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6 Key Events From July-November 2017

With the unexpected election of Donald Trump by our neighbours down south, we as Canadians seem to have turned a blind eye to the affairs of the rest of the world. 815 more words


NZ Election 2017 reading the entrails

The result


The giggles

John English: loses a second election for National!

Jacinda Ardern: a big mouth will only get you so far!

Winston Peters: The hottest senior citizen in the country right now! 797 more words


The Hung Kingdom

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, simply known as the United Kingdom or Great Britain or simply Britain or whatever you might like to call it. 1,698 more words


A Rebellious Scot to Crush

The Ballot is stronger than the Bullet

I have just recovered from a dreadful cold, the kind that means you read a lot but don’t speak much. 1,338 more words


The Current Parliament Length

There is a train of thought that the next general election is only months away due to it being a hung parliament.
However, the parliamentary arithmetic makes this in reality a significantly more stable government than the results following the 2010 General election. 205 more words


With bold environmental ideas we can make the most of a hung parliament

This post is by Richard Benwell, head of government affairs at WWT.

A hung parliament, with a packed legislative agenda, blank slate of policy and limited time on the Brexit countdown clock: these are good conditions for great environmental accomplishments. 920 more words

Political Leadership

Video: even Queen couldn't quite hide her opinion of #QueensSpeech

Watching the Queen’s Speech closely today, it was striking how different Her Majesty’s demeanour was in her delivery of the speech from her usual style. 385 more words