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Short Story: The Traditional Way to Greet Your Superiors

Genre: humour

“The traditional way to greet your superiors here is to spin one circle and offer booze,” the redhead said.

His brunette colleague, who had just joined them, whacked the back of his head. 109 more words

Creative Writing

Edward II, And What Others Did About Him

Edward is not recorded as being a very good king and thus gives much opportunity for folk to right about his reign.

Had Life and Fate been kinder to him, Edward who became Edward II would have been a merely eccentric minor scion of the Plantagenets noted for his propensity to keep hunting dogs and indulge in rural management and maintenance, however as his three elder brothers died in infancy he was stuck with the job of being King of England. 2,760 more words

​Dum Scribo Spero - Guest Post by Sarah Clegg

Sarah Clegg is the final winner of this year’s series of weekly challenges to contribute a guest post to Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins. She’s also a new blogger! 932 more words

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My very first guest post! Thanks for having me, Jenny!

I'll have a brew

Today’s poem is for the Tea lovers of the world as the daily prompt is ‘Tea’.

I’ll have a brew

Indian leaves hand picked infused to stew… 97 more words


Love Letter To Swearing

I love to swear

that’s a fact.

and it is sweet.
It’s unladylike! You say.

Inarticulate swine!

And you’re right it is, truly, a shame! 125 more words


Summer holidays.

Summer holidays.
Day: 1.
Meltdowns: 0.
Anxiety: minimal.

We got this! 👍

All was quiet, all was calm.
Flapjack was made……and eaten.

My girl engaged, joined in, took charge. 11 more words

Chicken and Chips

Bought some corn chips in Germany and they were foul. The rest of the packet has been sitting in the cupboard for the longest time. No-one wants to eat them. 61 more words