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What Was That?!

Alright! I know its been over a week if not two and going on to a third since the last post, so thank you for waiting patiently. 118 more words

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gourmet greens week, or how to get your 5 a day

or, the most hip (hippest?) string of restaurants I’ve been to all year: humpback, oso ristorante, burlamacco, sugarhall and pepenero (and more!).

if you have an aversion to greens, can I suggest you grow up?, there’s a spate of restaurants out to change your mind with a slew of dishes that are so beautiful (and delicious!) as to defy any accusation of boringness. 579 more words


My Sketchbook Alternative - Paper Lanterns

Recently creating these little paper lanterns has brought me back to my sketching roots.

I’ve kept a sketchbook for about 2 years (and still have one for collecting ideas that I don’t want to be lost) and I’ve always… 153 more words


Rescue Team Frees Entangled Humpback Whale Off San Diego Coast

LAGUNA BEACH (CBSLA.com/AP) — Rescuers on Saturday said they had successfully removed more than 100 feet of fishing line from an entangled humpback whale that had moved south along the Southern California coast from Orange County to San Diego. 265 more words


Susan MacKay - "Whales"

Breaching humpback. It’s hard to believe that such large, impressive creatures as whales depend on tiny ones…– victoriawhalewatching.com

…such as the lovely northern krill Meganyctipanes norvegica…– Wikipedia Commons… 302 more words

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New on 500px : Humpback Whale Breaching by intrepidphotos by intrepidphotos

Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) breaching in blue water offshore from the coast of Port Stephens, NSW, Australia.

The humpback is one of the larger rorqual species of baleen whale with adults rangeing in length from 12–16 metres (39–52 ft) and weighing approximately 36,000 kilograms (79,000 lb). 14 more words