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Kids, Yongzhou, Hunan

The last stop of the new year trip is the courtyard of Family Chou (周家大院) in Yongzhou, Hunan. It is said that descendants of the famous philosopher Chou Tun-i (周敦頤) of the Song Dynasty live here. 74 more words


to the heights of zhangjiajie by way of the bailong elevator

Sunday, January 25:  The forecast for today is as bad as it was yesterday, but as it’s our last day here, we’ve hired a guide to make sure we see the best of what there is to see in the shortest amount of time.   1,537 more words


a fog-enshrouded day along zhangjiajie's golden whip stream

Saturday, January 24:  Our next two days at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park are to prove incredibly disappointing because of steady rain, heavy fog, and biting cold.   1,371 more words


a train to zhangjiajie & an afternoon at baofeng lake scenic spot

Friday, January 23:  Everyone should know by now my aversion to buses, especially those of the Chinese variety.  Usually I won’t submit to one over two hours long, opting for a train or a plane if possible.   1,526 more words


a wandering-about day in fenghuang

Thursday, January 22:  Whenever I’m traveling, I so love the days that I don’t have to actually “travel.”  I savor those days when I wake up in a hotel, and at the end of a long day of exploring, I fall back to sleep in the same hotel.   1,375 more words


Few of my favorites from Hunan

Chinese cuisine has always been desirable by my palate and any form of American corn from the Chinese menu has always made me excited to try it in every Chinese outlet I visit. 266 more words