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Junior Earplug Adventures: The Missing (Part 32)

It was at this point, when it appeared  that all was lost and destruction was assured, that salvation raised its handsome head above the parapet. Sinclair Brooch looked up from hiding his face in his hands in time to see… 223 more words

Digital Photography

New Tattoo Enables Man To Force Coworkers To Make Approving Noises As He Undresses

“Hey,” a guy with a fresh tattoo he can’t wait to show someone says to a co-worker as she joins him at the coffee machine. 220 more words


Sticking my neck out.

I’ve had some bloody stupid injuries in my time, but the latest one is possibly the most inane and painful of all.

I had a pretty good weekend; I went to the fair with Audrey on Friday after stopping in at the pub for a quick pint; Rhonda managed to get Saturday evening off for a change so we went to the carnival for a wander round (until it rained); there was a Grand Prix on Sunday (Vettel crashed, Ha!), the sun came out and I spent the afternoon in the garden doing some writing. 545 more words


The Kimono Dragon: Out For Justice

The Humble Abode of The Kimono Dragon

Shaolin City

11:20 pm

The front door was flung open and, hanging onto the door handle for support, The Kimono Dragon staggered in. 2,171 more words


International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Because I love weird things I’ve decided to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day this year. The “holiday” is celebrated every September 19th. Who knew? 39 more words


Braving the morning

Glorious future

bubbled, then popped like a gum

as the alarm blared