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Sometimes you seem so remote… And it makes me reevaluate our relationship.

Illustrated Puns

The Expert

meetings at work are generally a pain

this vid is a reminder of just what I am (thankfully) missing now I’ve retired . . . 17 more words


Thought For A Wednesday

Just a reminder for those who disparage meat eaters…

Hey, lighten up – it’s a joke!

(Disclaimer: These days it seems there is nothing that someone doesn’t take offence with. 47 more words


On being a furry grandmother...

Quite what came over me, I’ll never know… but it seemed like a good idea. I was wrapping my granddaughter’s birthday presents when it occurred to me… they were all all the princessy things which she loves, to play dressing-up. 659 more words


Enjoy the Fabulous Humour of Brian Lageose

1. Thelma and Bleu Cheese An unhappily-married woman gets fed up with, well, everything, so she hops in a car and decides to just drive places and see what happens.

33 more words