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One-Liner Wednesday - It's a Friendly Appliance

Every time I broil something on maximum in my oven, I’m overwhelmed with the urge to say “hello” to it.

*photo shows oven on “hi.” 229 more words


Groan-worthy Swedish humour in the city of Gothenburg

Humour is one of the things that often doesn’t translate too well interculturally. Sarcastic, ironic humour is one example – which can be perceived as rude by other cultures. 324 more words


Daily Funny - Day #346

“The Doctor just told me I’m colour blind!”

   “What? You didn’t realise till now??”

“No – it came totally out of the purple!”


Salad Bar

So you really think its busted.
stage left, the sandwich ruste.d
is it at an end
my feta friend,
my pickle in the mustard?
so finely in your blender… 13 more words

Free Verse

The problem isn’t Fixed.

Schwinn Fixed Gear

For many years I’ve owned, what was, at the time of purchase, a decent, mid-level, rigid mountain bike. I used this bike quite regularly, but not as much in the early days as I did later. 1,168 more words