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The Wonders of the Universe Dream

My life is just one big game. No, literally. Or at least it was in this dream. I was on a team with the cast of Community, exploring a submerged and ruinous world in our little jet-ski-motorboat hybrid. 1,034 more words

Creative Writing

My Snap Happy Son

My three year old has discovered (and therefore I have just discovered) that one can take photos on one’s iPad without unlocking said iPad.

My son thinks this is amazing. 281 more words

The Light Fantastic - Terry Pratchett (Book Review)

I bought the second in the Discworld series after enjoying the first one. The ease in reading this, and the light-heartedness of the stories, have become something I look forward to between reading more challenging books: 250 more words

Book Reviews

A Short Sighted Police Officer Called Mia

A short sighted police officer called Mia
Arrested a young lady named Tia.
On taking another look,
She said “I mistook
You for my nemesis Maria!”


Day One OR 'In-awww yeah-guration, am I right?'

Wow. Here we are, folks! I, Donald ‘The Donald’ Trump am President of the United States. A Golden Dawn* has risen across all the Americas. By which I mean the United States of America. 542 more words

Donald Trump