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Hump of the week they say… I have subtracted my bills and it’s defo going to be a hump until next pay day :(

Anyways I have decided to go back writing… my own autobiography… with spelling mstakes haha

Mi "hump".

Nuestra mente es el lugar más explorado y menos conocido. Pasamos 24h diarias en ella y aún así sabemos bastante poco. Nuestras emociones, nuestros recuerdos, nuestros sentimientos están todos homologados en ella y guardados en cajas como si de un almacén se tratara. 542 more words


Happy Hump Day

Which may be an American term for Wednesday being the mid-point of the working week, but for Jasper is every day, lately.

He has, increasingly, developed the urge to get frisky, albeit in an awkward, directionless fashion. 89 more words


The Second hump of the Camel

This is a day late.. oops

Weigh in was really good last week! Lost a few pounds and had both my boyfriend and my mum (who I don’t see face to face very often) said they could see that it is coming off of my face! 172 more words

February 1, 2017. Wednesday.

Happy hump day! With Sydney’s weather being supportive and grey as it can be, definitely a snuggly hump day indeed haha! Gloomy weather calls for staying at home in your PJs all day (if you’re fortunate enough to have a day off) or sipping on a hot coffee, tea or chocolate to get through your day. 77 more words


Episode 43 - The Long and Lonely Winter

In this episode, the boys try to get over the hump of winter.  Note: No actual humping occurred in this episode.

https://ciampaklein.files.wordpress.com/2017/01/episode-43-the-long-and-lonely-winter.mp3  Download

Here’s the… 9 more words


What Day Is It?

Grinding, moving, pumping against each other until beads of sweat form between our bodies. Grunting and panting, clawing desperately followed by sweet, sweet release in practically no time at all. 38 more words