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Gregory's Bible Stories: The Murmuring Mumblers

Welcome, Dear Readers, to this Sunday’s edition of Gregory’s Bible Stories.  Every Sunday Gregory attends Sunday school and every Sunday he comes home and retells what he learned.   631 more words


Jealousy, Jealously, Jelly Beans

In this quiet moment, a Sunday evening in the breakroom of the local community blood center, one ponders the tragicomedy we call a society, where the perception of one’s place as a temporary confluence of sets of states of energy is like a morning fog, a label for congregated globulets of hydrogen and oxygen atoms naturally attracted to one another, a density of visual impairment we may describe in tones of romance (two lovers walk hand-in-hang along the fog-enshrouded Seine), suspense (the detective lost track of the murder suspect in the pea soup floating over London), mysticism (the Buddha manifestation flowed down the Indus Valley with the warmth of lotus petals)… 111 more words

Caught between two worlds.

This morning a friend in Ireland was telling me about her weekend. Nothing unusual there except that aside from the giggles this story gave me, I also happened to get a wee bit weepy. 1,452 more words

Fifty shades of blue

Since we’ve moved homes, we had to redo the kitchen. We did have a perfectly functioning kitchen but Hubby wasn’t happy with it. Our last home reno unleashed the inner decorator in him and the kitchen had to change. 368 more words


Does Nicolas Cage Know he's Nicolas Cage?

Does Nicolas Cage Know he’s Nicolas Cage?

A poorly formated screenplay based off of a Reddit writing prompt about Nicholas Cage not knowing he’s an actor and just thinking that sometimes people film him and that money just shows up in his bank account.


News flash

I am a gifted writer. Don’t believe me? Read my blog…

Posted from somewhere amongst the tangled interwebs….


Don't Bring Your Guns

American Thanksgiving has come and gone — as has the Canadian one. Gill, since she couldn’t come home for our celebration, created her own version of Thanksgiving with friends in Bristol last weekend — halfway between the Canadian and American holidays. 1,046 more words