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Implacabile (The Corvette that Never Was)

The Impacabile!

Monostory’s heart sank a little, just a little. The old memory returned: his first ship, the Implacabile, was also a warship… and if she still existed… if she could have taken up her station in Fiume to guard the port… if… and again, if…

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Maritime History

Hungarian Fiction Week in B O D Y

All this week B O D Y is featuring newly translated Hungarian fiction, starting with Sándor Jászberényi’s story, “Banana Split“, of a lurid, drunken, drugged night in Cairo that veers into the borders between the hallucinatory and magical realism. 215 more words


The Black Prince

For the past two months (on and off, there’s life outside this blog) I’ve been researching a post about the Hungarian corvette Implacabile – yes, you heard me right, a corvette of a… 841 more words

Book Reviews

Satantango, a novel by Laszlo Krasznahorkai  "...they trusted the new would not only erase the old but utterly replace it."

The misfortune of the people is highlighted by the rain which pours unceasingly down on them, through their windows and into their houses where the rats dwell and the mold grows. 443 more words

Hungarian Literature

They Were Counted by Miklós Bánffy

They Were Counted by Miklós Bánffy (1934) French title: Vos jours sont comptés. Translated from the Hungarian by Jean-Luc Moreau. 1,334 more words


Passages: From The Third Tower, by Antal Szerb

I felt my solitary happiness threatened by their happiness of the herd, because they were stronger than I was.

Provincial Hungarian life ca. 1899

In his introduction to the New York Review Books edition of Skylark, a 1924 novel by Dezso Kosztolanyi, Peter Esterhazy praises Kosztolanyi (1885-1936) as a master of rhyme and for modernizing (simplifying) the Hungarian sentence. 538 more words