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Autumn Sunrise

When I took this photo I caught the low, early morning sunrise bathing the trees with yellow light and highlighting that autumn is right around the corner. 86 more words


2010/2011 - The End of The World as I Knew It, and I Feel Tired.

The first year of parenthood. I had read all the books, completed a bachelor degree in education with units on human development and special needs. I knew what bad parents were and how I was going the be a better one. 738 more words


Would also work in the UK! Someone tell Mr Cameron, mr Milliband, and the other guy:

Subject: Grumpy old folks fix Australia

Absolutely love this, who-ever thought it up is a genius, they need congratulating. 692 more words

China 17: Face to face with 1,000 Buddhas

Continuing my 1985 diary of a trip to China

Check into Dunhuang’s hotel which, unlike the hostel, does have running water.  And it is hot. Showers all round! 720 more words


Too chicken for YouTube

Recently I was toying with the idea of starting a YouTube channel and vlogging (or video blogging) on there. I’ll be honest, I’ve heard the term “YouTube millionaire” thrown about so much I was more than tempted to try to join the club. 649 more words

Random Ramblings

Negative Earworms

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head that drives you insane? Of course you have. Every now and again we find ourselves humming a song that we absolute detest and the more we try to ignore it or ‘change the channell’ by listening to something else, the louder that terrible song gets. 526 more words


It Is Supposed to Tie In The Back.

With all the medical advancements made over the past few decades how come no-one has come up with a better idea than the “tie in the back” hospital gown?   1,090 more words

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