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“Dad, why are you so cute?”

“Why, thanks James.”

“Like a pig.”


I was shocked when some kid licked my arm while standing in line today…

I was shocked when some kid licked my arm while standing in line today…


Cats' Fur Anger: A Facade...


That could be me! The technique I adopt is almost identical, though I do have a bit of a problem replicating the Dracula-esque teeth! 214 more words

Daily Prompt


The fever,

it left me last night.

I was devastated,

even heart-broken.

The snivelling, sniffling cold that it

left behind was never going

to replace it. 163 more words


Sales of Anti-Diarrhoea Remedies Peak as More Soccer Bosses Face Exposure

According to The British Pharmaceutical Society, sales of stomach calming products, such as, Immodium and Kaolin and Morphine have soared in the last week following the exposure of England soccer boss, Sam Allardyce, by The Daily Telegraph who have threatened to reveal further corruption amongst top level officials and managers later this week. 88 more words


Why I'm Excited For The Box Office This Weekend

Dylan O’Brien.

That’s all I have to say to grab your attention, right?

He’s the pooch-faced cutie that gives Teen Wolf the charismatic tone it needs to distract from the unrealistic subplots. 170 more words

Fingers and toes

Dancing toes are happy things;

they often ignore common sense:

they enjoy a sense of their own.

It’s called rhythm, sometimes;

other times it’s just… 100 more words