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Labour still don't get it: the biggest party does not get to be the government.

LABOUR’S reaction to the devastating Ashcroft constituency polls suggesting that they would retain only one seat in Glasgow at the General Election was dispiriting to say the least. 1,162 more words


Hung parliament

by Nick Wright

We face the prospect of a hung parliament.

This could be the fourth election in a row that the Tories fail to win a majority of seats. 1,259 more words


Unholy Alliances.

Kenneth (Lord) Baker met me once. In today’s Guardian he’s reported as suggesting the possibility of a Labour-Conservative ‘grand’ coalition government being required to prevent the SNP, who will have won almost all seats in Scotland, threatening (again) the break-up of the United Kingdom. 323 more words

Hung Parliament (Podcast) Episode 03

Ezra and my humble self are back to put our own personal spin on the political events du jour. We seem to be getting into a groove and honing in on our style. 115 more words

Australian Politics

Fixed Term Parliament Act and chaos. One may begat the other.

Deep within the Coalition agreement between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in 2010 was the Fixed Term Parliament Act. The key part of this was to fix the date of the next General Election for May 7th 2015, but in addition there were some conditions set for how to call an election within the term of Parliament. 762 more words


Do you trust politicians?

We’re just under three months away from the finish line of what has been one of Britain’s most unanticipated General Elections in years. No longer is the political landscape dominated by ‘the big three’ as  401 more words

Could There Be a Con Lab Coalition?

It sounds preposterous doesn’t it?  Bear with me though.

Most of the polls put Labour and the Tories neck and neck with around 33% of the vote each and a forecast 280 seats.   277 more words