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I denounce humanity by Frigyes Karinthy

Je dénonce l’humanité (1912-1929) by Frigyes Karinthy. Not available in English.

Because we only run left and right in this tormented world. We hop high and low without thinking of the particular path our soul is taking in an invisible world…

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20th Century

George Konrád: "Suicide, like painkillers, or the lottery, never interested me"

“Suicide, like painkillers, or the lottery, never interested me. People whose stomachs are pumped want to leave behind their muddled affairs only, and, though angered by the new set of decisions they will have to face, they happily accept the warm bath and the plat of soup. 253 more words

Many a true word is spoken in jest

L’Epouse rebelle (1934) by Zsigmond Móricz (1879-1942). Translated into French by Suzanne Horvath. Not available in English (I think) Original title: Az asszony beleszol, which means “She says” according to Google Translate. 1,364 more words

20th Century

"The End of a Family Story" by Péter Nádas

Read in: December 2013
Edition and format: Vintage 2000, paperback
First published: 1977

A dazzling construction and deconstruction of time and narrative.
Well worth the attempts to distill meaning from the sporadic, snapshot-like episodes related by the unreliable narrator and to navigate through the linear and cyclic temporal frames. 46 more words



Catsplay: A tragi-comedy in two acts (1974) by Istvan Örkény (1912-1979) French title: Le chat et la souris. Translated by Natalia Zaremba-Huzsvai and Charles Zaremba. Original title: Macskajáték.  705 more words

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Attila József's "My Homeland" translated by Sándor Kerekes

You may recall that a few days ago I wrote that I couldn’t find an English translation of Attila József’s well-known poem “Hazám” (My homeland). My comment inspired our friend “Sándor” (Sándor Kerekes) to try his own hand at a translation. 1,637 more words

Attila József

The Door by Magda Szabó, Len Rix (Translator)

The Door is the story of friendship between two very different women in post-war Hungary.

Post war Hungary – two very different women forge a friendship. 140 more words