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“Be yourself.”

It’s a trite phrase by now, drained of its meaning by repetition. We’ve heard it everywhere—pop songs, Disney movies, YA books. Writers, especially, get told variations on this theme all the time. 647 more words


Pecan Pies, Swans, & A Little Bit Of Georgia

It’s 4:30am.

  • Alarm goes off
  • Groans
  • Rolls onto the floor
  • Crawls to the bathroom

Why did I take the flight leaving at 6:45am in the morning? 1,092 more words

Life Is An Adventure

'The Savior's Champion': Jenna Moreci writes a bizarre, homoerotic 'Hunger Games' (review)

This article contains mild spoilers.

I’ve been a fan of Jenna Moreci since her debut novel Eve: The Awakening was released in 2015. The self-published author who posts videos of writing advice on YouTube is a hilarious, lovely woman. 2,387 more words


Teenagers Save The Day - 16 YA Dystopian Series, Not Only For Teenagers

When I was a teenager, I dreamed about endless summer holidays, unlimited access to books and being kissed under very specific and romantic circumstances. I never, however, dreamed of saving the world or overthrowing the government. 2,230 more words


Writing Tip: Know Your Points of View

The fact is, a lot of novice writers switch point of view unintentionally or without knowing that there are specific categories of Point of View. Knowing these categories can help authors decide which point of view is best for their story. 676 more words


I need the stories to survive

I listen to audio books for hours on end. It’s what keeps me alive some days when I can only lie in bed or when I’m sick and I’m too dizzy to read. 78 more words

Thoughts About Life

2018 Eurovision Crib Sheet

Despite writing about the Disco Hunger Games and watching it every year, I don’t normally bother with the Eurovision semi-finals. You see, by and large, I like to be surprised. 1,961 more words

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