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'It's so much more friendly with two'

Like me, I’m sure many of you grew up with the stories of three great bears – Rupert, Paddington and Winnie-the-Pooh.

AA Milne himself could not have predicted the popularity and enduring love of Winnie- the-Pooh when he created him, based on a Harrods bear his son, Christopher Robin was given on his first birthday. 745 more words


Winnie the Pooh: A Review

In an attempt to understand this movie more, I decided to finally watch the updated Winnie the Pooh movie that was released in 2011. I have to say…I don’t have much to say. 301 more words

Christopher Robin Trailer

I know this is a little out there then what I’ve been doing as of late, but I wanted to post this teaser trailer of the new ‘Christopher Robin’ movie coming out this summer! 44 more words

Skullduggery in The Hundred Acre Wood

I just finished a complete collection of all the Winnie The Pooh stories written by A A Milne.  If you can find a copy (there are several compilations about), I highly encourage you to read it.   267 more words

Horse or Olive tree?

Today we take a turn and run around the corner from the Hundred Acre Wood.

Ancient Greece is a place with so many tales, they have not only been told over and over and are still being told, but so much of world culture can find roots in its stories. 196 more words


A playwright, an officer in both world wars, a political commentator of sorts through his writing, what a varied career A. A. Milne had. There are a lot of details to go around but before I had decided to read his best-known works, I had no idea what else the writer of the beloved Pooh books had done in his life. 153 more words