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Jodorowsky's Dune

When a visionary genius tries to make a mind-blowing movie about a popular young man who is fond of spice and worms, he is thwarted by a bunch of accountants. 11 more words


That Awesome Road Trip

Note: This is a speech I delivered at Toastmasters meeting from “Humorously Speaking series”

Road trips are fun. Last summer, 2 of my friends and I decided to do a road trip to cover 50 kms by bike (bicycle). 749 more words


What happens when you have shippers

I graduated yesterday! @bittersweetselene, being the darling she is, came to my graduation ceremony. Although I know her true motive — to meet quiet boy. 31 more words


I was told to use my sense of humour - and I WARNED them!!

Today, I shocked my students during a trip to the Science Museum. They asked excitedly: ‘Sir, what are we doing next?’ I replied: ‘We’re going to search the building for the three students I lost last year.’ Later, a head count revealed that one student was (temporarily) missing. 45 more words


Snowpiercer - Film Review

When several angry passengers in third class get tired of the food, Captain America tries to upgrade them to first class, but Ed Harris sends Tilda Swinton, an army of axe-wielding henchmen and one unlucky fish to stop them while a post-apocalyptic ice age rages outside. 22 more words


True Detective

In a land of deep darkness, two bickering boy scouts compete for the honour badge while chasing an abstract taxidermist who leaves behind a trail of unpopular sculptures with evocative music playing in the background. 15 more words


Sarcastic Sam saps strength

Last night’s ramblings about the stereotypes in Fireman Sam I hope will now become a bit more obvious. You see I really don’t think a children’s TV programme is instilling negative stereotypes in our children and nor do I think Norman’s mum is neglecting him for the single men of Pontypandy. 790 more words

Some Light Relief