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How I felt after reading the Hunger Games

During the month of March, as part of a reading challenge this year, I manage to devour the Hunger Games trilogy.

I am not familiar with Suzanne Collins’ work, but her writing was so captivating, for lack of a better adjective. 1,688 more words


Golden Son by Pierce Brown

Golden Son is the second book in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising trilogy.

In a futuristic reality, humans have spanned across the galaxy and live on different planets. 1,131 more words

Reviewsday Tuesday

Authors: Don't Rush; Revise

These days, every “how to succeed in as an author” blog you read advises you to release as many books as you can as quickly you can. 725 more words

Fiction Writing

The Major Difference Between Divergent and The Hunger Games

A while back, I wrote about the differences between Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. I’m going to go ahead and say that this post is extremely different. 373 more words

Hunger Games

Fictional Places

Fictional Places

  1. Emerald City, Yellow brick Road. Wizard of Oz
  2. Chocolate River, Fizzy Lifting Drink room. Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory
  3. Arkham Asylum, Gotham. …
  4. 56 more words

Step into a dystopian world with these reads

Right now, the dystopian genre is hugely popular in books and movies, in large part because of the success of the Hunger Games franchise. While the movie adaptations of the Hunger Games were mostly true to the books and were highly emotional, well-made films, most book-to-movie adaptations are not so good. 754 more words