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Private found in corn-dog-induced coma

After search efforts including use of the big voice and investigating flights to Ethiopia, a private of the new 1-77 was found passed out in the galley in a corn dog-induced coma. 239 more words

Brian Williams Offered Job as CLDJ PAO

After the failure of two public affairs officers to drum up any substantial media interest at Camp Lemonnier, command leadership has decided to take a bold new step. 178 more words

Al Shabaab Discouraged at the News of Turf Field Replacement

Al Shabaab intelligence officials just received the news of the upcoming turf field maintenance at Camp Lemonnier.  The news comes as a six-week blow to the group’s Anti Force Terror Protection (AFTP) team. 156 more words

HOA alum keeps showing up at Wardroom

Many Wardroom regulars have noticed that Lt. Cmdr. Keith Tyler, a JOC officer at CJTF-HOA  from Dec. 2013 to Oct. 2014, continues to show up at the Wardroom. 251 more words

Removal of Gentlemen from the Dictionary

After an impressive set of additions to the dictionary in 2014, including selfie, hashtag, and gamification, Merriam-Webster have taken a new, surprising step in 2015. … 197 more words

New Camp Salute Policy

Following multiple reports of tennis-elbow-like symptoms at Camp Lemonnier’s Expeditionary Medical Facility, and investigation was launched to identify the cause of the wide spread pain. 337 more words

Echoes Through Time - Page 89: "Blue Hump"

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and getting humped by a dragon whelp can make or break that chance.

It seems the Sapphira knows of Cru’s exploits. 34 more words

Echoes Through Time