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March 3, 2015

…and wears a catheter.

It seems wherever I go, now, women have increasingly larger and larger water bottles on their desks. At some point there has to be counter trend, right? 9 more words


In Voice: It's the Beer Talking

“I don’t like the look of him, son.”


“It’s the limp.”

“Have you got a biased against people with a peg leg.”

“Not generally, just him.” 172 more words


Security Career Woes of Inchcock: Escorting the Prisoner

After my being on the minimum wage for so long, it came as a surprise to me when the boss asked if I’d like to do a higher paid assignment for that day. 649 more words


Life Imitating Art Imitating Life...?

I snapped this the other morning with my little Lumix ‘point and shoot’. It’s the view from our bedroom window. The light was extraordinary, and when I looked at the image again it reminded me of  René Magritte’s… 60 more words


Lewed, febelly and as wel grosse

At two in the afternoon on 2nd November 934 A.D. King Aethelstan, first king of England, looked northwards surveying his domain which then meant everything north of where he stood minus Staverton airport. 203 more words