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Humpbacks Feeding Off Jersey Coast - Today's Pleasing Post

Yessir, a break from the noise, but only momentarily. I commit to staying informed and activated. At the end of this blog is a video link that will amaze you, bring joy and wonderment to your day. 213 more words


Not yet....

I’ve spent quite a while on the coast this week. You could easily find me looking wistfully out to sea. Why? Well, it’s big fauna time. 160 more words


I've been framed!

I love my little whale so much I thought he deserved a bit more than a card backed envelope, so I thought I’d have a go at listing him with frame included. 68 more words

from a chance meeting

(for a change, a tanka)

on a blue black sea
my heart was gently stolen
by a humpback whale
rising from the holy deep
to stare into my bare soul


VERY Lazy Mrs B!

Hi friends!  You may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve not blogged in a really long time.

The main reason is that my cooking/baking hobby wasn’t exactly waistline friendly! 127 more words

On Cookies and Chance Encounters

Nanny gave the boys some Halloween cookies last weekend. They weren’t your normal cookie though; they were undecorated and came with all the tricks to decorate them yourself. 443 more words

Pod types in Hervey Bay

In an earlier post, we mentioned the recent appearance of mothers with calves in Hervey Bay. Humpback whales do not all migrate at the same time; rather, multiple group types will be predominantly seen at different points throughout the migration. 477 more words