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Tory Majority leaves Newcastle Utd without a new manager

Much to the frustration of voters and Alan Shearer, the General Election has failed to resolve the problems of the ailing Premiership club. No one Political Party wants to take on the sole responsibility, or ‘poisoned chalice’, that is managing Newcastle; with the Derby County boss (Steve McClaren) already ruling himself out of leading the Lib Dems. 212 more words


UK General Election 2015: Did Pollsters Get it Wrong?

Well, well, well. You didn’t see that coming.

Before the UK General Election last Thursday, every pollster predicted a hung parliament, with the Conservatives and Labour predicted to win roughly equal numbers of seats. 347 more words

Once the election results are in, how do we decide who forms the government?

Robert Hazell summarises the process of government formation that will begin tomorrow.

By Friday morning we should know most of the election results. Assuming the polls are proved correct, with Labour and the Conservatives each having around 270 to 280 seats, and both well short of a majority, what happens next? 902 more words

Elections And Political Parties

Election Day

I went to the polling station this morning and voted Labour, something I did with an unexpected degree of pride and relish. I don’t trust the polls but it’s hard not to get excited that Labour are at least neck-and-neck on all of the latest figures, both in seats and share of votes. 489 more words

2015 Election

Election Deadlock

No more opinion polls are allowed now the election is under way but every single poll in the last 24 hours has the Labour and Conservative parties tied. 145 more words



The polling in the UK General Election starts tomorrow at 7 am and finishes at 10 pm, and despite the dullness of the campaigns, nobody knows what result is likely. 217 more words

Ian Fullbrook


Today is Tuesday 5th May 2015. On Thursday 7th May 2015, the UK electoral system and electorate could bruise if not badly injure our democracy. It might also damage our security and destroy our country as we currently know it. 410 more words