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Caramelized Onion Humus

I LOVE humus!  I eat humus practically every single day!  It perfectly completes all of my lettuce wraps, salads, and Buddha Bowls! 249 more words


Homegrown Humus Organic Gardener Course and Study Group

What is Homegrown Humus? Do you want to improve your soil fertility? Would you like to learn more about cover crops? Does growing your own fertilizer sound good to you? 450 more words


Easy hummus spiral wraps

Lunch today , 28 July , 2017
Just too delicious, make sure to get loads of roasted peppers, so sweet and delicious , very fulfilling .
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Perfect Roasted Garlic Hummus

There are some things that just put me in a really fantastic mood. Making a perfect batch of hummus is one of those things. You may think that that makes me very lame, but my argument is that you have to enjoy the little things in life and celebrate small victories, you feel? 554 more words


Hummus: the splendour and the taste

Believed to be one of the most ancient foods known to civilisation, hummus is both delicious and very healthy. It’s also not that difficult to make, though a special “touch” is required to make it taste superb. 523 more words


Humification Theory [Rant]

“Soil organic matter (SOM) derives from dead plant parts in the litter layer”

“A fraction of SOM persists because it can resist decomposition.”

“The process which converts litter into resistant or “recalcitrant” soil organic matter…

250 more words

Hummus and Veggies Cucumber Roll-ups

Looking for something fresh and yummy to munch on, on a hot summer’s day? These veggie roll-ups are perfect!  They’re colorful and refreshing and totally tasty! 140 more words