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How are women typically represented in action films? ft. The Hunger Games Catching Fire and Kill Bill

Men have always typically been cast as the main star in popular action films such as Terminator and The Expendables, with most female stars just being cast as a sidekick or a ‘damsel in distress’ typical to the princess from Propp’s character theory. 2,090 more words

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Hunger Games: the Modern Day Gladiator Games

Disclaimer: Once again, this is something I have been sitting on for some time now, but just couldn’t find time to complete the draft. However, unfortunately in this long wait, I have managed to lose all the references I had used. 582 more words


This weeks movie news via #Twitter

This Weeks Movie News
Monday: It’s a repeat at the top of the domestic box office as Suicide Squad and Sausage Party finished one and two respectively for a second weekend in a row and serving as the third straight weekend at number one for the DC Comics adaptation. 231 more words


Hunger Games

Just read the first book, since it showed up available on my kindle and it was laughably easy to buy.

It wasn’t terrible. Mildly curious to see the movie now. 13 more words



Per (my sometimes depressing) usual, I’m about three weeks late getting to the theatre to see the new Ghostbusters movie. One of my best friends has seen it 5 times already and after every time he messages me, “Just saw it again!” and then proceeds to brag endlessly about all the wonderful things I’m missing. 532 more words

Hunger Games Week

Welcome counselors– or as I’ll be calling you this week, Gamemakers!

It’s been almost a year since Mockingjay Part 2 came out and even longer since Suzanne Collins’ hit series wrapped up but kids are still interested in the world of Panem. 940 more words


Training Center Part 5: Target Practice

In our final trip to the training center we will be focusing on the skill Katniss is most known for: Archery. Keep in mind that in order to do this activity you must have an archery range. 142 more words