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Today I am applying to join my school Book Club

As you might know I LOVE books. I read at breakfast, lunch, dinner, before bed and even when I’m supposed to be doing my homework. As you can see, reading makes up a high percentage of my life, I don’t know what I would do without books. 118 more words

Blurb Away

Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm) Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write if you only had the time and inclination.

Katniss Potter was just an ordinary orphaned wizard until she found herself deposited into a maze surrounded by talking trees who demanded she choose a faction or turn to the dark side of the force. 36 more words


Battle Royale

I’m late to the game, I know, but I finally sat down to watch Battle Royale on Netflix and here are my thoughts.

Firstly, for anyone who doesn’t know, Battle Royale is essentially the original Hunger Games and to that point, there have been plenty of claims that Suzanne Collins copied the idea for her books from BR, but with no proof or substantiation. 653 more words



Nessa edição, os garotos felizes de Glee, Jogos Vorazes terceiro e uma véia.


Assisti alguns minutos de Glee, e não entendi muito bem como a escola funciona. 297 more words

Opiniões Desinformadas

An Amazing Playlist - The Hanging Tree

Another good one from James Newton Howard, this time from Mockingjay pt1, part of the Hunger Games series that my daughter Dakota just loves. This one starts off with vocals from Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence). 47 more words


Strong Female Characters - Strong = ?

I recently had a conversation with one of my friends about this. I have recently read an article about the term “strong female characters”. It’s something that’s popping up all the time, describing many of the heroines in popular YA novels. 444 more words


Yay and aw, why the missed emotions? Well, yay because today I get to try the PVP modes in Sky Saga but boo because today is my last day to play on a daily basis as an existing player (I get to only play on thursdays from now on.) 444 more words

Alpha Testing