPHANY JONES (2016)

On the web: www.michaelgrothaus.com

On Twitter: @michaelgrothaus

Epiphany Jones, I’ve been told, is hard to categorize. When I ask people who have read it what kind of book they think it is they’ve replied “psychological thriller”, “literary fiction”, “crime”, “social satire”, “dark comedy”, “transgressive fiction”, and “a redemption story”. 670 more words

Crime Fiction

EPIPHANY JONES by Michael Grothaus


Michael Grothaus (www.michaelgrothaus.com)

Orenda Books (orendabooks.co.uk)


Tonight I’m having sex with Audrey Hepburn.

Jerry Dresden is something of a loner.

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Crime Fiction

What I Hated the Least Today 150/365: Lifestyle

I’m scared of people who take a perfectly normal thing, like eating or exercising, and turn it into a whole lifestyle, so making it somewhat abnormal. 194 more words


Author Interview: Jean Burnett

Today I am chatting to the author of the wonderful Pride and Prejudice ‘spin-off’ novels, Jean Burnett. Jean has just released The Bad Miss Bennet Abroad with Canelo (get your copy… 682 more words

Author Interview

一九八四 : A Chinese Dystopia

It was a crisp, pollution-free, April morning and the clocks were striking thirteen.

Xiao Wang walked huddled down Sino-Japanese Friendship Road, above him on a huge billboard the words “Big Brother doesn’t care what you do, relax man” were emblazoned over a drawing of children from every nation holding hands. 256 more words