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John Likes Nobody - Part Two: Sarah's Scheming

MY INITIAL thoughts about John were that he was most likely, in his spare time, an axe murderer. I couldn’t not picture him in blood-splattered clothes, his face covered in dots of red resembling a teenager’s acne, a fire axe resting on the floor as he stares at the mangled corpse by his feet. 2,119 more words


Suddenly Clickbait Gets Me Worried

So then I saw this ad.

Um … who … uh … is it dead people? Dead people are going bankrupt at surprising rates? What rate of dead-person bankruptcy wouldn’t be surprising? 147 more words


It doesn't matter their age - Part 2

So my vibrant neighbor moved on from her first online dating disaster pretty quickly. She met a new guy on match (her age, 75), had had her first date with him and when we were chatting about it, she told me she was thinking of moving in with him after the holidays. 251 more words

Crazy with Power

In my life I have never abused my power, mostly because I never had much but now I am in a position to do so. The volunteer agency has bestowed upon me a handicap parking permit which allows me to park my car in those oversized parking spaces sufficient for the most obese of persons to comfortably move around in between vehicles. 244 more words


Two Small Dogs


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Danny over at Dream Big shared this little gem! Ha, ha, I love Gary Larson! Lydia!

The Pizza Man

My wind was a torrent of darkness inside my hungry gut,

My face was a ghastly turquoise: I’d been really in a rut,

My order had been misplaced when I’d phoned an hour before, 104 more words


A Losing Battle

Twice a day for twelve years, Smudge would diligently scratch my lounge or dining room rugs, and then roll over expecting me to pat his belly. 224 more words