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Humification Theory [Rant]

“Soil organic matter (SOM) derives from dead plant parts in the litter layer”

“A fraction of SOM persists because it can resist decomposition.”

“The process which converts litter into resistant or “recalcitrant” soil organic matter…

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Hummus and Veggies Cucumber Roll-ups

Looking for something fresh and yummy to munch on, on a hot summer’s day? These veggie roll-ups are perfect!  They’re colorful and refreshing and totally tasty! 140 more words

Humus dhe Baba Ganush (Baba Ganoush)

Në familjen time zakonisht fundjavave eksperimentojmë me kuzhinat e huaja dhe fundjavën e kaluar kishim ditën e gatimeve arabe (po them arabe pasi nuk ua di origjinën ekzakte dhe nuk dua të krijoj komente të tipit “ ia ke fut kot se këtë gatim e bën filan shtet” etj etj…) 526 more words

Kuzhina Nderkombetare

A new kind of humus

There was a photo going around the ~social media~ of an avocado that was perfectly cubed in its husk. Multiple amigos, separately, shared the photo with me, knowing my love of avocados. 350 more words


APRIL: Trip to Ningbo

Ningbo is only an hour away by fast train. It is a much smaller city than Hangzhou, so getting from the train station to our hotel was relatively quick. 760 more words