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(Note: This is my Hindustan Times column dated 2nd Aug 2015.)

Today we celebrate Friendship Day in India, and by ‘we’, I mean teenagers and people who watch Bindass TV un-ironically. 695 more words


Around the World/ Let it Rain

What a crazy journey. Have finally arrived, miraculously with all my luggage, at Nadi. That was potentially the longest single journey I’ve ever done: Night in Newark; Long stopover and surreal brief few hours wandering around LA; a fair stint in Auckland then finally touch down into rainy Fiji. 446 more words


TRAVELLER ZOO - Urbis cyclisti instabile

In towns that offer public bicycles, you may spot pairs of these intrepid visitors, uncertainly reading instructions and pressing buttons at the parking stations, then wobbling unsteadily through speeding traffic on their clunky steeds. 27 more words



One of the wonderful gifts that comes with double digit birthdays beginning with a 5 (or sometimes a 4), is the imperceptible onset of creakiness.  It is just so unfair, I have spent years going to the gym, skiing, running and trying to stay active and inspite of everything, my joints are starting to protest at what used to be perfectly normal activities.   847 more words


The Tortoise and the Hare

I like Aesop. And his fables. I particularly like the tortoise and the hare. You know the one. They have a race. The hare is cocky and over confident. 832 more words


Losing the Battle Against Adulthood

Do you ever find yourself wondering when you became an adult? According to the law that happens when you turn 18 or 21, but it’s not like a switch suddenly flips in your brain on your birthday. 339 more words