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A list of young adult tropes and themes that need to go away-now.

I’m a avid reader of Young Adult (YA) fiction. It’s something I’ve read since I was about 14, and after 6+ years I’ve noticed there’s quite a few annoying aspects of YA fiction. 1,291 more words



This Week: Carl Robinson shares his stories.   707 more words


High Hat Film Podcast/Episode 33/Hall of Fame:- Dredd

Another day, another film up for consideration into the High Hat Hall of Fame. This week it is the graphic novel adaptation Dredd, starring Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey. 85 more words


Top 5 Fandoms

From books to movies to bands and everything in between, there is a fandom for everything. But which fandoms are taking the top spots among fans? 467 more words


Divergent (Divergent, #1); Veronica Roth

Read: May 2014
Bookmarks: 2.5

What? I rated the ever so loved Divergent as 2.5 bookmarks? I’ve come prepared for the hate, but the more I think about this book the more annoyed I become. 789 more words

Book Review

The Maze Runner Book Review

this book, honestly, gave me nightmares and quite possibly the worst anxiety ive ever experienced. i loved every single rotten moment of it. there wasnt anything that was left behind in this book, and the series, every aspect of the story caused you to either sweat profusely or wish you never started reading it in the first place. 53 more words

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Adults or Children first? - Labels for readers...

Just a quick thought about the term in fiction and the book industry we call ‘Young Adult’. Now, I may not really-if ever at all-read these kind of books, but I do of course know people who do, a few of which are grown adults, and some who are teenage. 383 more words