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The Wardrobe

This morning, county folk of West Yorkshire prised open still weary eyes to a visual canvas of snow. To be clear, the scenes of which I write were the outdoor view from the populous’ bedroom windows, not that people had woke to a sleeping chamber full of the cold, white stuff….. 519 more words


How Real Is Reality TV?

Lame Question….(I know😅)

I mean how much are they paying these people to do all that crazy stuff for TV? Or maybe a better question to ask is who the heck comes up with these reality TV shows ideas. 391 more words


Researchers use stop-light cameras to reduce fuel consumption of less-efficient vehicles via traffic management

The less efficient the vehicle, the shorter the wait at the traffic lights, and vice versa – electric cars and newer vehicles must wait longer. So the incentive lies with inefficiency – genius! 179 more words


Vampire Candy

My friend and I were on Parramatta Road in Sydney one day looking at musical instruments we couldn’t afford. Stepping off the busy street and into a cafe for a drink, we came face to face with a vampire. 326 more words


Fin de Saucisson

We’re now in the last week of February 2020 and I have clearly missed my goal of making sure I post something on this blog every Monday. 393 more words