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Hunger Games Contest Win exclusive Hunger Games merchandise

This contest is presented by Amazon.in.  Answer  10 simple questions correctly and get a chance to win Hunger Games merchandise.            10 lucky winners will get Hunger Games merchandise. 60 more words

Move in with Peeta for $35

If you’re wondering what it costs to bring Peeta — Catching Fire version — home with you, well, take a look at this picture from hutchified.tumblr.com: 25 more words

Hunger Games World

Costume Design and Stealth Marketing

It’s no great revelation when I say, for probably the gazillionth time that I think Trish Summerville is the Cat’s Pajamas. Okay, I’ve never said that particular phrase in reference to her before, at least I don’t recall using it, but there’s gotta be a first time for everything, however the sentiment is nothing near being new coming from the likes of moi. 442 more words

Catching Fire

Why You're REALLY Here, Part 3!

Doing our year in review post reminded us of our occasional “Why You’re REALLY Here” posts, in which we dissect real keywords and phrases that have lead people to Victor’s Village via search engines. 463 more words


Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide 2012

There so many ways to celebrate this holiday season, but why not share just a touch of Hunger Games cheer with your friends who are also fans? 475 more words

The Hunger Games

Victor's Village Holiday Contests!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Tis the season to be jolly and all that jazz! Not everyone celebrates the same winter holidays, but we think it’s safe to say that we’re all hoping for a little extra love and fun this time of year. 486 more words

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