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Short Thought 039

I loathe cooking and having to cook. Yet I’m totally into meal prepping.

Go figure.


Got any rabbits?

For us this old rabbit truck was a reminder of our childhood.


Sworn Single

I got the pointer every daughter of Africa dreaded at a restaurant during lunch. Mine was unique though, in that it was initiated by an uncle, not the overzealous aunts. 1,381 more words

The Never Ending Road Trip

So I started writing about my Thanksgiving road trip at least three major holidays ago (Valentines, New Years, and Christmas).

This road trip was a total of five days. 1,209 more words


One-Liner Wednesday - The F-Word

Last week, sitting in a restaurant beside a mother with two daughters, aged about five and eight years old, I overheard:

Five-year-old: I said the f-word by accident yesterday.

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Plus ├ža change

Given the current focus this item from Yes, Prime Minister came to mind

word of the day

Apparently, it’s in the Oxford Dictionary now. Imagine that.

Apologies are annoying aren’t they? We spend a lot of time thinking we need them and when (or if) they come, we’re not satisfied. 459 more words