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Fandom Funnies!

by T. Mack

It used to be that with the exception of Star Trek and Star Wars, differing fandoms could exist in peace without much strife. 84 more words

T. Mack

21 'Harry Potter' crossover memes because you're funny and you appreciate references

Today marks 20 years since the book release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Just to put that in perspective, it’s about the same time span that takes place from when (*SPOILER ALERT*) Harry defeats Lord Voldemort and when the gang sends their own kids off to Hogwarts. 71 more words


Hunger Games

I’ve recently been shooting more conceptual images with models. This is all new to me, as I don’t usually photograph people all that much, but I must say i’m enjoying the challenge immensely.  50 more words

Dervish Images

The Eye of Providence in Dystopian Fiction

Dystopia – the world is thrown into chaos. Yet; hovering over this tumultuous landscape,  can be found the unnerving eye of providence. This is the very same symbol that glares out at US customers from the back of the dollar bill. 912 more words


A day with the Bigg Boss

Dozens of cameras, 14 participants, nothing to do but talk. With Bigg Boss Tamil getting telecast tomorrow, here’s what a day at that Orwellian world was like… 1,392 more words