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The Unit 7 Hunger Games

Today in #hbio we’ll be reviewing for tomorrow’s test over Unit 7. To review, you’ve been selected to be Tributes in the Unit 7 Hunger Games!!! 109 more words

Honors Biology

The Hunger Games - Book Review

*SPOILER ALERT* IF YOU HAVEN’T READ/WATCHED THIS SERIES, STOP READING. There may or may not be a few spoilers in this post. There are only a few spoilers, but one is a pretty big one. 1,078 more words

Hunger Games

How does the mocking jay trailer use media language to catch the attention of the viewing audience?

From the beginning of the trailer we get the idea that this is a “Lions gate production” and that the genre is; romance, action and science fiction. 511 more words

Lights, Camera, Action! Devotion Guide: The Hunger Games

Here is the first day of the Lights, Camera, Action Devotion Guide. Today, we will take a look at The Hunger Games and a passage in John 15. 444 more words


75 Hunger Games

by Suzanne Collins, 2008

One question that I’ve come across in language learning forums is whether reading books in translation is a good way to learn your target language. 728 more words


Blog under construction..

So, I decided to reopen and restore this blog since that I am currently unemployed (I resigned from my job last December 2). I am trying something new..no this is not new to me because I loved writing ever since (even if my grammar sucks). 609 more words

The Man in the High White Castle - Episode 152

The guys once again return to a reoccuring theme, food on this powerful episode. Dags and Johnny Rage discuss White Castle breakfast sandwiches and being trapped in a convenience store overnight. 27 more words