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Fun-ky - Fun is the key

A culture has fun when it takes its memories, its teachings and its contrasts. And turns them into humour. Into freshness. And into positivity.

I was lucky enough to visit Wellington, New Zealand and see this for myself. 10 more words

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Earplug Adventures: Interlude upon Mars (part 15)

Following the excitement of the meteoroid intercept, life aboard Ship Number Fifteen took on a more relaxed stance. In the case of Eco-Girl…

…it was upon the Personality Wave Generator, which was a machine that perfectly matched earplug personality waves, much like the ‘Love Machine’ that Valentine and Wah-Hey used in the late, and very lamented, Eyewash Station exhibit. 487 more words

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Nihilistic Password Security Questions

A spoof from McSweeney’s on this Friday, because… what if the questions were that much more memorable? Excerpt below, check out the full short post for all of them: 26 more words

Some Swearing Ahead

Am I a bad person because I can’t stop laughing and watching this and figured out how to embed it into a post? …


Beating the monthly beast

Yup. It’s that time again. Don’t pretend you don’t know.
One day you are feeling normal (whatever that looks like to you) the next, you are crying because the end came off your shoelace, and the whole world is conspiring to piss you off, one pain in the arse move at a time. 676 more words