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Instant Karma du Jour

Life Lesson:
It never pays to get outraged and overexcited about the little things. You just wind up looking ridiculous.


Playa Del Carmen

Oh Playa Del Carmen, you were wonderful. It was however, a rocky start. We couldn’t find the address, then when we finally did my dad couldn’t remember how to get into the house we were staying at.   354 more words


A day when plastic bags were worn

Some bollix has found the factory reset button on the weather machine…


Parenting with style

I am an awesome parent.

Of course, some days I end up putting the remote in the toaster or feeding my child rice crispies for dinner, but it’s never out of malign intent. 254 more words


The Birds and the Beasts

I like running in Sugarhouse park for a number of reasons.  I know that two laps plus the interior driveway into the parking lot equals one 5k.  1,922 more words